It’s a MySpace swag extravaganza!

In my last post I mentioned that while I was hanging at the MySpace offices, I got hooked up with some major swag. So much, in fact, that I felt like I had to grab Stephanie and pose for a few pics with all of it. Some call it shameless promotion, but we just call it another day in the life of Hup and Steph. In other words, this is how we roll. Be sure to scroll down t the bottom to see me sneaking in a Whoopie Cushion on Stephanie – it’s a classic.

Enjoy the pics and here’s to a great week. :)

With this comfy, yet stylish MySpace t-shirt Stephanie means it when she says ‘Thanks for the add’

Stephanie is looking uber-hip-chic in her new MySpace hoodie and fitted hat

The look from the back – nice!

MySpace Golf, anyone?

Stephanie jots down some random thoughts in her MySpace notebook(with her MySpace pen), while wearing a sweet MySpace USB drive bracelet

Stephanie cracks open a new Nick and Nora CD that MySpace gave us…with a MySpace CD opener, of course!

The MySpace Whoopie Cushion is ready for action

Hup makes a perfect placement on an unsuspecting Steph

Success! Steph looks surprised as Hup celebrates in victory!

In case anyone’s keeping score: Hup – 1, Steph – 0.

Spending a day with my new homies at MySpace

Yesterday I made it down to LA, was picked up by a guy driving a sweet Lincoln Continental and headed over to MySpace’s Beverly Hills office around 10am. At that point I met up with Stephanie Yang, who does PR for MySpace and would be my escort for the day. She was super cool, full of energy and was just in for the day from the Bay Area, where she works in the San Francisco MySpace office.

The first stop of the day was a chat with Jason Kirk, the Vice President of video and entertainment for MySpace. I was meeting with him to talk about a video project that I put together called The Top 8 Tour. The Top 8 Tour was an idea that I came up with about 4 years ago as a way to document and show the world why MySpace was about to become the biggest phenomenon that the web has ever seen. We hung out for an hour or so and had some really interesting conversations revolving around the opportunity to partner up so that the Top 8 Tour footage could finally be turned into something that’s as amazing as I know it can be. The meeting finished up with Jason getting excited enough about the project to bring in their original content director into the mix. Hopefully this is a sign that after 4 years of waiting, something might actually come out of one of the craziest projects that I’ve ever been involved in(that’s saying a lot). But, only time will tell and after already waiting this long I’ve learned not to get too excited about it. Overall this was a very, very exciting meeting and one that will help me out on my continued goal of getting the story of The Top 8 Tour out to the masses.

After the meeting with Jason, Stephanie wanted to go introduce me to Tom Anderson(yes, the Tom), but he wasn’t going to be back in the office until 2pm and it was only 11:30am. It was kind of a bummer, but luckily I ended up bringing one of my MySpace For Dummies books along with me, so Stephanie left it with Tom’s assistant with the directions to have Tom sign it(and hopefully take a pic with it). They’re going to send it back to me to me in Palo Alto as soon as Tom can hook it up. How freakin’ cool is that?

Before our next meeting, Stephanie and I stopped over by the desk of Brianne Pins, who is MySpace Music’s PR Diva, where she literally gave me bags and bags of awesome MySpace Music swag(some sweet pics of me and Steph modeling the swag over here). We seemed to hit it off as soon as we met and she even invited me to a Good Charlotte concert on Saturday night, which was very cool of her to offer. Being the MySpace Music Queen Bee seems to be a pretty solid gig with a lot of perks, such as working with Snoop Dogg one day and then with Guns ‘n Roses the next. Never a dull moment, I’m sure.

Next up was a meeting with Adam Bain and the new MySpace MyAds team at their Santa Monica Hills office(we had another driver take us there, of course). They’re the ones that head up MySpace’s self-serve ad system which is what I wrote about on TechCrunch and what got me invited down to MySpace in the first place. Me, Stephanie, Adam and his right-hand man and good friend Arnie all went out to grab some lunch so that we could get to know each others worlds a bit better. Adam and Arnie are two of the main people who launched the MyAds system, which is one MySpace’s biggest ideas to date. It has huge revenue potential, allows literally anyone to promote and advertise and still stays in line with MySpace’s overall goal of allowing their users to express themselves and of fostering creativity and communication among the millions of people that interact with their site each day. Admittedly, it got pretty nerdy sometimes as we discussed some pretty high-level visions and viewpoints of what’s next in social media advertising and marketing, but I loved every second of it. It felt great to open up about my opinions and thoughts on MySpace while hearing all about their ideas and strategy regarding where they’re moving to in the future. We hung out for another couple hours after we finished up lunch and we dug into more and more topics on MySpace vs. Facebook, what HubPages is all about, my ideas on social media marketing and who knows what else.

