Reading Crazy Love And Still Being In Crazy Love After One Month Of Marriage

crazyloveThere are a couple of quick things that I wanted to talk about today in this super-awesome blog of ours (at least we think so). One thing that I want to give you all a little information about is the fact that Stephanie and I have joined a small group Bible study-esque type of group with some of our friends that we have met from our church. The group consists 3 other married couples and one of the couples is made up of the super blogging duo Matt and Christen Buman who I talked about over here in this post after we had our first dinner date with them. This is the first meet-up-and-have-a-Bible-study-and-talk-about-God type of thing that I have ever done before and after having just 2 meetings I feel like I’m getting a ton out of the experience.

One of the things that we’re doing that’s pretty cool is we’re all reading a book called Crazy Love together and playing along a DVD that the author, Francis Chan, put together in addition to writing the book. It’s a great way to read/interact through the book and we’re only through chapter 2, but I can already tell that the group, the DVD and the book are all going to spark plenty of interesting conversations around our faith and beliefs, which I guess is the point. Not all of the conversations are easy ones either, but the great thing is that we’re all in this group and this learning experience together, so there’s nothing that’s really considered off limits. I would say that it’s a situation that is pretty rare and hard to find these days, or at least it has for me. I’ll be sure to post some updates of what all Stephanie and I learn and experience in this small group as we move along, so this probably won’t be the last time that you’ll hear about it.

Besides announcing our involvement with the small group, I also wanted to let everyone out there know that Stephanie and I have officially been married for one full month and we are still as madly in love with each other as ever. It’s crazy to think that it’s been over 30 days since we met at the alter and had the best day of our lives together (and, of course, had one of the craziest receptions that anyone who attended has ever seen). So, tonight when I got home from work we had dinner together (stuffed peppers), celebrated our first month as husband and wife and made sure to let each other know how much we still are ridiculously in love. What a great night and what an awesome month. Here’s to many, many more of these to look forward to. :)

yeah, that was a pretty awesome day…

Is Frank, the ultimate cuddler? Hup and Steph both say yes.

frankcouchIn just the past couple of days it seems like both Stephanie and I have snapped some pretty priceless ‘cuddling’ pics with our adorable, little Frank. Honestly, we could have posted many, many more due to the fact that Frank is cuddle-master supreme, but I guess that we don’t want to pump our Facebook newsfeeds with any more Frank than we already do right now (which would probably be pretty hard to do). I mean, Frank doesn’t just like to cuddle, he LOVES to and when you’re on the other end of one of his cuddlefests it’s practically impossible to say no to the little guy.

Need to get to work? Yeah, it’s going to have to wait.

Have to go pick up something to make for dinner tonight? It can be put off for a few minutes longer.

Someone just stole your TV right out of your living room? That’s just too bad because Frank isn’t done snuggling up with you just yet (man, you really liked that TV, too).

All I’m trying to say here is that until you get a taste of the infamous Frank cuddle you can’t even come close to ever possibly saying that we have gone off the deep end when it comes to getting up close and snuggling personal with Frank. Basically, don’t knock it until you try it.

To properly close off this post the only way I know how, here are a few of the latest cuddling sessions that both Stephanie and I have had with Frank the past couple of days (don’t be jealous):

Me and Frank getting our cuddle on in the morning before we head into the office.

Stephanie and Frank catching up on some weekend snuggles on the couch.

Some good, old-fashioned Saturday-on-the-window-stoop snuggles.

Just when I thought I was tall

Being 6’6″ (when I’m not slouching over) gets me all kinds of “Man, you’re tall!” and “How tall are you?” comments from those in the world who seem to think of me as some sort of giant freak. But, just to show you that I could ask another guy the same questions, I wanted to show all of you the above photo of the tallest man alive that my buddy Stu sent me a link to last night. Not only is the photo and article pretty funny, but being that Stu is from across the pond in the UK he has quite a way with words (as you can read in his email to me below):

Subject: Hup = short arse

In comparison to this guy

I feel short around Hup, i would feel like a smurf around this bloke!

Thanks to Stu for actually making me feel short for once — it doesn’t happen very often.

Yes, Stephanie and I are both Christians (now with proof!)

The past year or so I have really grown a lot spiritually while being with Stephanie and our faith has become the center and focus of our relationship with one another (which is probably why we’re so annoyingly in love). Well, as I was looking over this blog, I noticed that if you have never known anything about us and have never met us face-to-face, you would probably have no idea that we are dedicated Christians who both have put faith on the top of our priority lists. After noticing this I didn’t think that it was quite how either Stephanie or I should be representing ourselves to the public at large, so I made a few small (yet powerful) changes to our blog.

First I moved the About Us section to the top of the right side of our blog, so that it can be quickly read by anyone who visits our corner of the world wide web.

Next, I updated the About Us to let everyone know that we are in fact married and I made another addition that let’s everyone also know that we are both dedicated Christians. Like I said, not a huge change, but something that I felt was needed.

Oh, and don’t worry — we’re still going to be fun (yes, you can actually be fun and be a Christian).

Could Frank be the next spokesman for Sam Adams beer? Todd Bellomy says no thanks.


