An Inconvenient Truth…

No, I’m not talking about global warming… I’m talking about a much more serious matter here folks. That’s right, today for a lingering 3 hours, Starbucks’ across the nation were CLOSED!!!!! [insert dramatic pause and loud gasp] What’s up with that!??!

Sure, they tell us that the company cares about our satisfaction as customers and wishes to properly train it’s employees in the espresso creation process to better their product production, but I’m not happy, nope not one bit. In fact, I was severely inconvenienced by this matter.

Today, I had planned to stop by the haven of coffee wonderfulness on my way to see the premier of Semi-Pro which is an awesome movie by the way, but unfortunately my plans were rudely interrupted. No no, I couldn’t swing by and order my grande, triple shot, non-fat, no foam, extra hot, sugar-free hazelnut add sugar-free carmel latte. Honestly I think it ruined my whole day:( Ok, so maybe it wasn’t that bad but really… I can think of a much better plan.

Why not do the training at a time like 3 in the morning, when I WASN’T planning on going to grab a savory and delicious, mouthwatering coffee delight?!? If the coroporation really cares about my satisfaction shouldn’t the employees be the ones that are inconvenienced and not me as the customer? I think so.

Alright, I think that will do for the rant… for now at least…

Rubbing elbows with Oscar

With all of the media hype that is always generated around this time of year, I am sure that you are all aware that it is one of the biggest times of the year for the entertainment industry. Well, believe it or not, I have been doing some research and all of this hype can be traced back to one name…one single name that can bring tears to people’s eyes, a huge smile upon their face and an official stamp of legitimacy for all who are graced with with it’s presence. This simple name is Oscar. No, not this Oscar, but this one.

Ok, enough about the Oscars – you’re probably starting to wonder what this has to do with Steph and I, right? Well, I’m not sure if you were aware of this, but the Academy(yes, THAT Academy) grants one official Academy Awards event per state each year that can occur during the actual Academy Awards on TV. IMAX and the United Way have hosted this event the past couple of years as a way to give the people of Indianapolis a cool way to watch the awards, all while raising some money for the United Way. The event is called Lights, Caring, Action and they wanted Steph and I to be the dinner emcees as well as the red carpet interviewers before the show started. Sounded fun so of course we told them that we were in.

As usual we had a blast and we met some new friends along the way – Miss Indiana USA, Brittany Mason and the always crazy Dave Smiley from The Smiley Morning Show on Z99.5. When I get a little bit of time I’m going to put together a video from the night, but until then you can check out some more pics from the event over here on

We’re made for television

I can’t seem to find the video of us getting interviewed by Dick Wolfsie early yesterday morning(like 6:00am!) before the Polar Plunge, but luckily I never leave anywhere without my camera and I made a sweet, full-length bootlegged version instead for everyone to check out. Like Stephanie said in her post about Polar Plunge we had a lot of fun and we even raised a solid amount of cash for our friends at the Indiana Special Olympics.

Check out the video below or check it out over here on YouTube.

Wow! That was refreshing!!

nullJust a few hours ago Ryan and I, along with 8 other daring souls took the icy plunge into the crisp, cool waters of Eagle Creek Reservoir. Being a rookie to this event I had no idea what to expect! Even though I am just now regaining the feeling in my toes, I can honestly say that it was all totally worth it; in fact I had an incredible time. Almost 600 people sacrificed their warm coats and gloves for skimpy outfits or even bikinis to leap into the icy waters to help raise money for special olympics. What an unbelievable encouragement to see so many caring souls contribute to such a great cause.

I think that one of the most special moments of the day was seeing Mark, a special olympics participant on our basketball team, stand beside our team and take the plunge himself. The crowd proudly cheered him on as he walked down the icy steps to take his jump into the frigid waters. With a huge supportive crowd standing behind us, we clinched our teeth and jumped into the freezing water. The feeling of the cold water hitting your skin is unlike any cold I have EVER experienced!! We jumped in, made the icy trek to the firefighters and EMT’s awaiting our high five, and swam back to shore as fast as we could. It is amazing how warm it is outside of the water once you’ve been in. I felt like I was suddenly on a warm beach after getting out of that crazy cold water!

