Getting settled in

I know that it’s barely been 3 days since we’ve been here in out new home in Palo Alto, but we have had to do so much and everything is so new that it seems like we’ve been here a month already. Between getting used to our new cottage(which is AWESOME), getting new furniture, meeting awesome new people and getting prepared for new jobs – there is definitely plenty to be done.

Yesterday Stephanie and I decided to take a trip to IKEA so that we could get a few pieces of furniture that would make our cottage feel a little more like home and make it a little more useful (check out pics from the adventure over here on Facebook). It’s pretty amazing how you never realize how important the things are in your life that you tend to get so used to, such as coffee tables, tables with chairs, beds, etc. You know, the things that everyone has to get at one time or another.

It’s also funny how this same feeling can be applied to some friends and family that I had to leave when I decided to take this crazy adventure out west. I think that I have officially talked to my brother more the last month than I have the last 3 years of my life due to the fact that we’re now 2,000+ miles away. It’s funny how when we were only 10 miles apart that we didn’t really chat much at all, but now that I’m in Palo Alto we feel like we need to talk more than ever. But hey, I’m not complaining and I could definitely get used to it.

I am hoping that this blog will help all of you keep up with everything that we’re doing out here in Palo Alto and I’m also hoping that it will also convince most of you to come out and visit us sometime soon. Very soon…

Also, since we rocked out IKEA yesterday, I figure that it’s only appropriate to post this video of Stephanie and I visiting the furniture paradise when we came out here last January. Have you ever been to IKEA? If not, you’re in for quite an experience.

‘Hiromi is my Homi’… Meeting our new “foster family”

Out of all of the excitement of moving to California, there was one thing in particular that Ryan and I were eagerly awaiting…. meeting the Kelty family. After many phone conversations and detailed emails, we finally had the chance to meet our new (what we like to call) foster family,Kurt and Hiromi,and their two daughters Nina and Emma.

Now, everyone knows that a custom designed t-shirt makes any occasion cooler x’s 10 so we decided to make t-shirts that said, “Hiromi is my Homi” and made them appropriately the color green seeing as the Kelty family is very environmentally friendly :) Needless to say the shirts were a hit and provided just that little bit of extra humor necessary for a warm and friendly introduction into the family.

After being here for only two short days Ryan and I definitely feel at home. Our new little community of cottages has welcomed us like none other, and we eagerly await getting to know the Kelty family as well as our neighbors just a little bit more within the next year. I couldn’t dream of living anywhere else in Palo Alto. We really hit the jackpot when choosing to live with this fabulous family.

Palo Alto adventures: Eating at Plutos

We have officially made it to our new home in Palo Alto, CA and in fact – I am typing this from the living room of our new cottage. I have a couple of videos to post from the last day and a half of driving, but I wanted to go ahead and give you all a glimpse of what Palo Alto is all about.

Stephanie and I headed to a place called Plutos today, which is located right on the main strip (University Avenue). Although they yelled at me a few times to put away my camera, I still somehow came away with some sweet footage of this awesome and very tasty place to get your grub on. Check out the video below or click here to enjoy it over here on YouTube

More videos coming soon and once we get settled in you’ll be hearing a lot more from us here on the Internets..enjoy!

Cali Road Trip: Krazy Kansas Edition

Well, ” I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore Toto.” and THANK GOODNESS that we’re not! Yesterday after leaving Neenee’s house we headed out into the great rolling and also BORING plains of Kansas for a day full of driving with scenery that included the following and absolutely nothing more… cow…. farm…. hill…. cow…farm…hill….(repeat, then repeat again, ect.) Yep, there’s not much more to Kansas than that, and after a good 10 hrs of it, I think we were pretty thrilled to be out of that fabulous, wind tunnel state. Did I mention the wind? It was unbearable. That’s all I have to say about that.

Now, despite my terrible review for the state of Kansas, somehow, someway, Ryan and I had probably the best day of driving yet yesterday. I think there’s something to say about a couple who can spend a good 18 hrs in the car and still have the time of their life in the most desolate and boring place in the world. Check out our video below, and be prepared to witness what the state of Kansas has to offer….. cows, farms, hills, and oh yea… WIND!

Check out the video below or check it out over here on YouTube.

So now I sit in my second favorite state, Colorado. If we ever get tired of Cali (which odds are prooobably won’t happen)
then I told Ryan that we’re moving to Colorado because this place takes your breathe away.
Now it’s time to hit the road, judging by our two hour late departure again, I’m guessing that it’s about time we headed out with hopes of Reno, Nv on our mind!!!! Maybe one of us will hit it big on the penny slots and just retire when we make it to Cali. That sounds like a good idea.

Cali Road Trip: Hitting the road

I am writing this from Columbia, Missouri at Stephanie’s grandmas(I love stealing wi-fi) and we are getting ready to head towards Denver tonight. We have about 11-12 hours to go today so I need to get off of this laptop so that we can get driving. Every mile is a minute, here we go!

