Rocking out with IndyMojo at their New Year’s Eve Platinum Party — what are your plans?

I know that as I type this we’re nearly 24 hours away from 2010, but if you’re like me I’m sure that most of you have probably waited until the last minute to figure out what you’re doing for New Years, so I thought that I would give you an awesome option to check out. After hearing about what my friends over at IndyMojo were planning on putting together for New Years out at Mosaic (the night club inside of Shelbyville’s Indiana LIVE casino) and after they gave this old-school MoFo (and his old-school MoF0 wifey) an official invite, we booked our spots on the bus and are now planning on rocking out Mojo-style for the night.

If you’re still looking to book some plans for your New Years, head on over here to check out the details and to snag yourself some tix for the NYE bash. They’re only $15 today, so go on and get after it!

Here are some of the highlights and if you have any questions, feel free to ask me in the comments below:

* – Receive a free 8″ x 10″ photo print and New Year’s Eve tickets as souveniers
* – Champagne toast and countdown at midnight
* – Free late night appetizer buffet
* – VIP Booths and bottle service available
* – Free shuttle to and from downtown AND Castleton!

If you don’t end up rocking out 2010 with us, just be sure to have fun and to be safe!

Getting our hair did at Style Salon in Broad Ripple, IN

When Stephanie and I got back to Indiana one of the first things that we did was make an appointment to get our hair did with our friend Jamie at Style Salon in Broad Ripple. I was WAY overdue (I hadn’t got mine cut since before our wedding) and Stephanie was looking for a little bit of a change (as you’ll see in the video below). I also needed to get mine chopped off due to the fact that I was going to be in my man Tony’s wedding down in Seymour, IN and I didn’t want to look like Shaggy from Scooby Doo while I was standing up there in my tux.

As with most things that Stephanie and I do, we had a lot of fun getting our hair cut and it was really great to hang out and catch up with Jamie while she did her thing. Also, we caught some of the highlights on video, which you can see below or over here on YouTube (it feels good to do some video again!).

When sponsorsips get ridiculous — a list of the various businesses that are the official *BLANK* of the Indianapolis Colts

Yesterday Stephanie and I decided to go out and face the elements of a good, old-fashioned Indiana Winter storm warning so that we could cheer on the then undefeated Indianapolis Colts. It was really nasty out, but we were excited to see the Colts lay the smackdown on the New York Jets as they became one step closer to getting their own spot in NFL history as one of the few teams that have had an undefeated season.

Well, after making it into Indy’s football mecca, Lucas Oil Stadium (the house that Peyton built), we unfortunately soon found that the game was going to be a little more boring than first expected after Peyton and the rest of the starters were yanked after the first half. At that point the Jets started to put the hurtin’ on our second-stringers who were being led by Curtis Painter and the boos started to fill the stadium as we lost our lead and our chances for an undefeated 2009 season.

But, when most fans decided to focus their energy on booing the Colts, I decided to shift mine elsewhere once I knew that the actual game wasn’t going to be enough to hold my attention. As a marketing guy, it’s hard not to notice all of the advertising that is now shown inside of Lucas Oil Stadium during the 3-4 hours of any given Colts game. As the game got more and more boring I began to really take a look at all of this advertising and more specifically I began to notice all of the various businesses that have paid enough money to become “the official BLANK of the Colts”. As the game went on and I began to point out more and more of these sponsorships out to Stephanie it became a fun game that helped us pass the time as Cutis Painter continued to get sacked and/or throw interceptions.

I began to jot down our findings on my BlackBerry and by the end of the game we had accumulated quite a list which I must admit is pretty ridiculous once you see them all grouped together. I promise that all of the following Colts sponsorships are for real and they are only the ones that either Stephanie and I saw displayed somewhere inside of Lucas Oil Stadium during the Jets game yesterday.

The official hair salon of the Colts cheerleaders (Tyler Mason)
The official data backup of the Colts (Venyu)
The official bread of the Colts (Bunny)
The official milk of the Colts (Fair Oaks Farms)
The official supercenter of the Colts (Meijer)
The official burgers of the Colts (McDonalds)
The official convenience store of the Colts (Speedway)
The official lawn mower of the Colts (Dixie Chopper)
The official courier of the Colts (Now Courier)
The official bank of the colts (Hunginton Bank)
The official away game airline of the Colts (Airtran)
The official document provider of the Colts (Sharp)
The official pizza of the Colts (Papa Johns)
The official hot dog of the Colts (Tyson)
The official resoration company of the Colts (Moore Restoration)
The official event production of the colts (Markeys)
The official catering company of the Colts (Jonathan Byrds)
The official air freshener of the Colts (Febreeze)
The official camera of the Colts (Canon)
The official car of the colts (Toyota)

Wow, what a list. If I have somehow missed one, please let me know in the comments.