It’s amazing to think that so many people would actually PAY to do something like this isn’t it?! But that’s just the beauty of it. Through this special event special olympics will gain more than $100,000 dollars from the state of Indiana alone to help to support their incredible program. I am so privileged to have the opportunity to be a part of this special cause. It might have been a bit chilly (HUGE understatement) but I would do it again in a heartbeat, and look forward to my second plunge next year!!!

Hup and Steph + Freezing Lake = Polar Plunge

Walking out to your car in February is cold. Waiting in line to get into your favorite bar in February is cold. Deciding to go for a run outside in February is cold.

Jumping into a frozen lake while wearing nothing more than a tank top, short-shorts and a couple headbands is just plain nuts.

Since Stephanie and I are coaches for a Special Olympics basketball team, we try to stay in the loop as far as ways that we can get involved to help out the program and we felt that the Indianapolis Polar Plunge was as good of a way to support the cause as any. And yes, it’s about as simple as it sounds and looks – people get donations that are put towards a goal of $75 per person, per plunge. Basically you can shell out some cash so that your friend, family member, co-worker, mortal enemy, etc. jumps into freezing cold water in the middle of an Indiana February. Brilliant, isn’t it?

Of course unlike the other members of IndyMojo’s Team Brrrrr, I have waited until the last minute to get my donations for me and one of our basketball players Mark, who is jumping as well. As of the writing of this blog(T-16 hours or so) I only have $20 towards my goal of $150, which means that I should probably bring my checkbook along with the rest of my things. Oh well, it’s for a great cause so why not. If anyone reads this before Saturday morning, feel free to throw me a few bucks if you can – if not I’ll still like you, I promise.

::HUP EDIT:: Oh, and how could I forget to mention that me and Steph are going to be rocking out a LIVE interview on WISH-TV Channel 8 bright and early at 7:00am. Be sure to check us out!

You can check out Mark and the rest of our team in this video that’s posted below.

I hate snow I hate winter I hate snow!!

That’s really about it. There are few things in this world that make me mad, but when I walk outside and my car has a 3 inch casing of pure ice and I am left to scrape it off in the blistery cold… It angers me. Booo I hate snow. I don’t mean to be such a scrooge about it, but honestly I don’t think I EVER want to experience another winter again. Summer can’t come soon enough!!

Did that really just happen?!?

null It’s true, as of today I am officially a working woman again:) I met with my first kiddo and his family this afternoon and boy am I in for a treat. I drove up to the quaint little house with absolutely NO IDEA what was in store for me. Now, I don’t mean I wasn’t prepared for the talk about the therapy and the various interventions that will be taking place; THAT, I was ready for… I was unprepared for the awesome craziness that I was about to witness. I knocked on the door and the mother welcomed me immediately with a “hello and welcome to the crazy house!”. I laughed and didn’t think too much of it, since I’m used to houses with little ones being a bit more hectic than most. Little did I know that the mother was being absolutely and completely honest with that statement.

Here’s the funny part.. it wasn’t exactly the child that was the crazy one. It was the mother, and I love it! I couldn’t ask for a better family to work for. The conversations that we had within the next 3 hours were most certainly ones for the books! I don’t think I have laughed so hard in such a short period of time in my life. Let’s just put it this way…. we were all very open and shared some pretty hilarious information as we talked about our personal lives with one another. I suppose I’ll try to keep this blog at least G rated so I’ll spare you the details.. but Ryan is going to have the pleasure of hearing some pretty hilarious stories over the next few months as I work for this family that’s for sure! We all agreed that there should be a camera crew working within this household to capture the most hysterical events that happen periodically throughout the day, and that the reality tv show that would spawn from this would be the most viewed of all time, hands down.

