I just love runnaing…

nullIt’s true… I’m a runner. Ever since I joined the cross-country team in 6th grade I haven’t stopped. There’s just something about it, that if you ask any runner, is addictive. Lucky for me I’m marrying a man who also enjoys running about as much as I do. Recently we’ve been talking about participating in some local road races just to mix things up a bit and take our running to another competitive level. Back in Indy there was a sweet company that listed out all of the major running events in the city for the year, and I always relied on it to provide me with any info necessary to compete. Today I finally stumbled upon this website. I’m so happy and eager now to get involved in some super fun running action around the bay area. It would be fun if we could get a group together that could participate in a few of these as a team or just as a fun group run. I love running with other people. It’s a great way to really push yourself and have fun all at the same time. So if there’s anybody out there that would like to get involved in a few of these let me know. There seems to be something going on almost every weekend so the options are endless.

If you’ve never ran in a road race before you should really give it a shot. They’re great because no matter what running level you are at, you can have a great time. It’s so much more than running. There is always a great group of people, exciting entertainment and almost always a free t-shirt! What more could you ask for right?!

A new video series called VICARIOUSLY

One thing that I’ve always loved to do with video is have other people shoot the video by themselves in whatever situation they are in and then edit up the story of the video myself. It’s not that I don’t like shooting video all of the time (well, it does suck sometimes), but it’s the fact that I get WAY better video when I’m not there in people’s face shooting it.

The first time that I ever tried this idea was when I was doing a series of videos that I called From MySpace To YourSpace. Here’s one that I did with my buddy Sexy Steve (who mows yards during the day and drums for several bands) and here’s another one that I did with my buddy Matt (who manages cage fights).

There’s just something about letting someone shoot the video themselves that makes the story so much better. People end up being much more relaxed and in turn the video that they shoot is just that much more real and interesting. I basically let them get the great video from their own, comfortable perspective and then I create the story out of it. Also, the people who shoot the video get a kick out of seeing the final, produced video that ends up coming together from the random clips of video that they shot.

So, this time around I’m calling the series ‘VICARIOUSLY’, because this is an amazing way for me to live vicariously through the people who shoot the video. This first video that I put together is from my homie Bobby, who loves to snowboard Lake Tahoe and was willing to shoot a few videos for me while he was there. He ended up getting some great stuff and I was more than happy to put it together for him.

Check out the first VICARIOUSLY video below or over here on YouTube when you get a couple minutes and I’d love to hear what you think of it. Also, if you would like for me to put together a VICARIOUSLY video for you, tell me what you’d like to get video of below in the comments. Enjoy!

Throw’d rolls at The Potatoe Patch in Houston, TX

We had to check out just one more thing before we left the beautiful, yet somewhat odd state of Texas. That one thing was The Potatoe Patch, a restaurant that’s been made famous through the fact that they throw their fresh, hot and tasty rolls at you while you’re eating. None of this pansy, non-Texas handing out of rolls. Oh no — they throw them at you. I mean it’s says ‘Throw’d Rolls’ right on the side of their restaurant in bright neon, so they are definitely not kidding around. Of course, it says ‘Fried Green Tomotoes’ on the other side, but that’s a whole other story.

Check out the video below or over here on YouTube to see some of the famous Throw’d Rolls in action.

Hiking Big Basin Redwoods State Park

Check out this video of Stephanie and I hiking Big Basin Redwoods State Park last weekend. It’s a place that we’ve been meaning to visit and we finally decided to get off our lazy butts and go hiking there. It was an amazing few hours out in the wilderness and definitely a place that we’ll be taking people who visit from now on.

Happy birthday to Steph!

Stephanie turned 24 this past Thursday on January 15th and she got a pretty sweet surprise when her preschool students decided to send some birthday love out our way here in Houston, TX. Check out the video of their birthday wishes below or over here on YouTube.

Going down to China Town in Houston, TX

Today was our first full day here in Houston, TX and it was a pretty exciting one thanks to a visit to the local China Town. Now, the China Town here in Texas isn’t quite like the China Town in San Francisco that Stephanie and I visited last Summer, which is a huge part of the city and feels like you could literally be in China. This China Town is really just a weird, slightly rundown section of Houston that just happens to be where a large number of Asians decided to live ta some point. It was a little more cluttered than most other parts of the Houston suburbs that we’ve seen, but besides the Chinese signs and banners everywhere and an over abundance of fake purses, it felt fairly normal.

Between Stephanie’s dad’s love for the Asian culture (he especially loves to see them hit the live catfish with a pipe before they chop them up to sell) and Stephanie’s love for cheap purses and fake flowers (helllllo wedding decorations) we practically had no choice in visiting Houston’s China town and as always, it provided not only good shopping, but great entertainment as well. Here are a few pics that I snapped during the adventure — enjoy.

This place had a lot of nice stuff, which I thankfully didn’t broken because I would’ve need buy if I did.

You would think that they would have more than just that one Obama picture for sale.

Stephanie and her super-awesome stepmom Shannon pose with some potential wedding decor.

If you get invited to our wedding, you might just see one of these fabrics on your table.

