Teaching a (wo)man to (blog)fish

If you all weren’t aware, I’m a computer nerd and web geek and whatever else you’d like to throw out there that has to do with technology, batteries, screens, computers, things that light up, etc. I have worked in the tech field in some capacity the past 8 years or so dating back to my college years(wow, that was 9 years ago???), I’ve spoke to many groups about online social networks and have even written a book for Dummies on the subject - so I’m definitely no newbie when it comes to this stuff.

But, although this isn’t my first rodeo, the same can’t be said about Stephanie. She has never kept up a blog, much less ever created one and I’m sure that it’s not because she thought it was dumb or pointless - she simply has never had someone like me show her where to begin. It’s hard to know what you’re missing when you’ve never even known why you’d like it in the first place, right? So what does she think now that she’s up and running with the assistance of yours truly? She LOVES it and has already gotten some great feedback from a few of her friends and family about her first couple of posts.

So why did I even bring this up today? Well, after playing around with our Twitter account yesterday I started to realize something - most of the people who use these types of new web technologies, or those who ‘get it’, mainly use these web technologies to talk to others who ‘get it’ as well. Oh and what do they mainly talk about? They talk about new web technologies, of course! I thought that this was really, really funny for some reason and when I read Intellagirl’s UberNoggin blog today it was right on the money and it inspired me to state this example of extending the social media conversation beyond those who are already converted - like Stephanie. I believe that it’s all about taking the time to connect a technology with something that the non-converted view as valuable or simply cool and it’s the exact same thing when talking to a business, only it will be tied to something that they view as valuable in their world(sales leads, ticket saes, etc.).

It’s true - I have begun to teach Stephanie to fish and before you know it she’ll be pulling ‘em in all by herself. Have you taught someone to fish lately? If we don’t, who will?

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    Teaching a (wo)man to (blog)fish : Hup and Steph…

  2. Runs on June 2nd, 2015 6:08 pm

    Wow I cannot beeilve my luck, I have spent the whole weekend making my valentine card and it fills the brief perfectly. First time I have done full insides to my card and envelope to boot!!!! Would love your comments if you stop by xxx

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