Needless to say, this might be the best first day of work that I’ve ever experienced. I was properly initiated into the family and am now ready to get to work as I laugh all along the way.

Twitter me this, Twitter me that

So I’ve been playing with our new Twitter account and I must say that it’s one of the more interesting social networks that I’ve seen pop up lately. Twitter basically answers the question ‘What are you doing?’ by allowing you to submit a thought, link, idea or anything else that comes to mind that’s 140 characters or less. A cool thing about Twitter is that you can update from the Twitter website, your cell phone, IM account, and many other ways that others have developed for the Twitter nation. I’ve already met some new and interesting people through this micro-blogging phenomenon and hopefully I’ll stick with it for a little while to see if it grows on me even more than it already has. Also, I want to test the community and see how much value it can bring to our digital reputation as Stephanie and I journey through our self-branding adventure that we’ve started up.

If you want more info on Twitter, check out their Wikipedia page or go ahead and create an account for yourself and see what type of damage you can do. Also, I’ll be adding a Twitter update in the sidebar of this blog soon that you can always feel like you know exactly what me and Stephanie are doing at all times…well, at least most of the time.

Dance like nobody’s watching

I just stumbled upon this video of me and Stephanie getting our groove on last Summer downtown at Subterra. If you ever go out with us and you’re not real sure where we disappeared to, I would strongly advise that you make the dance floor one of your first places to look.

P.S. Stephanie loooooves her some Fergie.

If you can’t see the embedded video, check it out over here on YouTube.

::EDIT:: A quick shout-out to my roomie, Brandon, for the sweet camera work…and yes ladies, he is single.

We all must change…


I think one of my favorite authors Donald Miller put it best in his book, Through Painted Deserts that everyone must be continually changing and growing in their life in order to be truly capable of living this life to the fullest.

In the forward he writes, “I want to keep my soul fertile for the changes, so things keep getting born in me, so things keep dying when it is time for things to die. I want to keep walking away from the person I was a moment ago, because a mind was made to figure things out, not to read the same page recurrently. Only the good stories have the characters different at the end than they were at the beginning. And the closest thing I can liken life to is a book, the way it stretches out on paper, page after page, as if to trick the mind into thinking it is all happening at once. Time has pressed you and me into a book, too, this tiny chapter we share together, this vapor of a scene, pulling our seconds into minutes and minutes into hours. Everything we were is no more, and what we will become, will become what was. This is from where the story stems, the stuff of it’s construction lying at our feet like cut strips of philosophy.

And so now my story is changing. I’ve recently been working at a school for students that have severe disabilities. Since November I had taken on the role of pseudo nurse/caregiver for 55 students ranging from the ages of 5-21. With a background in special-education, I thought that this would be a perfect fit for me for awhile,and in just the few short months that I worked there I fell in love with each and every student. It’s hard not to, trust me. But all good things must come to an end, or so they say ( i’ll believe it when I see it) and since I wasn’t exactly a permanent teacher, just a sub, I decided to move onto a bigger and better opportunity. From the very beginning of my special-ed. career ambitions I have wanted to be an independent consultant. I love being in the classroom, but there is somewhat of a business side to me too that I long to explore. Starting an independent consultation service would be just the right fit for this kind of aspiration.

So like clockwork, God’s perfect timing interceeded at just the right moment. I was beginning to get a little burnt out on my substitute position at the school when a lady contacted me who needed some extra help with her consultation business. I jumped to the opportunity and in no time I now have several families that I will be working with in the next few weeks. The goal of this business is to incorporate a developed therapy plan called ABA therapy into a child’s daily life. I’ll save all of the theory talk for lack of space but basically ABA (applied behavior analysis) therapy involves creating a highly structured environment in which a child with autism can more easily grasp the necessary skills for learning.

Sounds pretty fun huh? Well… I think so at least. Special education definitely holds a special place in my heart and I look forward to exploring this new avenue of opportunity. And so, now to continue in my changing season of life, next chapter please.

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