Teaching a (wo)man to (blog)fish

If you all weren’t aware, I’m a computer nerd and web geek and whatever else you’d like to throw out there that has to do with technology, batteries, screens, computers, things that light up, etc. I have worked in the tech field in some capacity the past 8 years or so dating back to my college years(wow, that was 9 years ago???), I’ve spoke to many groups about online social networks and have even written a book for Dummies on the subject – so I’m definitely no newbie when it comes to this stuff.

But, although this isn’t my first rodeo, the same can’t be said about Stephanie. She has never kept up a blog, much less ever created one and I’m sure that it’s not because she thought it was dumb or pointless – she simply has never had someone like me show her where to begin. It’s hard to know what you’re missing when you’ve never even known why you’d like it in the first place, right? So what does she think now that she’s up and running with the assistance of yours truly? She LOVES it and has already gotten some great feedback from a few of her friends and family about her first couple of posts.

So why did I even bring this up today? Well, after playing around with our Twitter account yesterday I started to realize something – most of the people who use these types of new web technologies, or those who ‘get it’, mainly use these web technologies to talk to others who ‘get it’ as well. Oh and what do they mainly talk about? They talk about new web technologies, of course! I thought that this was really, really funny for some reason and when I read Intellagirl’s UberNoggin blog today it was right on the money and it inspired me to state this example of extending the social media conversation beyond those who are already converted – like Stephanie. I believe that it’s all about taking the time to connect a technology with something that the non-converted view as valuable or simply cool and it’s the exact same thing when talking to a business, only it will be tied to something that they view as valuable in their world(sales leads, ticket saes, etc.).

It’s true – I have begun to teach Stephanie to fish and before you know it she’ll be pulling ’em in all by herself. Have you taught someone to fish lately? If we don’t, who will?

Calling all Facebook junkies

Just wanted to let everyone know that we have now officially created a Facebook group, so each and every one of you should click here and join up now…or else.

Why join our sweet and tasty Facebook group? Well, with Facebook you can get all of our blog updates as well as some sweet pics, videos and other interaction with other Hup and Steph groupies, which I’m sure will be up into the millions of people by the end of this month. Hey, it’s the Internet – it could happen.

More ways to connect up with us coming soon, so come on back now, ya’ hear?

VIDEO: Meet the grandparents

Yesterday I posted about Stephanie and I heading to her grandparent’s house in Danville, IN and how meeting the family members of your significant other is a huge step in a relationship and is not only a great way to better understand the person you are with, but it is also a great gauge on where he/she came from and how he/she became the amazing person that they are today.

As I said, I truly enjoy meeting all of Stephanie’s family and believe me, her grandparents were no exception. In fact, we had such a great time I think that I went into their house calling them her grandparents and I left calling them mawmaw and pawpaw. Not to mention that I was STUFFED with some of the best home made food that I’ve ever had(don’t tell my grandma that I said that).

Be sure to check out a few of the pics over here on Facebook and if you can’t see the embedded video below, click here to view it directly on YouTube.

He asked… She said yes!


One thing that really excites me is getting that special phone call from a friend of mine upon which i answer and she squeals, “I’m engaged”. After the initial screaming and giggling for a good couple of minutes we settle down and end up in a lengthy conversation involving intricate details of the entire proposal scene involving the events leading up to the proposal, her initial reaction, and the happiness shared by the two after her sweet answer of yes. For those few moments my friend tells me all about the very moment that every girl dreams about in her life, and she describes it in such detail so that I feel as if I were right beside her when it happened. It’s like a girly movie that all of us girls can get together and talk about as we laugh, cry, and converse about the past events that have led up to this very moment of the couple’s relationship. Cue the boys… “gag”! I had the opportunity to enjoy this very thing with my dear friend/roomie in college, Holly. Holly and her boyfriend Ryan were engaged on February 16, in Chicago, IL. Although according to Ryan, things didn’t go quite as planned, as you can see here in their engagment story, that the end result was of course fantastic and they are planning to exchange their vows this summer in June.

