The story of Hup and Steph Part 1: They First Meet

As most of you probably know by now, Stephanie and I are now officially engaged. Yep, I asked and she actually said yes – pretty sweet, eh?

Since we’ve been back here in California most of our friends saw our official relationship status change on Facebook, so they’re well aware on our intentions to get hitched. But, even the people who know that we are engaged still ask how I proposed and how all of it went down on Christmas night when I popped the question.

I thought that it was about time to finally let all of you know exactly how I proposed to Stephanie and what my overall plan was to surprise her. It all started before we left for Indianapolis when I told Stephanie that I wanted to put a video together that would fill our family in on some of the details of the awesome relationship that we’ve had over the past year and a half. She thought that it was a cool idea so we both sat down one night and we interviewed each other about the major stages of our relationship together. Stages such as how we first met, what it was like when we first started dating, why we ended up moving to California, what it’s been like since we’ve been out here on the west coast and what we thought our future was going to be like together going forward.

I then turned the interviews into a bigger video that included videos, images and other random digital snippets that I could find that had to do with what we talked about while interviewing each other. Even though I told Stephanie that my intentions were to show our family the video once we got home, my real idea was to sit down with her to watch this video together and then to end it by proposing to her. I’ll get into more details later, but that is basically how it went down and I’ve got some video of me proposing to her as well as both of us talking just minutes after she said yes. You’ll see more of that soon enough.

But, to kick all of this off I first wanted to split up the video into smaller sections so that all of you can enjoy it as much as we have. After seeing these videos you’ll know way more about us than you ever wanted to find out about, but it’s really cool to see it all packaged up into one fluid story. After creating this I started thinking how other couples would probably love to have something like this, so who knows – maybe I’ll start doing this for other people, too? You know, with all of this spare time that I have these days.

Check out the first video below, which I have cleverly called ‘They First Meet’ or check out it out over here on YouTube.

Goodbye Indiana. Hellllllllo California!

It seems like months ago when Stephanie and I were getting ready to head back here to Indiana for the holidays, but the time has finally come to when we have to pack up all of our stuff and head on back to *real* home out west in Palo Alto, California. It has been an awesome trip for both of us and we literally packed as much stuff as possible into the nearly 2 weeks that we were here.

As I sit here and type Stephanie is getting cleaned up so that we can grab some pre-flight lunch with our parents before we hop on the flight back home. I have had a great time while I’ve been home and the time off has been the first time that I’ve been able to fully relax for multiple days in over a year, which has been very refreshing. When you’re on 24/7 it’s kinda nice to have some time to completely unplug (besides my Blackberry, of course) and let your mind rest before getting back to the daily grind that I somehow love so much. Personally, I’m ready to head back home to get after it – it’s going to be a great year in 2009. But, Stephanie is feeling more sad than happy right now when she starts thinking about leaving her family and other friends that she has gotten used to being around the past couple of weeks. It’s easy to get back into your old groove while being home and it’s never easy leaving it once you’re home for more than a few days. I know that Stephanie’s mom is going to miss having her around the house, too. Yep, there will definitely be some tears shed as we get dropped off for our flight here in a few hours – it’s how women roll.

Of course, I’m going to miss a some things once I leave, too. A few of these include:

Also, really quick here are some things that I won’t miss after leaving Indiana:

Well, it’s time for me to get cleaned up so that we can get to lunch and to our flight here in a few hours. I still have much, much more to catch you all up on, but that’s going to have to wait until I touch ground on the west coast. Here’s to an awesome vacation, some amazing family and friends and an amazing 2009.

The 2008 Hupfer Family Christmas

With all of the running around that Stephanie and I have done over the past week and a half (it seems like a couple months), I’ve only had a few chances to snag a couple solid hours on my laptop. With the time that I was able to squeeze in today I decided to edit up some video that I took during my family Christmas fun about a week or so ago. The video below (or here on YouTube) will give all of you a little glimpse into the madness that is now the Hupfer Family Christmas.

Some of the highlights include some dancing and a Hup and Steph theme song rendition by Madison, introductions of my nieces and nephews, a visit by Santa and a glimpse of my dad’s annual Christmas tradition of collecting all of the trash with his huge, yellow trash bags. It’s funny that after all these years those gigantic pieces of yellow plastic remind me of Christmas more than about anything and when they appear it still gives me and the rest of my family a great laugh together. You have to love the random family traditions – in my mind they’re what make the holidays something special.

Enjoy the pics and check back for some more Hup and Steph holiday fun as I we get a chance to catch up on everything. We take off back to Palo Alto tomorrow at 6pm, so we’ll be getting back to the ‘real world’ in no time. :)

Stephanie and Riley with a perfect pose

My dad and his famous yellow trash bag

Riley, Reese and the jolly fat man

I take one knee and Stephanie takes the other

This was Santa’s idea

The fam – I still can’t believe we were able to take this

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