Searching for other blogging couples

Now that Stephanie and I are up and blogging again, I have decided to see if I can find other couples out there who have also decided to start a blog together. I’m sure that there are a lot of other blogging couples out there, I’m just not really sure at this point how I’m going to actually find them. I’m pretty good at this whole Internet thing, so I’m sure that I’ll figure it out and hopefully before you know it I’ll be telling you all about the other cool blogs that I end up tracking down.

I understand that tracking down these other blogging couples might sound slightly Internet-stalkerish, but I promise that I have good intentions and would simply like to meet other couples out there who are using blogging as a way to make their relationship even better. Plus, if most of you didn’t already know this I’ll let you in on a little secret, developing an amazing relationship with someone that you love isn’t easy and it takes a lot of work. Of course, hopefully it’s work that both of you are more than willing to do, but one thing that I know is that it definitely isn’t easy. So, any ways that I can either learn from another couple or can help out another couple I’m all about finding ways to make the path to an amazing relationship easier and I feel that connecting with other couples who blog is a great way to do just that.

After doing a quick search on the train ride home from work the other day I am happy to report that I found my first official blogging couple. The blog is called ‘he said she said‘ and it’s a part of the overall website that Brendan and Jessica created together that’s creatively called is eerily similar to our naming scheme of From what I can tell Brendan and Jessica are a married couple in Virginia(I think?) who have a beautiful daughter named Bridget. They seem to have a really great relationship and it totally shows in their blog. It’s amazing how you feel like you can really know a couple after just reading their blog for a few minutes. For instance, here are a few things that I can now tell you about the loves of Brendan and Jessica:

Like I said, you can find out a lot.

I plan on adding links to each of these couple blogs that I find and hope to potentially even create a network of them eventually so that we all can connect, learn and share the good, bad and interesting lives that we all lead on a day-to-day basis. I mean, it sounds like a good idea and plus, I’m going to need some wedding advice here eventually and hopefully Brendan can hook a bruthu up.

Getting our fill of neo-soul food at Farmer Brown in San Francisco

San Francisco has some incredibly creative and hip restaurants to offer and the past few weeks Stephanie and I have started a weekly attempt at giving some of them a try. Since I’m working up in the big city each day and Stephanie is still teaching preschool in Palo Alto, we try to meet up at my office at least once a week so that we can broaden our horizons a bit when it comes to going out to eat. We’ve also found that this is a great way to bring together a few of our new friends(and their friends) so that we can get to know each other a little better, all while trying out some new food and having a few cocktails. Needless to say, we’ve both had a great time with it.

Tonight the crew consisted of me, Stephanie, Cameron(who I work with) + his girlfriend Lauren and Jacob(who I also work with) + two of his lady friends, Savannah and Melyn. Jacob, whom I like to think of as quite a San Francisco hipster, wanted all of us to check out a place called Farmer Brown, who’s specialty is soul-food with a California twist, or as they like to call it – neo soul. One of the first things that comes to mind when eating at a place like this is the fact that there is nothing even comparable to Farmer Brown in Indianapolis. I’m not sure if this is because Indianapolis is too small to support a super-niche restaurant like this or if San Francisco is just that freakin’ cool, but the fact is that there is nothing that I could even compare Farmer Brown to back in the good ol’ Hoosier state.

Overall, the atmosphere was filled with twenty-something socialites who were chatting it up with one another as they sipped cocktails and draught beer out of glass jars and ate more than their fair share of biscuits, cornbread and fried chicken. The food at our table included some fried okra, sweet potato steak fries, shrimp and veggie jambalaya, fried chicken, mac and cheese and some tasty pulled pork sandwiches. The only thing better than the food was the conversation as we tried to remember theme songs from old TV shows from the days of our youth, talked about politics and reminisced about crazy Halloween stories that happened last weekend.

It was just another great night out with our friends out here in San Francisco and hopefully we’ll keep it alive and check out somewhere again next week. Honestly, this has been way too much fun not too. If you want to see what other people think of Farmer Brown, check out their page on Yelp when you get a chance.

Adventures In Bicycling: The crazy, honking, old man

Each weekday morning I ride my bike to the CalTrain station here in Palo Alto, then I take my bike on the train up to San Francisco(there’s a bike car) and finally I ride my bike from the CalTrain station to my office up in San Francisco. It’s not a ton of riding, but for the short amount of ride time there always seems to be plenty of action. I figured that some of this action would be good to document, so I’m going to start posting the random and usually funny stories that happen to me as I continue to brave the bike rides up to San Francisco and back.

Today was pretty funny due to a white-haired old man that was driving a Subaru Outback down the road today as I was hauling ass to the CalTrain station(I’m always cutting it close, of course). When I’m cruising at ‘Damn, I might be late’ speed in the morning I can practically keep up with the cars on the one-way that I speed down, due mainly to the fact that I don’t stop at any 4-way stops. This method is neither safe nor legal as far as I know, but it gets me there on time so I go with it.

Well, as I was speeding along and creeping up on a Subaru Outback on the right side of the road, the white-haired driver must have found a parking spot that he wanted to squeeze into, so he slammed on his brakes without giving me any type of turn signal or anything that would have let me know his intentions. This is no big deal to me and my superior bike skills, even if I was half-asleep and riding like I stole something. I simply swerved into the left lane of the one-way, passed the old-man-turned-parallel-parking-expert and kept peddling towards the train, which was set to arrive at any second.

