My parents finally make it out to California

The month of August has really been crazy out here in California. Steph and I have basically turned our already-too-small-but-really-cute-cottage in a hotel the past few weeks due to the fact that we’ve had 9 people come out to visit us. Not to mention that one of our visitors, my sister, is now a permanent fixture in California. She arrived in town after setting a new world record for the fastest trip from Indiana to Palo Alto that only took her a little over 2 days to complete. Yeah, it’s pretty damn amazing.

But hey, I’m not complaining by any means, but it can definitely get a little hectic when you have to keep other people happy all of the time and make sure that everyone is getting to see all of that our new home in California has to offer. It’s actually something that Stephanie and I really enjoy and we usually end up getting to do and see things that we’ve been meaning to go check out anyways, so it’s all good. One of the coolest and most random things that they have done while in town is go visit the Jelly Belly factory in Fairfield, CA where they picked me up some Jelly Belly Belly Flops, which are basically the weird-looking and rejected jelly beans that Jelly Belly packages up and sell for half-price. What a great idea, huh?

Anyways, back to the parents. They have been in town for a few days now and have officially seen more of California than I have. I guess that when you’re here on vacation it’s a little easier to do what you want without having to worry about it. Must be nice. :)

The parents stopped out because this Labor Day weekend we’re heading to Las Vegas for some wholesome and much anticipated Hupfer family fun. Some families do picnics or reunions, the Hupfers do Vegas.

Vegas baby, Vegas!

More to come in the upcoming weeks, a lot has been going on in the lives of Hup and Steph and we are bound and determined to let the world know about it. Be looking out for more posts coming soon, especially a recap of what happens in Vegas. Ummm yeah, that should be a good one – see you all soon.