As the full day of meetings ended and I was chilling in the back of yet another slick, black Lincoln Continental on my 2 hour ride back, I began typing away on my laptop as I remembered thoughts, comments, statistics and other interesting things that I took away from the last few hours. I have to admit that it felt amazing to get the chance to meet and talk to the people that I did while visiting MySpace – they were all super-smart, easy to talk to and very hospitable. You know, the types of people that made me move out here to the west coast in the first place. Kinda funny how things start to work out, eh?

Rocking out LA for the weekend…come along?

As I type this I’m cruising in a slick, black Lincoln Towncar towards the Beverly Hills MySpace offices. The driver’s name is Mark, he’s been living in LA his whole life and he just got married a few months ago to a beautiful woman from Iceland. Oh, and she’s about 6 months pregnant, too. Pretty amazing what you can find out about a person during a short trip from LAX to Beverly Hills, eh?

Anyways, I started today by getting up at 4:30am so that we could make Stephanie’s 7:00am flight in San Jose. We both made our flights with time to spare and she just sent me a text a few minutes ago and told me that she has officially landed in LA. As I hang out with the MySpace teams today(I’m heading to the Santa Monica office later on today) she’ll be hanging with one of my best buds in the entire world, Eric King, who overslept and is now just going to pick her up. It’s cool though, she’s in no hurry.

The fact that MySpace has invited me down for the day, paid for my flight, got me my own driver and is going to meet with me about their business is pretty damn sweet. I think that I could definitely get used to this. More coming soon.

Hup gets TechCrunched

Last Friday I decided to send over an email to TechCrunch regarding some problems that I was having with MySpace’s new self-serve ad platform that’s cleverly called ‘MyAds’. After trying to get some of my ads for HubPages approved and after half of them were quickly rejected due to them classifying us as a direct competitor, I decided to pretty much give up on it. But, I didn’t just stop there, I also decided to write up my issues and see if TechCrunch thought that it was worth posting up on their uber-blog, which is the top-ranked tech news blog in the world. Basically, it’s the New York Times of the tech world.

After I sent the email over I was surprised to get a quick reply back from Michael Arrington, the founder of TechCrunch(and one of the 2008 Time 100), saying that he was taking a look at it. Well, no more than an hour or so later he had practically posted the entire email that I sent him and titled the post HubPages Blocked From MySpace MyAds As Too Competitive. Needless to say I was super-excited as I was getting messages from all over the place from friends who had already seen the post and from my team at HubPages, who thought that it was pretty damn amazing that we got a shout-out on TechCrunch.

Even though it was incredible to get a write-up on TechCrunch, the really cool stuff came as a result of the literally hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of people who read it. I will get into more details later, but this last week after being featured on this one, powerful blog has really shown me once again the power of the web(not to mention the power and reach of TechCrunch itself). I need to crash out for the night, but I promise to give you all an update on all of the amazing things that I’ve been doing over this past week. Sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite.

The people have spoken and Stephanie is pretty excited about it

Last week me and Stephanie went to go check out the selection of glasses after I found out that my vision isn’t exactly what it used to be. We had so much fun trying on practically every pair of glasses in the store, we decided to snap some pics of me wearing them and let all of you vote on which pair you thought that I should end up buying.

One of the funny things that happened after the votes started rolling in is that even though neither one of us let anyone know what our favorite overall glasses were, all of you who voted actually gave the most votes to the two pairs that we had our eyes on. Also, I was pretty surprised that the voting mob didn’t get any more crazy than they did considering that most people actually voted for their honest favorite, as opposed to voting for the most ridiculous pair that I posted(which is still up for debate).