For some reason this must have really pissed this old guy off and instead of pulling into the spot he decided to step on the gas, lay on his horn and try to catch up to me as I continued towards my nearly unattainable goal at this point of actually making the 7:14am train. As he kept on inching closer to me while honking and looking really mad I just kept on peddling, even though I really, really wanted to see what he wanted to say to me once he caught up. But, instead of stopping I just looked back at him a few times with a ‘What the hell, dude!??!’ as he followed me for over 2 blocks while he honking got became even more mad at the fact that I was an out-of-control bicyclist in Palo Alto. I was getting a real kick out if it at the time, but obviously he wasn’t.

If I didn’t want to catch that particular train, I would have so stopped so that he could lecture me on whatever was on his mind this morning while trying to literally hunt me down in his SUV. I started wondering what he would have said if I actually would have stopped. Maybe he was scared for my safety? Maybe he had been hit on a bike before and wanted to warn me that my unsafe ways are a surefire way to get hit, too? Maybe he just needed some coffee and was pissed off at the world and wanted to vent. Unless I somehow get to see him again, I guess that I’ll never know. But, one thing that I do know is that I’ll have another Adventure In Bicycling – there’s no doubt about that.

Getting my demo on tomorrow night at the SiliconValley NewTech Meetup

Tomorrow night I get my second official chance to show the people of Silicon Valley what HubPages is all about. Me and two other web startups are going to do a 5-minute demo at the SiliconValley NewTech Meetup, which is a very popular event that introduces new web-based businesses to around 150-200 people right here in Palo Alto each month. My friend and fellow web-geek Vinnie Lauria hosts the event that, according to him, is going to have some special election-friendly additions to it such as real-time streams of the vote count during the presentations.

Wish me luck and I’ll keep you updated on how it goes. :)

Good times at Disney On Ice

A couple of weeks ago me, Stephanie, my mom, my niece Madison and both of my sisters Angie and Megan headed to Oracle Arena to take in the best entertainment that the West Coast has to offer – Disney On Ice. We all had an amazing time and I would probably say that Stephanie and I had more fun singing than my 6 year-old niece did. But, don’t take my word for it – check out the video below or over here on YouTube when you get a chance. M-I-C…K-E-Y..M-O-U-S-E.

You’re never too old to play on a trashcan

I just wanted to post this pic that Stephanie took of me and Sawyer, our friend Gordon’s son that lives here in Palo Alto. Stephanie and I were walking to Whole Foods for our weekly Saturday morning breakfast walk and we saw Gordon and Sawyer playing in a nearby park. After hanging out for a few minutes, Sawyer decided to play on top of a trashcan and I thought that it looked like fun, so I decided to join him. Gordon also thought that it was a great idea and I must admit, it was pretty fun hangin’ up there with Sawyer.

Ahhh…to be 3 again. :)

Rain Rain Go Away, I want to see Jason Mraz play!

After 7 months of living in California, I had yet to see any form of substantial precipitation until this past weekend, when it actually rained for a solid 2-3 days straight. The funny thing is, that although I have always held a firm stance on my hatred for rain, I almost enjoyed it while it graced us with it’s soggy presence for the few short days it was around. Now that I’ve had my fill however, I don’t mind if it takes some time to come back around again.

All this to say the weather worried me this weekend because we have been planning for the past few weeks to travel up to Berkely to see Jason Mraz at the Greek Theater on campus. Amazingly we woke to a bright sun, shiny day…complete with a beautiful rainbow! It was an absolutely perfect day for an outdoor concert. We have never been to the Cal. Berkeley campus before so we enjoyed checkin out some of the college scene while we were there. It was an absolutely gorgeous campus and a fabulous music venue and there’s nothing like going to an outdoor concert in November and having perfect weather. Needless to say, you can’t really ever count on that in Indiana. It’s now during the time of the up-coming winter months that Ryan and I are really starting to think this whole California perfect weather thing wasn’t such a bad idea after all :)

So even if we did start our weekend off being pretty lame, we certainly didn’t end it that way. We chalked up yet another fabulous adventure and had a great time exploring a new area. Not a bad concert either. Mr. Mraz certainly has a way with that guitar and ukulele of his.

P.S.– It’s good to be back. It’s been far too long since Ryan and I have updated, we’ll both be trying to make this more of a habit. We can’t be leaving you hanging right?!

Being OK with being lame on Halloween Night

As Stephanie and I continue to find our place out here on the West Coast, there have been some times when things just don’t end up like we really wanted them to. Sometimes it’s not getting the huge pile of laundry done that’s been sitting in our room for the past few weeks so that we can have clean clothes(if they smell clean, they are clean). Sometimes it’s forgetting to go to the grocery store on Sunday so that we can have some food for the week(eating out is way more fun anyways). Or, sometimes it being completely lame and not making it out to an awesome Halloween party like we did last night(I swear we had an exhausting week).

Yep, you heard me – even me and Stephanie, aka Mr. and Mrs. Never-Miss-A-Good-Time, missed out on the festivities this year due to the fact that we were both completely exhausted and literally hadn’t had one minute all week to really talk to each other. Also, I guess that I should also admit that we’ve both been so busy lately that we also hadn’t put together any ideas for what would wear to the party even if we did end up going. This, of course, coming from a guy who literally put together the craziest single Halloween outing that Indianapolis has ever seen last year. Yeah I know, crazy.

But, a lot has changed from last year and honestly I must say that even though Stephanie and I chilled at home together for once instead of going out and getting crazy, it was totally worth it and our relationship is just that much better because if it. Something that I have learned from being in an amazing relationship with someone like Stephanie is that in our minds we might always think that we need to be going, going, going, but sometimes we also need to simply hang out together, just the two of us, and have an awesome conversation about the things that are really on our minds.

So, that’s exactly what we did – it just happened to be on Halloween night. Like I said, sometimes you have to be cool with being lame. Anyways, there’s always another party, right?

Happy Halloween, everyone and I’ll be writing more soon(I promise).

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