Frank gets neutered (the video)

Here’s a little video I just put together of Frank’s big operation yesterday. So far he’s doing really well and honestly I can’t even tell that he has had anything done. He’s not in pain, he’s still running around like crazy and seems to be the same ol’ Frank, which makes me feel a lot better. Check out the video below or over here on YouTube whenever you get a few — it was quite an epic journey that we both went through yesterday.

p.s. Stephanie just told me that this is one of her favorite videos that I’ve ever put together. I’m not sure if it’s my favorite (that’s saying A LOT), but I do really like it. What do you think?

Frank gets the snip

Yesterday I reluctantly took Frank into the vet so that he could have the operation that all male dog owners hate doing to their canine companions — Frank got neutered. It’s definitely going against any and all man laws to do this to another member of the male species, even if it is a dog. But, it’s for his own good and luckily he seems to be taking is really well. I shot some video of the experience, so I’ll be posting the video soon. But, until then I thought that you would enjoy taking a look at these pics of Frank after I carried him for over a mile on the way home from the vet. I’m not sure why, but he sure looks super cute in that cone, doesn’t he? :)

Flashbacks of writing research papers and learning to make money online

As you probably know, I work for an awesome web startup called HubPages here in San Francisco. What you probably didn’t know is what we actually do. Well, in short, we allow anyone to write articles about the things that they know about or have expertise in and then after they publish the article we manage various ways for them to make money from what they wrote. So basically, our authors (or ‘Hubbers’ as we call them) write stuff and we help them get search traffic from Google and other search engines, which then results in them getting paid when people click on their ads, etc. It’s a pretty simple and straight forward system that results in a lot of people having fun writing and making money while they’re doing it. We’ve grown like crazy lately and thanks to a rockin’ engineering team, hard-working moderators and a recent 100 Hubs in 30 Days HubChallenge that I put together last month, we’ve shot right into the top 150 websites in the US. Not too shabby, eh?

Anyways, as I’ve worked for HubPages I’ve started to learn more and more about how Search Engine Optimization (SEO) works and how people can make real money in a legit way online. Coming from more of a community and social-driven side of the web, it has taken me a while to catch on to the detail-oriented SEO world, but here lately I’ve really started to get the hang of it all (I think?). This past month alone I’ve made about $50 from writing articles that range from things that I know a lot about such as:

These Hubs have done well for me and have been written from personal experiences with each of the topics. However, I also have written some other Hubs that are about more lucrative topics that I knew nothing about before I went out and researched all about them. These types of topics are harder to write about (much like a research paper in high school), but if I can get them to rank in Google, they are potentially worth much, much more money. A couple of these types of research are about these super exciting topics:

As you can see, these topics aren’t quite as fun as the ones I listed above, but the have much more earning potential if I can somehow get them to rank well in Google or other search engines (which they currently don’t). Anyways, I just wanted to give you all a little update on my job and what we actually do here. I hope this makes sense, but if it doesn’t check out the video below or over here on YouTube — it’ll explain everything. :)

Hup teaches Frank a new trick

This is whatus guys end up doing while Stephanie is at an all-ladies wine night down in Palo Alto and Nic is out of town at a wedding. We do guys stuff like set up obstacle courses in the kitchen with random pieces of furniture. Hey, no one got hurt and it taught Frank a new trick, so no harm-no foul, right?

Just don’t tell Stephanie, OK? :)

Someone needs a haircut…what should Hup do with all of his shag?

I wanted to post a quick shot of what my hair is looking like. The last time that I cut it was around 5 months ago in February right before we got our awesome engagement photos taken by our friend Henry Sun. I’m not sure when I’m going to cut it, but before I do I’d like to have a little fun with it. I was thinking that I could potentially chop it into a mullet or a mohawk or maybe both?

So, what should I do with all of this shag?

If you have a suggestion for what I should do with it, feel free to leave it in the comments and who knows, maybe I’ll rock your suggested style for a while. I mean, I could literally wear monkey on my head that plays the harmonica and no one in San Francisco would even blink an eye. Maybe that’s why I love living here so much? :)

Some surgery fun: Hup fixes his AC Joint separation

Over 3 months ago I wrecked my bike like an idiot (only a block and a half away from my apartment) and jacked up my shoulder something fierce. I don’t get injured a whole lot, but whenever I do it usually happens at the most unexpected times like it did this time. It never happens when I’m do something really stupid like ramping something, dodging a car or racing a scooter down a major city street — it happens when I’m simply riding my bike home from work, just wanting to get home to see Stephanie. Since I wasn’t wearing a helmet (like a real idiot), I’m just happy that I got away with just an AC Joint separation and not some type of head injury. Even though I had the worst possible case of AC Joint separation, it’s still much, much better than landing on my noggin’ and doing some serious damage to that big brain of mine.

Well, like I said, it’s been nearly 3 months ago since my wacky accident happened and about 3 weeks ago I had surgery to fix the AC Joint separation that I unexpectedly gave myself during the first week that we lived up here in San Francisco. The surgery went great and I’m finally healed up enough to sit at a computer for longer than 20 minutes, which means that I can thankfully start making some videos again (they take a little bit o’ time to put together).