Remember, you’re rarely ever NOT on camera anymore (so please put away your gun)

I just saw the video below on and it just really gets me thinking about how you’re never not on camera anymore. Especially if you’re a cop that pulls out your gun on a bunch of kids who organized the snowball fight on Twitter. Whoops.

Hey, that’s not a snowball….no fair!

It also gets me thinking about how much of this crazy stuff went on and who got away with it before we could get it on camera and post it for the entire world to see (similar to my thoughts on the crazy chick fight on an bus in SF that was caught on an iPhone a while back). Remember, we’re always watching so be ready to face the consequences of your actions even when you think you’ll never have to.

[image via CityPaper]

Drinking, Smoking and the Bible? Pub Theology puts God on tap for a whole new audience in Broad Ripple

I hardly ever watch the local news and if I ever do end up watching it for some reason I usually have a better chance of hitting the PowerBall jackpot than I do with taking away something that’s interesting and/or useful to my life. With this being said, I guess that it’s about time for me to go buy me some lotto tickets at the local gas station because just yesterday morning I saw something on the local news that really caught my attention.

The story was all about Pub Theology (watch video here), which is an idea that has been brought to life by Daron Earlewine who is also the drummer of a local Christian band, The Travellers. Daron and his band play at this very non-traditional worship service every Sunday night at CT Peppers in Broad Ripple. Several members of the band are also  members of the worship team from East 91st St Christian Church and they have started Pub Theology as a way to really reach out to people who would never even consider stepping foot into a church or who have no idea what being a Christian even means.

“It’s for the people who are walking past the church, you know, who feel like if they go into church, they are going to burst into flames. This is a good step to get you in the right direction,” said worshipper Aaron Hubbard.

Although many church-going traditionalists think that preaching from the Bible in the same place where people are smoking cigarettes, drinking beer and shooting pool isn’t a very good idea, Daron and the 100+ people that attend each week think it makes total sense.

“Alcohol’s not the point. It’s about creating an environment for people to be able to investigate Christ and see that they’re never at a place where they’re unlovable,” Earlewine said.

“It’s your soul, it’s your spirit, it’s your heart. That who you are would fill its worth, that you are worthy to be loved by God, no matter what your story is,” Earlewine told the crowd.

Personally I think that this took some serious balls to get off the ground and I fully support any type of outreach that allows the word of God to be spread around to the people who need to hear it. I mean, if you take a look at how Jesus reached out to the non-believers and sinners of his time, I think that it’s pretty clear that he used many non-traditional methods to connect with those who needed to be saved through his grace and love. And just like with what’s happening with Pub Theology today, the traditionalists of His time also  thought that He was a complete disgrace for doing so.

For example, check out what went down in Mark 2:15-17 when Jesus was asked by scribes and Pharisees why he was eating with sinners and tax collectors:

And it came to pass, that, as Jesus sat at meat in his house, many tax collectors and sinners sat also together with Jesus and his disciples: for there were many, and they followed him.  And when the scribes and Pharisees saw him eat with tax collectors and sinners, they said unto his disciples, How is it that he eateth and drinketh with tax collectors and sinners?  When Jesus heard it, he saith unto them, They that are whole have no need of the physician, but they that are sick: I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.

With all of that being said, I think that what Daron and the rest of the crew that puts on Pub Theology is doing in Broad Ripple is really, really awesome and if you’re ever looking for a nice, relaxed place to hear about the word of God (and have a beer) on a Sunday night you now know where to go.

Check out Four Paws Photography (because pets need great pics, too!)

You know, with all of the technology that us humans have access to these days we tend to take it for granted that we can take some ‘Facebook profile worthy” photos of ourselves at practically any moment. We all have cell phone cams, digital cams and video cams that can fit into our pockets, so getting a great pic or video of ourselves only takes a few seconds. Then, a couple of moments later they can all be uploaded, emailed, tweeted and sent to any family member, friend, co-worker or whoever else we want (and potentially don’t want) to see them.

But, what about our pets? When do they get some photo love? I mean, don’t you think that your dog, cat, iguana, rat, pig or whatever else you have hanging around in your life deserves to get some fantastic shots taken of them, too? Of course, we can snap a few pics of them here and there, but what if they want something that’s a little bit nicer than your average snapshot? What can you do then?

As far as getting the most amazing photos of your dog goes (and I’m sure other pets, too if you asked nicely), I know the perfect person who can help you out. Especially if you happen to be in the bay area. Amanda Bradshaw, owner of Four Paws Photography, is the best dog-loving, great-picture-taking pet photographer that I have ever met and if you need some proof, just check out her blog The Daily Puglet. Yep, Amanda’s a fellow Pug owner and as you’ll see on her blog (and below), she takes some incredible shots of both Puglet and her Dalmatian, named Dutch.

