Why we decided to write a wedding invitation poem and a couple of good responses

poetryOn July 6th I emailed over a poem to Holly Gauper, our amazing wedding invitation designer (and soon-to-be photographer), that Stephanie and I wrote together after we decided that we weren’t going to go the tradition route of having some type of formal greeting writen on our invitations. Now, I’m not saying that going the traditional route is a terrible idea and should never be done, but for some reason it just made us feel all icky inside when we thought anout sending out something that was so freakin’ boring. If you’re not exactly sure what I’m talking about when I say ‘traditional greeting’ on our wedding invitations, I’ll give you a quick example:

Because you have shared in
our lives by your friendship and love we,
Karrie Ester Bryant
Matthew Edward Mergesen
together with our parents
invite you to share the beginning of our new life
together when we exchange marriage
vows on Friday, the ninth of May
two thousand fourteen
at half after four o’clock
The Hall of Casa Monica
Four North Bend Avenue
St. Augustine, Florida

Ummm, yeah, like I said — not so much for us. We wanted something that reflected out personalities and our love for being creative, so we decided to move more towards the originally-written and slightly humorous poem direction. Basically all Stephanie and I did was sit down on the couch with my laptop for about 45 minutes and proceeded to throw out randomly rhyming verses that we thought might be a good idea to send out to the people we love most in the entire world. I mean, no pressure or anything, right? One of the toughest things when we were writing it was maintaining a balance between being informative, loving and funny, which I must admit wasn’t real easy. You need to remember that this isn’t just going out to our friends, it’s going out to my family, coaches, bosses and gradmas — yes, grandmas. Eventually we came up with a version that we were happy with and we hope you agree that it screams Hup and Steph without going over the top.

Here’s the poem that we ended up putting on the invitations:

If you’re reading this invitation, then there’s something you should know
you’re officially invited to our wedding (and we truly hope you’ll show)

We’ve spent tons of money putting it together, our wedding will be an amazing time,
Actually we’re completely lying, it was bought on our parent’s dime

Whether you’re a part of our family, a coach, a co-worker or friend
you’ve meant a lot to both of us and we request that you attend

But if for some reason you can’t make it, we’ll understand, I guess,
our address is on the back of this invitation (you can ship our gifts UPS)

The big day is August 29th, the year two thousand and nine,
At Irvington Presbyterian Church, 5:30 is the time

It’s going to be great when we exchange our vows, but have no misconception
The real fun will be at the Rathskellar where we’ll kick off our sweet reception

We’re excited to celebrate our love on this day and we hope you’re excited, too,
It’s the beginning of our lives together and we want it to begin with you.

When we sent this out on our invites we expected to get a decent reaction from everyone, which we have, but a couple of people really took it to the next level by RSVP’ing back with a poem that they made up, too. I thought that this was super cool and creative and of course I get so excited anytime I can spark someone else’s creativity, so these pretty much made my month.

The first RSVP poem that was sent back was from my homeboy Mike Schwarz who went to college with me:

I went to the mailbox and found your invite,
You know I wouldn’t miss your big wedding night

The pictures are great, I see a pretty blonde girl,
But why is Ryan’s hair so long and have so many curls

You will have tons of fun and the champagne will pop,
I am so happy for Ryan, he didn’t marry his laptop

Better start packing, it’s only one month away,
You’ll have a blast being married, it’s fun everyday

The reception will be awesome, will dinner be casserole?,
Put me down for 2, I’ll bring my wife, cuz that’s how I roll!!!!!!!

See you soon!

Mike and Heather Schwarz

Pretty sweet, huh? I love it! :)

The second RSVP poem came from Stephanie’s stepmom, Shannon. Check it out:

If you re reading this note, there’s something you should know… you need to help me find some people to decorate who will actually show.

I’ve spent some money putting this together and we will decorate on time…  when it’s all done, it will look fine!

If you want to choose family, co workers or friends…. it doesn’t really matter as long as it gets done in the end.

If for some reason people don’t show, I know you will not understand… so pick some good ones who will stick to the plan.

The decor day is august 29th.  the year 2009… at the rathskellar, 9:45am is the time.

It’s going to go easy, I will have a detailed plan… I will need about 10 people, both women and man.

I am excited to decorate, and I hope you get excited when its up, because I will get excited to see you become Mrs. Hup.

Love ya chickadee!


As you can tell, Shannon has been our reception-planning princess and apparently she needs help decorating the morning of our wedding so that The Rathskellar can look amazing. If any of you that are reading this would happen to be available at 9:45am on Saturday, August 29th and would like to help her out (she has it all planned out), just drop us a comment below and we’ll get you connected up with her.