The engagment period, it’s such a crazy time in a couple’s relationship. Months and months of excessive planning and preparation for 8 hours of wedding. Although it seems like a bunch of trouble for nothing, I’m sure that it’s all worth it for the memory and significance of that special day. Knowing Holly I’m guessing that this will be one beautiful wedding – she is quite the graphic designer and has many tricks up her sleeve when it comes to art/photography/web design/you name it. In fact, check out their website here. Prepare to be impressed.

Back to the engagement, it’s amazing how relationships work. The awkward phase at the beginning, the time of confusion when you’re left to figure each other out during the getting to really know you phase, and the sweet bliss of finally being in love, real love, the kind that you say “yes I want to marry you and spend the rest of my life with you” love. The kind of love when you know that you would do absolutely anything for your partner no matter how hard it may be, or the kind of love that says we believe we can stick this out even though things won’t always be perfect, and of course the kind of love that says there is no other person in this world that I would rather cherish and love for the rest of my life other than you. That’s the kind of love that we all seem to be searching for. The most ironic thing is that you never really seem to find it because this love actually seems to find you when you least expect it. Dare I say that this very thing has in fact happened to myself and my boyfriend Ryan? Without any reservations I can in fact say yes, it has… but don’t get all crazy on us yet… geez it’s only been 7 months:)

I just want to take the opportunity of this post to congratulate Holly and Ryan on their special Engagement and the excitement that will follow them in these next few months, and eventually years as they grow as a couple together in their journey through life as husband and wife. I love you guys and look forward to seeing you two become the new Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Gauper.

Also, be sure to check out their sweet ‘Gettin’ Hitched’ online wedding journal when you get a chance…I told you that Holly has skills.

Meeting family and eating great food

When you are in a relationship like the one that I’m in with Stephanie there are so many new and exciting things that you want to do when spending time together(get your head out of the gutter, people). One of these experiences that I truly enjoy and that I look forward to is meeting all of the various members of her family. These meetings usually happen during holidays or other major events such as my parents 40th anniversary bash that we hit up a few weeks back.

But, sometimes these family get-to-know-you sessions are more random like today. We’re actually getting ready to head out to Danville, IN to visit her grandma and grandpa who have lured us with promises of some awesome homemade chicken and noodles and who knows what else. It’s no Subway, but these days these kinds of meals are few and far between. I’ll have Stephanie give you a rundown of how it all went down later on, but until then – wish me luck!

::Steph edit:: Ryan’s fiiinally gettin ready now so that we can hopefully get out there in time… I’m sure my grandma’s been cooking since 3 a.m. no joke, and my grandpa has been tortured to smell the deliciousness all day with no samples… Now they are patiently awaiting our arrival :)

Alright, here we go!

He might have had to twist my arm a bit, but here I am… ready to start this thing! Ok, let’s be honest, Im actually extremely excited about starting our blog together. Recently both of us have had somewhat of a travel bug just eating away at us. I think we’ve both come to a point in our lives where we feel somewhat stagnant and ready to experience life outside of our current situation, and the only problem was we didn’t know exaaaactly how to do it. Luckily I have a boyfriend who is quite ingenuitive and after much thought he has come to this solution. Why not start a website where we post our life and it’s crazy happenings for the world to see That way we can fill others in on our somewhat different way of life. For those of you that know us, you might have an understanding of what I mean, and for those of you that don’t…. just you wait and see. We’ll do our best to keep you entertained! Let the creative juices start flowing… with hope of warm weather on the horizon it’s the perfect time of year to start creating videos and blogs about our crazy and exciting experiences. I think Ryan put it best in his first posting’s title… This should get interesting…

This should get interesting

Well, it’s about time that we got this thing going, now we just need to figure out exactly what we’re going to do with this now that its up and running. Off of the top of my head I guess that I do know that my wonderfully awesome and usually goofy girlfriend Stephanie and I will give everyone a view into not only the greatest boyfriend/girlfriend relationship that we have both had to date, but into other things that we get ourselves into along the way.

We are all about living in the moment and we both try not to take ourselves too seriously, which I am sure will result in some great pics, videos and stories that will help give everyone a glimpse into how we look at this world of ours just a liiiiittle bit differently than most couples.

Don’t worry, you’ll see what I mean soon enough, until then I’m going to see if I can drag Stephanie on here sometime soon….wish me luck.

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