On the road again…

Cali Road Trip: Packing and saying goodbye

Steph and I were almost ready to hit the road, but first we had to pack up and say goodbye to our homies. Ever try to pack your life into one car? Good times. :)

Stay updated each day, we are attempting to do one of these during the entire trip….attempting.

Saying goodbye to my home-away-from-home

I have been saying goodbye to many, many people the past few days (when I’ve had the time) and I’m sure that more than a few people are still going to have no idea that I’ve left. With so much to do in such a little amount of time, it’s been hard to communicate the message to everyone so it’s basically inevitable that some people will fall through the cracks.

But, thanks to my habit of heading there at least once a day, one group of people who I have not left in the dark on me jetting out of Indiana are my Subway ladies. Considering that I see them more than my family, I thought that getting some video of the goodbye was only appropriate so that everyone can see the bonds that I’m made with my favorite sandwich artists. Check out the video below or watch it over here on YouTube.

I Hate to say Goodbye…But I LOVE to say Hello!!

Yep… the only part about this trip that I have been dreading is finally upon us. The goodbyes. I know that nobody really likes to say goodbye to someone but I’ll argue that I might dread it just a little more than most people. Now I obviously understand that leaving does not by any means mean that we will never see all of our friends and family again…geez, but there’s still of course that aching feeling in the pit of my stomach for all of these pecial people that I won’t be seeing on a daily basis like I have for such a long time.

The friends that we have are indescribable. We’ll be saying goodbye to the most amazing group of people that I have ever had the privilege of meeting in just 3 short days… :( I can only hope that flights are being booked as I write this to come and visit us ASAP out in our new and glorious home of Palo Alto, CA. I can’t wait to start playing tour guide when we have visitors… just give me a minute to find my way around first and then we can hit up all of sweet places!!

This whole experience is SO bittersweet. There’s no question that I’ll think of and miss our sweet friends every single day while we start our new life out in Cali, an entire NATION away from everyone… but hope of meeting new people and finding awesome opportunities will definitely keep us preoccupied :) Indiana has been a crazy ride for some time now… I think we’ve lived up the past year as much as is possible in this great state. Now it’s time to head off into the sunset for our next grand adventure!!!!!!

Goodbye Indiana……….. HELLO Palo Alto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stephanie says goodbye

Although Stephanie and I are both very excited to head out to California, that doesn’t mean that we aren’t saddened by the fact that we’re leaving many, many wonderful friends and family behind. Yesterday we headed up to Chicago to see a couple of Stephanie’s best friends in the entire world so that she could hang with them one last time before we make the big trek out to the West Coast.

You know, it’s not real easy to explain, but I’ve had such a weird feeling the last week or so whenever I actually take some time and think about the people that I’ll be 2,000+ miles from in less than a week. On one hand I get really sad due to the fact that I’ll rarely see many of the people that are currently in my life here in Indiana/Midwest. But, on the other hand I feel that thanks to the web I’ll still be able to stay in touch with most of the people and that it’s not that big of deal. I don’t really know how to explain exactly how it feels, but it seems to become more apparent each day that we get closer to leaving.

But, of course we’re both getting more and more excited with each day as well. Just think…this time next week we’ll actually be settling into our new cottage in Palo Alto. Wow, this is going to be such an adventure….I’m so glad that you’re all taking the journey with us.

Thanks, Craigslist! We finally found a place…

I am VERY happy to announce that after many, many hours of Craigslist, phone calls, emails, etc. we have officially nailed down a place to live out in the beautiful city of Palo Alto, CA. I think that it was well worth the wait considering that we snagged one of the best places that I could ever imagine us living in.

It’s a cottage that is literally 2 blocks away from the main strip in downtown Palo Alto and the landlords seem super cool to boot. I’m pretty sure that the interviewing process for this place was more intense than any job interview that I’ve ever had to go through in Indianapolis, but they were very adamant about getting the right type of people in there. Considering that the cottage is located directly behind their house who can really blame them, right?

Well, the good news is that after speaking to them on the phone several times and after sending them many of the videos from around Indy that Stephanie and I have been creating – we’re actually going to be moving into our new place in a little over a week! I can not wait to met our new landlords and their family, I think that they’re going to be a lot of fun and will soon become our Palo Alto foster parents before you know it. :)

This whole process has moved along very fast and it has been a little crazy, but it just seems like it has all worked out for the best. I think that the fact that Stephanie and I are going to be living in this cottage is yet another example of this and hopefully the trend of everything going our way will continue as we make our way out west. What an adventure…

Oh yeah, be sure to check out the video below or over here on YouTube to get a better idea of what it’s like trying to find a place to live out in Palo Alto, CA while still living in Indianapolis, IN. We repeated this same process about 60 times in less than 4 days. Good times.

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