The top-voted pair of glasses that was chosen by you fine Internet-loving, eyeglass-fashion gurus with 26 votes(46%) was #10 Classy And Educated, which also happens to be Stephanie’s favorite(figures). Coming in a distant second place with 10 votes(15%) was #5 Boxy, Square and Trendy, which was my favorite pair(even though I really dig #8 Black and Sophisticated, too which are very similar). Now that we’ve got that big decision taken care of, all we have to do now is stop back by the store and get these bad boys ordered. I have to admit though, I’m still a little torn between the top two pairs, which result in me buying them both. An early Christmas present perhaps? :)

Here are the pics of the two winners in case you need a little refresher:

#10 Classy And Educated (the overall top vote-getter and Stephanie’s fav)

#8 Black and Sophisticated (the runner-up and my fav)

Do you think that these are the glasses for me? Which pair would you pick between the two pairs? I’m still leaning towards the black ones…

Help Hup choose his new glasses by voting now

Last week I headed over to the eye doctor, or the Optometrist as most people call them, so that I could get my eyes checked out. As many of you can imagine, I spend a majority of my time staring at computer screens and I hear that this practice isn’t exactly healthy for your eyesight. I figured that the damage wasn’t too bad since I don’t have any trouble reading and using a computer, but my ability to read anything from a distance(especially at night) has really gotten pretty bad here lately. During my appointment the optometrist told me that I definitely needed some glasses, although I don’t have that strong of a prescription(R -0.75 RS L -1.00-.050 e180 if anyone’s interested).

Today me and Stephanie decided to go and get our glasses shopping on so we headed to place here in Palo Alto called Peninsula Optical Co. A really cool guy named Greg helped us out and we had a lot of fun trying on a bunch of the frames that we thought might work. Probably a little too much fun if that’s possible.

Two of the pairs were definitely our favorites, but we thought that it would be fun to see what each of you think about them, too. So, we posted pics of the some of the glasses that I tried on so that you can tell us which pair you think looks the best, too. To let us know which one you think I should buy take a look at the 15 pics below and then cast your vote at the bottom of this post. Who knows, maybe your votes will make us change our minds about the ones that we’re set on. I’ll let you know the two pairs that we like in a later post after we get some votes in. Thanks for playing along and thanks for your vote! :)

#1 Small, Black and Feminine

#2 Child Molesters

#3 Red Hot, Hip and Euro

#4 Harry Caray Retro Specials

#5 Boxy, Square and Trendy

#6 Professor Specs

#7 Euro Flashy

#8 Black and Sophisticated

#9 Euro To The Max

#10 Classy And Educated

#11 Bifocals On Crack

#12 Grandma’s Special

#13 Circles Of Ridiculousness

#14 Animal Print Gone Bad

#15 Skinnny, Yet Trendy

365 days….and Counting…

Reaching milestones in relationships is always exciting. There’s the first date, first kiss, first time meeting the family, first “official relationship stance talk”… and so on. As the milestones begin to build, a beautiful relationship is developed and continues to grow as it feeds off the past and looks towards the future. Wow… that’s pretty deep huh?

One year ago, Ryan and I were riding this milestone wave. We started dating in August of last year, and by November 13th,2007 Ryan finally took the plunge into classifying me as his “official GIRLFRIEND”. In the most romantic way possible, Ryan simply said,”So I guess I’ll just call you my girlfriend now, if that’s ok with you…”. I concurred and ever since, this has been the most incredible relationship and adventure that anyone could hope for.

We spent our evening at a lovely, quaint, and romantic little restaurant in Palo Alto called The Empire Tap Room. Don’t let some of those reviews fool you. The ambiance alone is enough to suffice one incredible date atmosphere. We ate outside under the stars amongst white lighted trees and dimly lit candle table tops directly next to a trickling fountain. Sound nice? Yes, it was incredible. We reminisced and laughed over the past year of fun and excitement we have experienced together while enjoying some refreshing riesling and tasty entrees. I couldn’t have hoped for a more perfect night. It was the perfect location, perfect restaurant, perfect starry night, and above all the perfect companion, my best friend and love of my life, Ryan. Ok… everybody say it together… Awwweeee

The Empire Tap Room was the perfect place to celebrate

The Vino never tasted so good

I don’t think that there’s a better seat in the place

Talk about a romantic place to have dinner…wow

Of course we had to document this incredible event in our lives. Before we left we popped open a bottle of Whole Food’s finest champagne and toasted to our first year together and to many more to come. Check out the video below or over here on YouTube.