Now, as far as getting anymore RSVP poems back, I wonder if anyone else will whip one up?

Frank’s second Pug Sunday at Alta Plaza Park in San Francisco

Yesterday Stephanie and I had a super packed Sunday, which included taking Frank to his second ever Pug Sunday at Alta Plaza Park here in San Francisco. If you didn’t get a chance to check out his first Pug Sunday last month, be sure to check out this post that includes a great video of a few the new Pug friends that Frank met during his first outing.

This month’s get together had a little better weather, but a really muddy park for some odd reason. I know that it didn’t rain up there, so that wasn’t the issue. Some people were saying that it was the sprinklers that they had going on that morning, but no matter what caused it, the mud was all around and of course if there’s mud then there’s plenty of Pugs who want to roll around in it. Frank couldn’t help rolling around in some of it himself, which was perfect timing considering that Stephanie and I just gave him a bath earlier that morning. Oh well, so we ended up having to give the little guy an extra bath — as you can see from the pics below I would say that the amount of fun that Frank had was totally him having to go through another one. :)

Here are some of the highlights of the day:

Lots o’ Pugs everywhere!

Frank needed a little breather

This little guy’s name was Apollo and he was SO cute!!

I love me some Pugs!

We gave Frank a bath before we came to this — bad idea. (think he’s happy?)

A great shot of Apollo — check out the size of the paws on this guy

I had an Apollo obsession…

View from one side of the park

View from the other side of the park

Someone was poooooped after his second Pug Sunday!

The RSVP’s

Look at us!  It’s officially the 2nd day of our wedding month, and we’ve posted two times, consecutively.  I think we’re on a roll!

Design courtesy of Holly Gauper www.gauperphoto.com
Design courtesy of Holly Gauper www.gauperphoto.com

Above is an image of our fabulous RSVP’s that my wonderful friend and wedding photographer, Holly Gauper designed.  We sent out the invitations just a week and a half ago, and already the responses are flooding in.  I think giving the guests the option of e-mailing us their RSVP was a great idea and can potentially save the guests some time and 43 cents 😉  As of today we have a total of 37 “Yes!” RSVP’s.   Not a bad start if you ask me.

So, Ryan and I thought we’d take some time to give you an update of what planning a wedding is really like.  The nitty gritty, if you will of the entire process can sometimes prove to be quite a challenge.  Despite the stress that a situation like this can put on a couple, I think we’re both handling it just fine, don’t you?  You can watch the video below or over here on YouTube

It’s officially our wedding month (and yes, we’ve been blog lazy)

I’m not sure if you’ve ever started  blog or not, but I have to admit — it’s a lot harder than you think it would be. I mean, it’s not physically or mentally hard to actually sit here and knock out a few words here and there, but for some reason just keeping up the habit of making sure that either Stephanie or I post something here isn’t real easy. Also, coming up with things to write about isn’t the problem, either as we probably do as much stuff as anyone that I know and for some reason we end up with more weird stories than anyone I’ve ever met. Oh, and don’t even get me started with Frank, I mean he gives us both enough things to talk about to keep this blog filled with new posts every single day.

I guess with these facts in mind and considering that both Stephanie and I are fully capable of posting something here at least a few times a week, the only thing that I can say for us is that we’ve just been a little blog lazy. Now, this is a pretty sad thing considering that 1. we’re not lazy people (I mean Stephanie DID run a marathon) and 2. we know that our friends and family love to read what we’ve been up to over here on the West Coast, so we know that we have an audience (at least a few people, at least). So, with all of this in mind and considering that we both hate to be considered lazy (and the fact that we’re getting so close to our wedding) we have decided to dedicate ourselves to posting at least one thing a day from here on out. Both of us won’t be posting something new every day, but one of us will get something up (even if it’s just a cute picture of Frank standing on paper towels). If you can, please hold us to this as we do honestly love updating this blog and for some reason our lives feel much better when we know that we’re sharing them with all of you.

That’s all I’ve got for you right now, but be ready for some serious wedding updates and what-not coming soon. Although we openly admit that we’ve been blog lazy here lately we want to let you know that we’re going to do all that we can to make it up to all of you (if you even cared in the first place). Oh, and as always, it could be much worse — I mean, we could be as lazy as the guy in the picture below.


Frank standing on paper towels

If you don’t think this is funny, there’s something wrong with you.

Yep, you got it — the only point of this post is so that you can see what Frank looks like when he’s standing on paper towels. I had him stand up there when I brought home this 8-pack or Brawny from Safeway this morning and once I saw him standing up there I thought that it was funny enough to share with all of you. I mean, it is funny, right? :)

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