Here are a few of my favs that Amanda has posted on The Daily Puglet:

A Pug named MoonWalk that was decked out for Christmas

Amanda’s non-Pug, Dutch

Amanda’s Pug, Puglet, shows off his incredible will power

Pug twins? Frank on the left and Puglet on the right

So, if you’re wanting to get some sweet shots of your non-human best friend, give Amanda a shout and she’ll take care of you. Be sure to tell her Hup and Steph sent you. :)

Groomsmen holding their balls and other great photos from Tony and Natalie’s wedding in Seymour, IN

This morning I was pleasantly surprised when my BlackBerry was full of Facebook notifications that told me I’d been tagged in a handful of photos by Natalie “Hinton” Jennings. The photos were from her and Tony Jennings‘ wedding, which was a couple of weeks ago down in Seymour, IN. The wedding was the main reason why Stephanie and I (and Frank) flew back to Indiana so early and it ended up being an absolute awesome time. We met the always entertaining duo of JD Arthur (who was in my wedding) and miss Aimee Achenbach (who did Stephanie’s makeup for our wedding) down there on Friday night after the rehearsal dinner and then met a ton of other awesome peeps at the reception the next night.

Well, the photos that were tagged of me on Facebook ended up being some of the groomsmen shots that we got the day of the wedding. Even though it was freezing outside that day, we sucked it up and made the most out of the opportunity and helped, in my opinion, get Tony some memorable moments on film. Of course, this was helped out by the fact that we had a playground and a bag of dodge balls to work with. :)

Check out some of the shots below, as well as some other great ones that were taken before and after the wedding. Thanks to Matt Nieman and Casey Pierce for the fantastic photog skillz.

Why is Casey on the ground? We’re not really sure.

Dangerous, but well worth the risk. Great shot!

Beatles, anyone?

Once we found the playground we were a little more creative.

Dodgeball! I’m not sure what face I’m making, but I guess it works.

Holding our balls (notice the Dora the Explorer balls — hardcore!)

I thought that we should take advantage of the beautiful sky that day.

One of my favorite shots of the night. What an awesome group of friends.

The ladies at the Funky Monkey in Seymour, IN. Heyyyyyyy….

Aimee and her Lady GaGa dress. Gah Gah Gah Gah Gahhhh lah lah lahhh lahhh

Me and Casey are both wondering what’s going on.

The dudes. Damn, we’re sexy.

Lady GaGa and JD (who has quite the ass cannon).

Stephanie and I are listening intently at something….?

The new Robin Hood movie looks awesome — Russell Crowe’s coolest role since Gladiator?

I just saw the trailer for the upcoming movie for Robin Hood, which will be opening up next year in 2010. It’s directed by Ridley Scott and stars Russell Crowe, which are exactly the same roles they both had in the amazingly awesome and still best-ever Russell Crowe movie, Gladiator (which, incredibly enough opened up nearly 10 years ago in 2000).

This version of Robin Hood looks like it’s going to put a much more realistic (and gruesome) spin on the age old ‘steal from the rich and give to the poor’ story, which means that there may not be many sightings of the Merry Men that we’re all so used to. The movie aims to be more of a prequel to the common Robin Hood story, which has seemed to become pretty popular these days in the entertainment industry. It’s also going to center a lot of it’s plot around Robin Hood’s love for the always beautiful Maid Marian, who is played by Cate Blanchett.

Check out the trailer below, along with some more trailers of well-known Robin Hood movies that we’ve all probably seen at one time or another.

Robin Hood (2010)

Robin Hood: Men In Tights (1993)

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991)

Trailer for Disney’s Robin Hood (1972 and on projector)

Check out my niece Madison (the praying pilgrim)

My sister just  sent me over this pic of my niece that was posted on the Cincinnati Enquirer. Doesn’t she look great as a praying pilgrim (she’s the smiling blonde in the first row, second from the left)?

I wonder what she was praying for? :)

Hup and Steph are back in Indiana (with Frank!)

It’s that time of year, kids — it’s time for the holidays! As I’m typing this, I’m sitting at my sister’s place in Noblesville, IN with Frank sleeping in my lap (weird, huh?). For the quick ones out there, these first couple of sentences could have potentially clued you in on a couple of things. Things such as:

We’ve now been home here in Indiana for a week and here are a few of the highlights of our trip so far:

Everything has been great so far and Frank is loving Indiana. More coming soon (going to see a movie with my sister)!