You wont find these at Safeway.

100 year old eggs — a delicacy in Asian culture. Check out my buddy Kpet eating one on YouTube.

Which one of these is not like the others…?

This has been a great day here in Texas and we even had the chance to tear up some of Stephanie’s dad’s famous spring rolls and sushi and Stephanie even helped make them, too. Tomorrow we’re going to hit up the Bodies: The Exhibition that’s currently being shown at one of Houston’s museums. It should be pretty freaky.

Oh, and I realized that I never posted up our video from when we visited China Town in San Francisco a while back, so feel free to check it out below of over here on YouTube.

We’re only 4 years apart…for now

For the next 15 days, Stephanie and I are officially only 4 years apart. Today is her birthday (coincidentally it’s my mom’s birthday, too) and she’s now been gracing us with her presence on this Earth now for a whopping 24 years. If you talk to Stephanie about it, she seems to think that turning 24 means that she’s ‘really starting to get old’, which is awesome considering that I’m 28 and will turn 29 in 15 more days on January 30th.

But, for the time being the age gap between us has been lowered just a little bit and until my birthday we’ve only got a 4 year gap between us, which I guess makes me feel just a tiny bit better about myself. Not much, but just a little bit.

To celebrate her birthday we’re going down to Houston, TX to see her dad and step-mom, Bart and Shannon — aka ‘Shart’, and we’ll be rockin’ it out Tex-Mex style for the next few days. I’m pretty excited to check out the Texan lifestyle and from what Stephanie’s told me it’s basically the opposite of what we’re used to out here in California. Here are a few of the differences that I’m looking forward to seeing for myself:

Also, as I type this at the Oakland airport with Stephanie sitting next to me, I just realized that we said some of the same stuff in our posts (we’re both on our laptops), which is pretty gosh darn funny if you ask me. Anyways, we’ll update you later on in the week with some more Texas fun and hopefully some sweet video goodness to go along with it.


Houston, we have a problem.. Hup and Steph are on their way!

Today, Ryan and I are heading out to visit my parents in the great state of Yeeeeehawwww…Texas! It’s been almost nine months since I last ventured out to the lone star state and I can hardly believe that it has been that long. Some fond memories that I have from my last trip include Bucky’s gas station beef jerky buffet, gigantic state of Texas flags hanging from every home, China town, and A LOT of humidity. Quite the different scenario from my current living conditions, but I love it. I’m very much looking forward to some great quality time with my dad, Shannon and Ryan. This will be Ryan’s first time to head to Houston with me and I’m really looking forward to seeing how he reacts to all of the huge rig pick-up trucks, fried food everything, cowboy hats, yeehaw’s and ya’lls. I’m sure he’ll just love it!

There is definitely a good video to come out of this one, so keep posted and we’ll provide you with a little piece of Houston hilarity.

Hangin’ with MC Hammer at the Crunchies

Yeah, that’s me, Stephanie and MC Hammer last night at the Crunchies, which are basically tech’s version of the Oscars. It’s put on by the biggest tech-related blog in the world TechCrunch (which I’ve written for in the past) and was held up in San Francisco. The awards ceremony was held in the Herbst Theater and the MySpace after party was held across the street in City Hall – yeah, right in the freakin’ City Hall.

The actual awards event was packed full of the who’s who of tech, including Mark Zuckerberg (CEO and founder of Facebook), Marissa Mayer (manages all of Google’s products), Evan Williams, Biz Stone, and Jack Dorsey (founders of Twitter) and of course, MC Hammer.

I want to give a huge thanks to Michael Arrington (founder of TechCrunch) for hooking me up with the tickets, as always we had an awesome time hanging out. Also, even though it was a pretty hard core tech crowd, even Stephanie loved the shindig. Now that’s a sign of a great tech event right there.

Also, there were a couple things that really stuck out to me as I was running around the Crunchies last night with Stephanie – things that I’m noticing more and more and that I’m pretty excited about. Things such as:

You can find out more about the Crunchies over here on TechCrunch.

p.s. Since we now are homies with MC Hammer (at least we think so), I sent him over a link to this video of Stephanie gettin’ her groove on to one of his chart toppers, 2 Legit 2 Quit. I’m sure he enjoyed it. :)

The story of Hup and Steph Part 2: The Fun Begins

Well, it’s getting late and I’m ready to crash after taking the midnight train back to Palo Alto tonight. Stephanie and I headed out in San Francisco tonight to one of our friends place’s to watch the BCS college football championship game. It was a great shindig and there were all kinds of people there hanging out. It’s truly amazing how many great friends we’ve made in the 9 months we’ve been living out here in California – we’re very blessed to have each and every one of them.

Yesterday I posted up the first part of the video that I showed to Stephanie before I proposed to her over the holidays. I went ahead and uploaded the second part of the video and posted it below and on YouTube so that you can check it out as well. It’s called ‘The Fun Begins’ and is all about the time after we first met and started dating and hanging out together. It was definitely the beginning of our fun together and it’s just seemed to keep on going ever since. Enjoy and I’ll be posting up more videos soon.

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