Helping out the hungry kids by helping out a homie

Back in the day I was lucky enough to work for an amazingly creative company called MediaSauce, who is still representing the Midwest well back in good ol’ Carmel, IN. The one thing that I really liked about working there was that with all of the awesome talent that we had working there, I always had a feeling that we could literally take on the world and that anything was possible. Yeah, that was a great feeling to have.

Well, after chatting with one of MediaSauce’s biggest evangelists, Scott Henderson, a couple of weeks ago it seems that the MediaSauce crew, along with some close and helpful friends, actually are taking on the world. Over the past few months they’ve somehow put together a project that is going to take care of has already taken care of sending literally a semi-truck full of food to the Capital Area Food Bank of Texas in Austin during the SXSW Interactive Festival (which I’m attending — woot!). They accomplished this by having over 1,000 people pledge to do something about ending kid’s hunger. Here’s some more details from a blog post that my boy ScottyHendo whipped up:

One Click Feeds 140 Kids
By simply signing an online pledge to share the website with others, volunteer, and/or give, you will trigger a 35 lb food donation from Tyson. That means every person who joins the movement will help feed 140 children. With 1,000 people taking the pledge, we can make sure the Tyson semi-trailer will arrive in Austin during the SXSW ’09 interactive festival.

After reading all of this I almost figured that it had to be WAY too good to be true, but according to Scott and his band of merry helpers, there’s now a semi full of food headed directly down to good ol’ Austin, TX. Now that’s what I call taking on the world. :)

So what I’m asking each of you to do is to take the Hunger Pledge, too by going to and giving a click to give some hungry kids 35 lbs of food. Once you take your pledge you can fulfill it by giving, volunteering or by simply helping spread the word about it. It took me a little longer than I (and Scott) initially expected, but I finally officially took my pledge today — even though I gave Indiana credit for it. I guess that some habits are harder to break than others.

Um, yeah — you’re welcome for the pledge, Indiana (my bad, California)

So now that they’ve hit the goal of getting 1,000 Hunger Pledges, the next step in the project is to open it back up to everyone to see which two states can now pull in the most Hunger Pledges before the end of the campaign. The top two states with the most Hunger Pledges will then both receive their own semi-truck full of food from Tyson, meaning that their community is going to be a lot less hungry for quite a while.

As more details roll through I’ll post ’em up, but until then, please head on over to when you get a chance and take your Hunger Pledge today. It’s for the kids, yo!

Stephanie gets a chance to rock the catwalk at the upcoming Operation Aisle Style Fashion Event

Yep, I’m now officially engaged to a model

A long time ago, way back when we still lived in Indiana, Stephanie and I decided to see if there was a chance to get involved in the world of modeling. In my mind this was more for Stephanie’s sake, seeing as she’s much more model material than I am (and my Blue Steel still needs some major work). Anyways, nothing ever came of our quick foray into the modeling world since we moved out to California a month or so later, but I’ve always had the idea in the back of my mind that Stephanie could definitely be a model.

Well, now that we’ve been out here on the West Coast for nearly a year and we’ve been meeting a lot of amazing people, it looks like Stephanie is going to have another amazing chance to become the model that I always knew that she could be. I’m excited to announce that she is going to be part of an upcoming full-fledged high fashion wedding event called Operation Aisle Style that’s being put on though a partnership of and Destination I Do magazine. It’s being held at the ultra-chic W Hotel in downtown San Francisco and Stephanie is going to be one of the models that gets to strut their stuff on the runway.

I’ll give you all more details on all of this, but I’m about to get kicked off the train, so I’ll update soon. :)

The second set of A-MA-ZING engagement photos: Alamo Square, Patricia’s Green and Churchill the Pug

It’s time for round two guys. After leaving the Haight-Ashbury area, Henry, Ryan and I headed over to Alamo park just a few blocks away. Now, this park might look familiar to you all. Ever heard of that hit t.v. show Full House? Yea, this is the park right in front of the Full House, house. :) As we mentioned before the day couldn’t have been more perfect weather wise. The sky was a beautiful blue with a few clouds, which made the park pictures turn out amazing.

After our pictures in the park we walked down to the street to take some photos at a bus stop. I love the way these turned out. We tried to continue on our theme of missed connections as we portrayed me waiting at a bus stop and Ryan walking by and noticing me. My favorite of these was definitely the one with Ryan and I kissing in the bus stop with the extra random guy on the side eating his snack. It just looked creative and artsy to me and I love it.

I swear we didn’t ask this guy to stand there — what a great shot

Following the bus stop we crossed the street to take some pics in front of a beautiful yellow house, on some steps, and running down the sidewalk. Since the sidewalk was about two stories above the road we decided that Ryan should hang over the ledge and I should step on his fingers. For better or for worse, right? :)

He asked for it, I promise…don’t I look mean?

Following the park pictures we headed down to Hayes Valley to Patricia’s Green. There’s a really cool, huge peace sign that we thought would make a good prop so we took some pics with it.

This little park was a great place to stop for some shots — PEACE!

We headed back to the alley that our car was parked in, and then low and behold, a precious little pug Churchill, walked by with his mommy. I about melted when I saw the little guy and just had to take some pictures with him. He was a great sport and I think he actually enjoyed getting his photo taken. He definitely knew how to work the camera, and my heart for that matter.

Ohhhhh Churchill…I absolutely loved this little guy

So this is round two of the pics and you can see them on the {H} creatives Facebook Page. Be sure to become a fan of the page so that you have a chance to win a free 4-hour photo session with Henry after we finish posting up the rest of the photos (Bay Area residents only unless you want to pay for his flight). As you can tell from our pics, Henry is one amazingly talented guy, so become a fan and get a chance for him to shoot some pics of you, too!

Up next we have some great photos that we took after a quick wardrobe change, but I don’t want to “reveal” too much of what’s too come 😉

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