After seeing the above picture you would think that Sam Adams would love to have Frank represent their tasty beverages, but unfortunately Todd Bellomy, the Consumer Relations Representative at Sam Adams said that they weren’t currently looking for a ‘spokesdog’. Well, it was at least worth a shot and I guess that I should give a huge thanks to my always entertaining roommate Nic for emailing it over to Sam Adams without me or Stephanie even knowing about it. Good looking out, roomie.

Here’s the rejection email that Nic just forwarded to me this morning — it’s still good stuff even though they didn’t bite:

Dear Nic,

Nice photo…I’ll let you know if we ever need a “spokesdog”!!

Thank you for your email and you interest in the great beers here at the Boston Beer Company.


Todd Bellomy
Consumer Relations Representative
The Boston Beer Company

OK, I’ll admit it — I LOVE me some Project Runway (and so does Stephanie)

“Make it work, designers!” — Tim Gunn

So last night (a Saturday night) Stephanie and I had an awesome date night at The Brickhouse, which is one of our favorite local restaurants here in San Francisco. Then, after we filled our bellies with some of the tastiest burgers, veggy chili and french fries that the world has to offer (yeah, it’s THAT good) we walked over to Safeway to grab some of Stephanie’s favorite things in the world (Cool Whip and ice cream). After that, we walked back to the SOMA Shack, made ourselves comfy on our sweet couch and turned on the TV to see what was on (which doesn’t sound like a very crazy night, but we did rock out an awesome 80s night at a bar the night before).

Well, lucky for us there was a new episode of Project Runway on, which I’m OK with admitting that Stephanie and I both absolutely love. Now, this doesn’t mean that I’m a reality TV junky like Stephanie is, but I’m all about watching the designers do their thing each week and I can do a mean Tim Gunn impression (ask me if you ever run into me and I’ll be happy to show you). It’s really an amazing show that blows me away each week with what each of the designers can come up with when they’re only given a shoestring budget to work with — I love their creativity, it’s incredible. I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m a huge fan and if you are ever interested in coming by to watch one of the episodes, feel free to let us know — we’ll have the popcorn, ice cream and cool whip waiting on you.

A sweet shout-out from the Anti-Bride for our colorful wedding awesomeness

Check out the super sweet shout-out that our fellow SF superstar Carolyn Gerin posted about me and Stephanie’s wedding awesomeness over here on the Anti-Bride blog.

Can you feel the love? We sure can.

Now THIS is how you get picked up from the airport! (some fun with our roomie, Nic Engel)

nicWe haven’t talked a lot about the phenomenon that is our roommate, Nic Engel, but I’m starting to think that we should add a new section on this blog just for all of the amazingly wacky things that he does on a day-to-day basis. He’s by far one of the most randomly creative people that I have ever met and he never fails to surprise me with the awesome ideas that he comes up with.

For instance, Nic was coming to pick Stephanie and I up at the San Francisco Airport (SFO) a couple days ago and after we had grabbed our luggage and texted him that we were ready to roll out, he said that he’s be there in 3 minutes to grab us. It had been a long couple of weeks of traveling, a wedding, a honeymoon and lots of flight time, so needless to sat Stephanie and I were both ready to get back to the SOMA Shack (our condo) for some much needed rest. All we were expecting from Nic was a normal, everyday airport pick-up, but of course he had to go and take something that’s so simple and ‘normal’ and kick it up a notch to a level that he was a little more, ummm…comfortable with.

You see, to us we were just getting picked up from the airport after being gone for 2 weeks. But, to Nic we were getting picked up after being gone FOR 2 WEEKS and we were also COMING BACK TO AMERICA AFTER BEING OUT OF THE COUNTRY FOR MANY, MANY DAYS!!! I use capitals because that’s really the only way that I can do this airport pick-up justice.

When Nic pulled up in Gloria (that’s what we call our black Pontiac G6) with the windows rolled down while blasting a CD of an African children’s choir that Stephanie and I had got from church, it didn’t really surprise me…but, it did surprise me when he started screaming “WELCOME TO AMERICA!!” while jumping out of the car and looking like a crazy Mexican Mayan Indian warrior  that was wearing a lei and holding two juggling pins. Oh, he was also wearing a red, white and blue “Happy 4th of July!” crown that Stephanie made in her preschool class, which I thought was a nice touch. :)

As the other people who were innocently standing on the curb waiting to get picked up watched in shock/horror, Nic threw the lei around Stephanie’s neck and slapped the 4th of July crown on my head. Then while screaming “WELCOME TO AMERICA — THE LAND OF OPPORTUNITY!!” he grabbed our luggage and threw it into the back seat. The tribal markings that he had drawn all over his face and body with green, black and brown markers were also looking fabulous and they definitely added a lot to the overall entertainment value of the airport pick-up and it was good to see that Nic didn’t slack on any of the details (he never does).

I’m a little sad that I didn’t get video of this whole thing, but I did get a good picture of what he looked like, which is probably good enough to give you an idea of what I’m talking about. Check it out below and enjoy all that is Nic Engel. Oh, and don’t worry, there’s a lot more where this came from.