Introducing the first Hup and Steph Quickie: Rock, Paper, Scissors

After Stephanie and I had an amazing time at a house party here in Palo Alto, CA and after realizing that I had taken a couple amazing clips of the fun, I have decided to come up with a way for you all to see these clips that might not necessarily make it into a full-fledged Hup and Steph video.

I have used my amazing creativity and marketing wizardry and have decided to call these new videos ‘Hup and Steph Quickies‘. Nothing like a good, old fashioned play on words, right? If Bart(Stephanie’s dad) is reading this allow me to emphasize, it’s just a play on words. :)

So, here is the first official Hup and Steph Quickie, which was taken last night when a questionable call during beer pong was settled by some rock, paper and scissors action. Please remember two things while you watch this video:

1. We are screaming that loud outside on a balcony
2. The cops were called on us and showed up about 15 minutes after this video was recorded. Coincidence? I think not.

Check out the video below or over here on YouTube and be sure to let us know what you think about the new Hup and Steph Quickies!

Teacher Stephanie graduates her class of 2008

Last weekend, Stephanie officially graduated her first class of California preschoolers here in Palo Alto. It was my first time seeing her school, meeting her fellow teachers and of course seeing all of the crazy kids that she deals with every day of the week.

Let me simply say that I have a whole new respect for her and for what she does each day while teaching at that preschool. The kids are awesome and hilarious, but it takes a special type of person to teach them every single day. Isn’t she awesome?

Of course I couldn’t miss out on getting some video of the sweet graduation action. Check out the video below or over here on YouTube when you get a chance and be sure to leave a comment and tell Stephanie congratulations!

A San Francisco reunion with Rev Peyton and his Big Damn Band

It’s kind of funny how as life goes on and as you get exposed to more and more exciting things your tolerance for this excitement seems to go up just the same way that your tolerance for cheep beer goes up in college. If you have been following this blog for it’s seemingly short-lived life, Steph and I have done some things that have just blown us both away. Things that afterwards we say to ourselves, “Damn, this might be hard to top…”. Well, somehow, someway we always seem to top whatever it was and end up with some amazing footage/pics/stories to prove it.

But, getting back to what I was first saying, even though we keep on trumping one amazing experience after another, the bar of awesomeness that is required to get us both super excited about doing something keeps on rising even higher and higher. So, it has been our mission to keep on finding these things that seem to always give us those little butterflies that pop up in your stomach when you are about to do something that you are truly excited for.

Lucky for us, the butterflies are basically built into the adventure that we’re taking on tonight. I mean, we’re going to see the Rev in San Francisco, California and when I say the Rev, I mean The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band. The same Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band that is from our home of Indianapolis, IN. The same Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band that makes people go insane(and sometimes naked) at their shows. The same Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band that has been traveling all over the freakin’ place in a van spreading some Big Damn Love. The same Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band that features Breezy, a crazed, washboard-shredding, facial-expression-rocking woman(who also happens to be the Rev’s lovely wife). Oh and yes, the same Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band that is led by the one and only Rev Peyton, whose guitar playing and screaming is second only to his brother, Jayme, who keeps the Rev on beat with a barrage of some ridiculously fast-paced drumming.

Did I mention how excited that Steph and I are for this show?

Anyways, here are the details on the show, if you happen to read this blog before the show tonight shoot me an email at and we’ll get crazy at the show together.

Where: 12 Galaxies in south San Francisco
When: Doors open at 8pm with Ha-Ha Tonka opening up at 9pm and the Rev following, probably around 10pm
How Much: Tickets are $10 online, but we’ll probably buy ours the old fashioned way – at the door when we get there.

One more thing – here is a video that I wanted to dig out of the archives for everyone to see. It’s when the Rev and crew were selling all of their stuff so that they could hit the road for good. Man, I can’t wait to see these guys.

I guess you could say we’re ‘In’famous…

This past week I woke up one morning and went through the usual routine… wake up.. workout.. check facebook. Like clockwork every day. On Thursday morning, however, things were a bit different. A random guy added me on facebook which is nothing too out of the ordinary, but I checked out his profile and noticed a link to his blog.. so I dug deeper into my facebooking stalkerness routine. To my surprise he had written an awesome blogpost about Ryan and I’s blog.. and how he had been randomly added as a friend by Ryan and stumbled upon our blog, only to end up wasting an hour (a good hour I might add) reading our posting and watching our videos.

