Some interstingly funny (and somewhat creepy) drawings of Frank at the HubPages office

The past few months Frank has become a fixture at my HubPages office here in San Francisco and although I think that’s a good thing, it appears that some of my other co-workers might not agree. Or, maybe they just have a sick sense of humor? Yeah, that’s probably it. See the drawings of Frank that they have recently added to our office whiteboards over here in the HubPages blog. Sickos.

Vote like you’ve never voted before, people — Frank needs YOU!

After posting this poll yesterday about which pic of Frank all of you thought was the cutest, I quickly noticed that the ‘Full Body Neutered’ pic was the crowd favorite. So, as promised, I have now officially entered Frank into the Cutest Dog Competition and now all we need to do is vote like crazy and get Mr. Squishy to the top of the charts. If you’re looking for ways to help us out, here are a few things that you could do to help the Frankster pull this thing off:

  1. Vote every, single day on as many computers/cell phones that you can find. Get after it. You’ll have to register the first time with your email, but then you’re good to go.
  2. If you have a blog, please post something short and sweet about Frank’s aspirations for being named the cutest dog, ever. A few sentences, along with the code below (will display a voting option for Frank on your blog, as shown below).
  3. If you have a Twitter account and you would like to spread the word about Frank’s awesomeness that way, click this link to Tweet it out.
  4. If you would like to tell your Facebook friends about Frank Daddy and his plans for cute dog domination, click here to send something out.

Thanks head of time for all of your help and as usual, we are already behind, so the sooner that we can push this out, the better! Go Frank, go!!
Vote for my Dog Sponsored by All American Pet Brands makers of premium dog food.

Entering Frank into the Cutest Dog Competition, but first we need your help (which pic is cutest? vote now!)

Considering that this is the last official week of the Cutest Dog Competition and that there are only like 5 days left for all of you crazies to vote (yes, you’re crazy and you are going to vote for Frank — a lot), I figured that it was about time to get Frank officially signed up so that we can all get him closer to winning the first place prize, which is $1 million bucks (whoa). But, first things first and before I go soliciting every single person that I can to vote for Frank, I need to make sure that we have picked the right photo that represents his incredible, yet sometimes nearly sickening amount of cuteness.

So, I have posted a few pics below and whichever one we collectively decide is the cutest is the one that I’m going to post over on the Cutest Dog Contest’s website. This is an important step because if we don’t get the right pic posted on there, the general public might not realize just how cute Frank really is. Which, of course, would also mean that the $1 million smackers would eventually be awarded to some other dog out there who isn’t nearly as deserving as the Frankster.

When you get a chance, check out the pics below and vote to let us know which photo you think is the cutest of them all:

Option #1: Frank On The Couch

Option #2: Censored Frank

Option #3: Frank’s Neutered Face

Option #4: Frank Neutered Full Body

Place Your Vote!

Follow the Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band on the road

revpeytonFor the past week or so, one of my buddies from back in Indianapolis has been followed by a camera every single day so that people like you and me can get a glimpse into the life on the road. No, my buddy isn’t some weird gypsy or Phish fan-boy who has just decided to hop on the road for no apparent reason besides to ‘find himself’. My buddy is the one and only Rev from the Revered Peyton’s Big Damn Band, which is also made up of his pickle-bucket-hitting brother Jayme and his awesome, washboard-wrecking wife Breezy. The three of them make up one of the most unique bands that I’ve ever seen and I’m not just saying that because they’re from my home Hoosier state of Indiana.

Anyways, The Rev and co. have been tearing it up on the road since they sold all of their stuff in a yard sale in 2006 and they just seem to be getting bigger and bigger as time goes on. As long as their van continues to hold up (it’s had some serious issues), there’s no reason why they can’t become a household name here sometime soon.

When you get a chance, be sure to check out all of the Rev’s daily videos from the road and take a look at one of my favorite one’s below(where the band get treated to free Chinese foot massages). Oh, and props to Raidious for shooting all of the vids — they’ve done some great work and I’m loving every single one of these stories.

Social media makes it more than just a fight between two women on a Muni bus in San Francisco (my thoughts on this whole crazy situation)

beavis-and-butt-head-fightingToday one of my co-workers IM’d me a video of two women that got into a fight on a Muni bus here in San Francisco yesterday morning. It’s funny because when I saw this video just a couple of hours ago I started wondering how long it would take before it took off virally through the interwebs. It has all of the elements of viral video gold: violence, undercover cams, no one helping out and to top it off some nice racial tension as one of the women in the video is Asian and one is African American. Put all of these together along with today’s connective technology and you get more than just another fight on a bus (yeah, it happens all the time), you get a newsworthy topic that will be seen by way more people than who were riding on that bus yesterday morning.

Check out the video below or over here on YouTube and then read some of my comments below to see what I think about this whole user-generated content fueled, crazy mess.

