Homeward Bound!

The moment that I have been eagerly awaiting for almost 4 months now since Ryan and I booked our flights to come home for Christmas has finally arrived. Right now I’m patiently waiting in the San Jose airport, getting ready to board my flight to Denver first before I head on home to Indiana. I’m praying that the weather holds out for me as I trek into the unknown abyss of snowstorms and freezing weather. Ryan is hanging around California for another day and then will fly back home on Tuesday. We’re so excited to see all of our family and friends and spend a lot of quality time catching up and just simply enjoying the holidays.

Since I’m sitting in the airport ( a little bored since I freak out about making my flight in time and end up waiting for hours once I get here) I’ll talk a little bit about how much I LOVE traveling. It’s not just the whole going to a new place part of traveling that I enjoy, I actually really love the traveling part. I’m so intrigued by airports and the fantastic people watching that can occur. I could sit for hours and watch people pass by and try to make up a story in my mind about each person and what their story is and where they’re going and why. It’s really entertaining for me and I feel that I could make a job of it if I could. Maybe one day Ryan and I will find a way to make traveling our job… some day…

I guess for now I’ll just sit and be fulfilled with the extra super great crowd of people traveling during the Christmas season and look forward to freezing temperatures, snow, and ice back in good ol’ Indiana.

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  1. Goodbye Indiana. Hellllllllo California! : Hup and Steph on January 3rd, 2009 1:13 pm

    [...] It seems like months ago when Stephanie and I were getting ready to head back here to Indiana for the holidays, but the time has finally come to when we have to pack up all of our stuff and head on back to *real* home out west in Palo Alto, California. It has been an awesome trip for both of us and we literally packed as much stuff as possible into the nearly 2 weeks that we were here. [...]

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