Steph gets into the Fall spirit and makes us some (really)tasty pumpkin muffins

Stephanie is much more than just a pretty face, people. If you don’t believe me, then check out these pics of her whipping up some tasty pumpkin muffins. I’ve already eaten two of them.

She’s so domestic. :)

The fun begins…

Stephanie was so excited that she was hiding behind the muffin-in-a-box.

Me, on the other hand, really had some fun with the pumkin-in-a-can.

I swear this was her idea. OK, maybe it was mine.

Look! My baby can cook some deliiiiicious punkin’ muffins!

Eating at Delancy Street Restaurant and challenging Steph’s typing skills

Last night Stephanie and I rounded up some more people up in San Francisco for our weekly dinner-get-together-thing that we’re trying to do on a regular basis. If you can think all the way back to a week ago you might remember us visiting Farmer Brown for the last go ’round. We had a ton of fun last week and this this time turned out to be more of the same, which was great.

Our choice for dinner was a place down the street a few blocks that my friends Ben and Redgie suggested. They became a much-welcomed addition to the trio of Me, Stephanie and Jacob about 10 minutes before we were taking off thanks to some impromptu instant messaging. Their destination of choice was called Delancey Street Restaurant, which they claimed to not only be tasty, but cheap as well – a ‘double-whammy’ as we like to call it. Delancey Street Restaurant is not only a place with great food, but it is also a place with a great mission as it is a part of the larger overall Delancey Street Foundation who are ‘the country’s leading residential self-help organization for substance abusers, ex-convicts, homeless and others who have hit bottom.’ Simply put, the Delancey Street Foundation, including the restaurant that we were eating at, is fully staffed with people who have basically hit rock bottom and need a way to get back on track. So, whenever you eat there, you not only get some good, cheap food but you also get to help out a foundation that’s doing some amazing work in the community.

Jacob and Ben attack the tasty dessert. It didn’t stand a chance.

The food was delicious, the conversation spectacularly interesting and soon Stephanie, Ben and I grabbed a quick cab back to my office so that I could grab my stuff and we could grab the CalTrain back to Palo Alto. The CalTrain ride is about an hour long in the evenings(in the morning I take an express train) so usually I’ll jump on my laptop to pass the time and here lately I’ve been learning how to type the correct way by taking free online courses over on It’s true, I’ve never learned how to type the ‘right’ way, which is amazing considering that I’m on a computer like 95% of my life. We’ll get into that more later on, but all you need to know is that on the way home I challenged Stephanie to a type-off and she seems to be a little better at typing than I am. I decided to get the good old-fashioned butt-whoopin’ on video so check it out below or over here on YouTube. She made me look pretty bad, but I’m just learning…give me a few months. :)

Decorating…7 Months Later…

I aways have good intentions when planning and shopping for decorating ideas and items. It starts with a vision in my head that I know will look just right. Then I find the perfect shelf, frame, or mirror and get so excited to go home and see my vision come to life on the walls of our sweet little cottage. All seems to go according to plan until we get to the next step; actually hanging up the shelves, frames, and mirrors on the wall. You see, I have a tendency to buy my selected items and then somehow forget about them for several months from the time that I set them on the floor with intentions of decorating with them soon after.

Such was the case with my recently (7 months ago) purchased items. I found these fabulous shelves and frames that I knew would look absolutely perfect in the cottage living room. Unfortunately they didn’t grace our walls until just yesterday when a rainy Saturday forced us to stay inside and actually accomplish some form of decorating. Finally my plans from 7 months ago were put into action and by then end of the day, Ryan and I had worked some magic on the living room and created a much, much homier environment :)

Ryan and I both LOVE pictures…LOVE them. We also have a tremendous amount of fantastic pictures that we have accrued throughout the past year and a half. After some careful selection and planning, I was able to snag a few of the best that we had hiding on Ryan’s hard drive patiently awaiting their unveiling, and finally they have their shining moment! If you can’t tell I am absolutely thrilled to have some pictures for our guests to look at now when they visit, and every time I walk into the room I get giddy when I see them myself. Look out cottage, I’m on a mission now. Pictures, pictures everywhere!

Hupdate: It definitely feels AWESOME to finally get this stuff hung up and out of all of these new pics, I must say that the two sweet mustache pics that we hung in our bathroom are by far my favs. What do you think?

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