First, here is the original video that was shot:

Yeah, it was a pretty wild scene, but probably nothing that most of the people who were riding that day haven’t seen before. Even if you watch the video you see that the reason that the guy shooting the video didn’t want to break it up was because he was assaulted on the same bus just a couple weeks before.

Here are a few things that I have noticed thought about and picked up on since I first saw this video today:

  1. The video was only watched just over 1,000 times when I saw it around 4:30pm today and now at 7:30pm it’s been viewed over 111,000 times. Yeah, crazy news travels fast.
  2. It’s amazing that all of the people that were standing around these two women didn’t break this thing up way before it got to the point where they started throwing fists. Coming from Indiana, this is what blows me away about a big city. No one is willing to step out of their comfort zone to say hello, to help someone out or in this case to break up a fight.
  3. Just a couple of days ago I was talking to someone about Muni and they told me that Asian women are very particular about how they should be given an open seat if there’s one available and how any younger Asian people always get up and give up their seat when older Asians need somewhere to sit down. I guess they were right.
  4. This video was uploaded by a new iPhone 3Gs that had video, which shows you just how much more video is going to be uploaded now that they’re video capable (and how most people won’t even know that they’re being recorded). Big brother is definitely watching now.
  5. The video is already being teased for the 11 o’clock news here in San Francisco and it’s also already on their websites. Yeah, that was quick.
  6. The video has already been re-uploaded and translated so that we can all know what the Asian woman is saying the entire time. That particular video has already been viewed over 20,000 times. If you want to know what really was being said, check it out below or over here on YouTube.

All of this in just a matter of hours and from a guy with an iPhone. Pretty wild, huh?

OK, so maybe Indianapolis *is* pretty cool?

If you didn’t already know, Stephanie and I moved out here to California after living in Indiana for all of both our lives (that’s a long time). Even though we love Indiana, it just seems to be a little more exciting out here on the West Coast and especially here in San Francisco. But, after seeing this video of a couple Red Bull wake boarders tearing it up in downtown Indy’s central canal, it seems like Indiana has at least become a little bit cooler since we moved away from there. Great, now they decide to become awesome…

Take a Hike!

No, I don’t mean get out of here, we no longer want you around.  I really mean what I said, take a hike, or a walk whichever you prefer.  This morning as I walked along the beautiful San Francisco Bay Embarcadero promenade, I remembered how much a simple walk can do for you.

If you know me, then you know that I am truly a runner at heart.  Although I typically find running to be a great release and in some crazy way relaxing, I often find that in most instances I am focused way too much on how much my legs hurt, how fast my heart is beating, and how hard I am breathing rather than simply taking that time to think.  This is why I LOVE walking.  I have always been a fan of taking a moment out of my day to go for a walk. It’s truly incredible what a simple walk can do for a racing mind.  There’s just something about disconnecting yourself from the day, and allowing the noise of the world around you and your thoughts to carry you away to some far off place in your mind that needs a little focus for a bit.  I have found that taking a few steps outside has not only calmed my anxiety, it allows my mind to begin thinking clearly through the thoughts that consume this constantly moving brain of mine. Walking by yourself is a fabulous treat, but don’t forget the importance of inviting a friend along too.  Some of my most valued conversations have taken place over a good long walk.  It’s a great way to connect with someone and simply be alone together.

Now, granted I live in one of the most perfect climates available in the US, and if I was living in Indiana today I may not venture outside… I’ll let the forecast speak for itself.

I’m not much of a rain walker.. but if you’re feeling inspired, put on those rain boots and grab a big umbrella!

A few people have thought that I’m crazy for the long walks that I have taken in the past, but for me it works.  It’s simple as that.  Walking is not only a great mind release, it’s a fantastic way to exercise as well.  Truth be told, you burn the same amount of calories per mile walking as you do running, it just takes twice as long.  When I’m finished walking, I’ve not only accomplished a a great mind release, I’ve finished a good workout as well.  It’s a two-for-one. :)

So what are you waiting for?!  Get outta here!

Nothing like a (hurtful) blast from the past — Extreme Swinging!

My good buddy Mitch Maxson just IM’d me over one dandy of a YouTube gem. The title of the video is New Sport Extreme Swing Tricks and it shows a bunch of crazy, schoolyard kiddos (who probably love Red Bull) who have taken the recess tradition of swinging to a whole new level. Anyone who sees this video will be exposed to a guaranteed 2 minutes of pure, viral video entertainment, but the fact that it hits a little closer to home for me in a different way gives me a whole new appreciation for the kids who are captured on camera.

You see, when I was about 10 years old I clearly remember trying to do a little bit of extreme swinging myself, but my trick unfortunately ended with me jumping out and landing on my face instead of my feet. Yep, a bloodied up right cheek and a major shot to my pride was all that I ended up with after getting a little too crazy on the swings. But I still wish that I had that major wipeout of mine on video — now that would end up being a YouTube hit for sure. :)

UPDATE: Stephanie told me that when she was younger she could do a back flip off the front of a swing. I’m not sure if I believe her or not…SHOWOFF!