This wasn’t just any blog review,however. This guy so kindly recognized myself as being quite a “hottie”. Haha. To quote the infamous words of Kevin, “I would want to douse Steph in Grey Poupon and whisper dirty things in her ear in German while doing things that we read in Cosmo.” Honestly, how can you read that and not die laughing or pee your pants.. I personally peed my pants.

This little posting got quite the response from readers, and suddenly turned into 200+ diggs on , which is pretty cool, right?!?! There’s just nothing like having somebody that you’ve never met before write up something about you. It’s so cool, and it’s awesome to see how others react to your blog when they find out about it randomly as well.

I’ve noticed that since living in Palo Alto I’ve really started to take on somewhat of a geek persona. I’m catching myself thinking about the internet more intuitively than I had before in the past, and even enjoying the spontaneous blog world from a different perspective. I’m amazed how things happen so suddenly on the internet, and how one day, we can just be two people who like to blog and the next day almost be on the front page of digg, it’s just crazy, and awesome. So, here’s to you Kevin, for making my day… :)

Stephanie’s roomie gets hitched, are we next?!?

Now as far as I know, I haven’t popped the question yet to Stephanie, but according to the results of the bouquet and garter belt toss at her old college roomie’s wedding reception last weekend, it shouldn’t be long. Yep, Stephanie caught the bouquet AND I caught the garter belt. What are the odds of that, right? :)

Of course I got the entire thing on video, along with some other things that caught my eye and if you’d like to check out how everything went down feel free to click here to check out it out on YouTube or watch it below now. More posts and pics coming in the next couple of posts – talk to you all soon!

Coming back home to visit is serious business

Stephanie and I have been home now for almost a week and I think that we’ve packed about as much as we possibly could have into this crazy Midwestern rendezvous. We have been to my 10-year reunion in Pendleton, we have seen all of our friends in Indianapolis, we have partied WAY too much(and WAY too late), Stephanie has hung out with her parents and grandparents, we have seen my nieces and nephew in Kentucky and as I write this we are in Michigan because Stephanie is a bridesmaid for her college roommate’s wedding. She’s actually at a lingerie party for the bride while I am siting here in our hotel room getting my Internet fix. It all works out, right?

Since I have been unable to sit front of my laptop for any extended period of time the past couple days, I have some PhotoCrank work to get done, but after that I promise to post all of the details of our Midwestern adventure. It’s well worth the wait to see some of this stuff, believe me.

But, until then, I’ll leave you all with this pic of Stephanie and I rocking it out on the dance floor last night at Arnie’s at Newport on the Levee. I’m not sure what we were doing, but feel free to Crank it by clicking on the purple button with the plus sign (+) in the bottom left of the photo.

Back Home Again in Indiana!

Yep, we took a little vacay to spend some time at home with our friends and family. My awesome roommate from college, Holly, is getting married this coming Saturday and Ryan’s 10 year High School reunion just happened to fall a week before, so we figured we had a pretty good excuse to come back to good ol’ Indy for a bit. I can’t tell you how weird it felt to fly into the Indianapolis airport and think to myself, “I’m on vacation… in Indiana” haha. What a vacation it has been though; it’s only Tuesday and we’ve had enough fun to last us for the whole week already!

Shortly after arriving we headed up to P-Town for Ryan’s high school reunion. Wow.. really is all I can say. I didn’t know that Donnie’s( a little photo for your pleasure) could hold that many crazy Pendleton Arabians at one time! You know it’s a good reunion when you didn’t even go to the high school that the reunion was celebrating and you still had the time of your life. That’s all I have to say about that :)

Last night we attended our first Mojo Monday Night at the Spot since we left for CA two months ago. It was an awesome night, and we stayed out on the deck for most of it just soaking up the fabulous Indiana summer night. It’s comforting to come home and be with your old friends again. It really makes you step back and reminisce a little about the fun times of the past, and know that you always have an incredible support group of friends at home. It’s funny how I don’t really feel homesick at all when we’re actually in California, but coming home kind of brings some of those feelings to the surface a little when you re-live your previous way of life for a bit. It’s true that you have to move away to truly come to an appreciation of your home where you grew up. I know that I’ve viewed Indiana a little differently this time around. It’s our home and it will always be here, we’ll always love it, but there’s so much left to experience and explore.

Now it’s time to go and live up the rest of our week here! More to come on our crazy Hoosier adventures :)