For the past week, I have been enjoying some good ol’ Texas fun with my family down in Houston. It’s pretty exciting down here in the hot humidity of the Lonestar state :) I’ve experienced a great deal of what Texas has to offer including some great shopping, the Houston Museum of Natural Science, and the beach at Surfside!

My dad and Shannon have definitely kept me busy with all of the site-seeing and fun activities that they’ve planned. I love it down here, and there is so much to do and see, I feel like I haven’t even scraped the surface of seeing what Texas has to offer. It is a pretty big state I guess. Speaking of big… EVERYTHING is big down here; it’s just the texan style really. If it’s not big then it’s not worth anything, or so it seems. :)

I’ve had a fabulous time here in Texas with my dad and Shannon and it’s good to finally have a picture of what their life is like down here since I’ve been hearing about it since they moved back in January. I can’t wait to make more trips down here, but I think i might wait to let the hot HOT summer pass before I head back for another vacay.

I head back home to beautiful Palo Alto tomorrow, which I miss A LOT!! Texas is beautiful and lots of fun, but I’ve gotta say that Palo Alto still holds my heart. And I’m beginning to miss that one tall guy a little bit too 😉

Texas stole my girlfriend!

I can’t believe that the one thing that’s bigger than me in this world, the state of Texas, has stolen my girlfriend. It’s sad, really. From what I hear, she’s having a grand ol’ time in Houston with her dad and step mom, but I am really starting to miss her over here in Palo Alto. Luckily time’s going by pretty fast – Stephanie come back home to the cottage!

Oh, and bring me an armadillo…please. :)

Nerds Gone Wild! Photobucket party in San Fran

Last night me and my man Jeff headed up to the ‘big city’, aka San Francisco, to chat with a big time radio station about utilizing the awesomeness of PhotoCrank for their online properties. The meeting went awesome (another post here soon) and needless to say they were really diggin’ what we have going on with the product – which gives me a great feeling going forward. The opportunity is amazing out here in Palo Alto and it seems like with each day more and more doors are opened to me. It’s incredible, really.

After the awesome meeting Jeff and I decided that we needed to celebrate by heading over to an invite-only party that was thrown by the guys over at Photobucket (Wikipedia entry). This entire week San Fran is hosting the Web 2.0 Expo, so almost every cool, hip and rad Internet outfit are throwing parties to celebrate. Photobucket definitely has the means to throw a sweet bash (open bar, food, the works) considering that they were bought by FOX for $250 million about a year ago.

The party was an amazing time and I had the chance to meet some AMAZING people including the 8th guy to work at Napster, the 3rd guy at Photobucket and Jeff even met the guy who created AOL Instant Messenger. God bless that man, I think that me and all of my friends owe him a high five for what he’s given our generation. Like I said, awesome people…now I just need to get in touch with all of them.

Here are a few photos from the bash – click the Crank button in the bottom right-hand corner of each pic for my thoughts on each one and feel free to get your Crank on, too.

Holy crap, that’s Jeff Bezos.

I just wanted to give all of you a quick reason why I was so excited to move out to Silicon Valley – check out the image below of the line-up for Startup School 2008, which was held over at Stanford last Saturday. There were some SUPER heavy hitters that presented there like Jeff Bezos (uber billionaire who created and Marc Andreesson (created Netscape among other many million-dollar making startups). Including myself, there were like over 650+ geeks in attendance and the air was full of Silicon Valley hopes and dreams. Check out the presenter lineup of the day below and you’ll see what I’m talking about and if you want more info on the event check out this post over on

Yep, I’m a beach rat :)

I think for the past 7 days that we have been in California, I have asked to go to the beach at least 500 times :) Haha, I can’t help it, Im absolutely addicted to the beach. There’s just something about the sea breeze, seagulls, soft sand, and crashing waves that I can’t get enough of. Lucky for me there’s a beach just 20 minutes away from where we live in Palo Alto, and it just happens to be considered a surfer’s paradise with it’s uniquely large waves caused by a man-made breaker within the waters. Seriously, check it out on Wikipedia they don’t lie 😉

So, we headed out to the beautiful beach and found a great little restaurant and pub that overlooked the ocean to have a delicious dinner. I can’t wait to have people come out and visit us so that we can take them to places like this! Every day we find something new and it’s always an adventure as we slowly but surely discover our new home and surroundings.

Playing with PhotoCrank on Facebook.

First off, I should probably let all of you know that until I get a blog set up over at PhotoCrank I will be using this blog as a sort of testing ground for some ideas and thoughts that I come up with. For example, below is first a screen shot of a comment that I saw one of my Facebook friends Nicky left on her other friend’s pic. It basically said that they wanted to be Photoshop’d into a pic that was posted and a light went off in my head. After seeing this I quickly realized that this could be a quick and easy way to use PhotoCrank, so below I did just what she asked – in a PhotoCrank sort of way. Let me know what you think.

Yep, we live in a cottage in California

It’s true – Stephanie and I call a small cottage in California home and sometimes I even feel like we’re living in The Shire, but it still amazes me every time that I tell myself that we live there. The weather, the other space around our cottage and the people who live around us are all equally amazing and when you put it together it does seem a little far-fetched sometimes that we actually live in this place.

As I was getting ready to leave for lunch a couple days ago I realized that most of you have never seen where Stephanie and I now call home, so consider this your own little private behind-the-scenes tour of our new place. If you ever want to come visit, just let us know – we’re ALWAYS up for meeting someone new.

Crank’n Steve Hayes

Today’s Crank is my man Steve Hayes, who is an Indianapolis local and a great friend of mine – not to mention a half bad musician. I’m going to crank a couple photos of him to show him how much I love him…is there a better way to show it?

Here Steve is traveling and playing some of that rock & roll music that he seems to love to much. Feel free to crank in your own thoughts on these two pics and tell us what you’re thinkin’.

Crank’n Mitch Maxson

I decided to Crank my buddy Mitch with the cover image of the book that we wrote together, MySpace For Dummies. I must admit that I have become a sort of Crankaholic since I’ve been digging into the ins and outs of my gig out here in Palo Alto with PhotoCrank.

Thanks to my man, Jeff.

So the last piece of furniture that Stephanie and I needed to buy is probably the first one that most people get – a bed. We had some time to spare due to the fact that we have a couch that has a bed inside of it, but I think that both of us are pretty much over sleeping on a fold-out-bed in our living room.

Today was the day to go and get our bed and thankfully my man Jeff, whom I will be working with out here in Palo Alto, was up for the challenge of basically driving through the ghetto to go pick it up – not to mention he was taking time out of his day to do so. Well, after 4 hours, a strapped down mattress that would make any hillbilly proud and many, many stops in places Jeff wasn’t too excited to stop in, we had the mattress back at our cottage. It wasn’t really easy and definitely not the most efficient way to do it, but God knows that we all have a story to tell all of the newspapers and magazines once we are all millionaires a few months from now.

As a way to thank Jeff I felt like I needed to show my appreciation in a way that clearly showed how thankful I was for him helping us out today when I know he had many other better things to do. I also wanted to have some fun with his East Coast mindset when it comes to a guy from Indiana coming out to the ‘big city’. Watch the video below or check it out over here on YouTube.

Thanks again Jeff, Stephanie and I both truly appreciate your help today.

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