To celebrate the fact that I’m finally healing up and that I can start playing seriously on the interwebs again, I thought that it was only necessary to put together a video of my fun surgery experience that Stephanie snagged some clips of before and after I went under the knife.  Check out the video of my surgery fun below or over here on YouTube and be expecting more and more videos from us again now that my shoulder is officially on the mend (and now that we have Frank!).

A preview of our soon-to-be amazing wedding photos from Gauper Photo

If you haven’t noticed already, our wedding is coming up pretty soon. Like 2 months soon. This means that in about 60 days or so Stephanie will be looking more beautiful than she ever has in her life (I’ll look pretty slick, too) and will be meeting me at the altar so that we can profess our undying love for one another. Of course, I let Stephanie know about my undying love for her every single day, but I guess that this is the more official way to do it.

One of the funny things about the big day is that even though we’re ridiculously excited to get hitched, we’re really, really excited to get our wedding pictures taken by the super-dynamic-duo known as GauperPhoto (not ‘Gooper’ or ‘Gopper’ photo). Ryan and Holly Gauper are great friends of ours and Holly was Stephanie’s roommate back in the day at Cedarville University. Stephanie was in Holly’s wedding about a year ago (check out the video below) and believe it or not she caught Holly’s bouquet and I caught her garter belt, which was a sure sign that we were going to be married soon after.

Yep, this was definitely a sign of things to come…

Well, a couple of days ago Ryan and Holly made their way down to Indianapolis from their home of Kalamazoo, MI so that we could talk some wedding details and take some sweet pre-wedding shots so that we weren’t so shocked at their photography awesomess on August 29th. Ryan and Holly had also just bought some serious lighting equipment that they wanted to play around with a bit, so we got a little wacky with some flashy fun, too.

Check out some of the shots below that we took  and be sure to become a friend of them on Facebook (friend Ryan || friend Holly) so that you see out other photos come through sometime the next few days and after our wedding. Oh, and if you didn’t notice, they have some serious skills so if you are ever looking for a great photog be sure to give ‘em a shout.

A close-up of Stephanie’s hardware

We have looooong legs

Give me the orb of light!! What a sweet shot…

My fav — in a random Indianapolis parking garage with Steph’s mom’s ride

A great shot that I took of Holly and Ryan at dinner — RIBS!

Now you’ve got Hup, Steph and Frank (the Pug)

I have no idea why it’s taken us so long to post about the greatest thing to happen to our relationship since Trader Joes Hummus, but I guess that we’ve been so busy lately that we just haven’t been able to give Frank, our new Pug, the proper introduction that he so much deserves.

If you’ve been following our blog for a while you’ve probably read something about Frank the Pug and how he’s been something that Stephanie has wanted ever since she saw the original Frank the Pug in the Men In Black movies (which was like 7 years ago). We’ve also posted about her Frank infatuation a few times and we even came close to buying Frank from a shady Pug breeder that Stephanie found on Craigslist while I was in Austin, TX. We’re SO  happy that we didn’t do that.

Anyways, I’m not 100% sure how Stephanie found the woman that we bought Frank (who was previously named Ricardo) from , but she ended up being one of the nicest and most genuine people that we’ve ever met and she loved Frank so much that she broke down crying when she eventually sold him to us. That day was about 2 weeks ago and it’s been pretty amazing to see how quick Frank has become part of our family. At 6 months old, he’s still just a puppy, but before leaving for this vacation he was already getting really close to being potty-trained (he’s definitely had his fair share of accidents) and crate-trained (I slept with one of my arms in his crate one night with him so he would stay in there). He’s tested our patience a little bit, but overall he has been such an amazing addition to our lives.

We’ll be updating more on Frank here soon (like the fact that he actually walks to work with me every day), so be sure to keep on checking back with us. But, before I go I wanted to leave you all Frank fun, so enjoy.

Frank gets a little sleepy on Caltrain

Frank plays fetch!

Me and Frank have a little fun before bedtime

It’s about time for an update, don’t ya think?

Hey everybody!  Our apologies for the lack of posts recently.  Things have been mighty hectic out here in San Francisco recently, so now that I have a few minutes while sitting in the airport, I thought I would write up a little update.

And now for the past two weeks… by bullet

I’m on my way back home for the week to do a litte bit (actually A LOT) of wedding planning.  I have a meeting set up for every single day, but I’m certainly hoping to fill in some extra slots with some much needed friends and family time.  Unfortunately, Frank coud not join Ryan and I for the trip but he’s soaking up the good life at my co-teacher’s house for the week.  I told him he was just going to puppy day camp and that he would have the time of his life.  So far it seems to be the case :)

That’s about it for the updates… I’ll keep you all posted on the wedding planning.  Oh, and one more thing, we obviously did not make the Today Show wedding….. oh well…. we’ll have more fun at our own wedding anyway right?!