Showing our Indiana heritage on Halloween with some hillbilly love (kissin’ cousinz)

img_0886Considering that we didn’t end up doing anything last year on Halloween (yeah, we were super lame, but still OK with it), Stephanie and I were both looking to kick it up a notch this year in the costume department. After thinking about different options that we could potentially pull off together as a couple, we came up with an idea that we felt would not only pay homage to our Indiana roots, but would also be able to stand out here in San Francisco (which, as you can probably imagine, isn’t very easy). The costume that we decided to go with was a good, old-fashioned hillbilly theme, which we modified to be ‘kissin’ cousinz’, since Stephanie and I are now officially husband and wife (doesn’t that sound awesome?).

When becoming a believable hillbilly there are a few things that you need to make sure are part of your outfit as they are practically critical to your overall redneck transformation. These things include:

  1. Billy Bob teeth
  2. Bad hair (mullet for the guys, overly dyed blonde for the ladies)
  3. Lots of cut-offs (jeans, shirts, etc.)
  4. Real-world props (6-pack of Budweiser tallboys, Marlboro Reds, paper bags for you beers, bad makeup)
  5. A redneck swagger and accent (this is hard to perfect if you have never been or beenĀ  around a hillbilly)
  6. Wife-beaters, camouflage anything and bandannas (anything with the American flag on it is a plus)


So, after we got all of these various things together and got into the mindset of being a true redneck, we were ready to go show San Francisco a little bit of our hillbilly side. Check out the video below or over here on YouTube to see us in action and yes, of course we stayed in character for the entire night. You’re not really a true hillbilly if you only look like one! Yeee haw!

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