Thoughts on our awesome Wheel of Fortune audition

Now that it’s been a few days after Stephanie and I jetted out to Vegas for our second round of Wheel of Fortune auditions (the story of how this all got started is over here if you’re interested) I feel like it’s probably about time to let everyone know how it all went. We’ve both been telling everyone about how we did and what we think our chances are of actually getting picked, but for those who haven’t been able to talk to us yet here’s the story of our trip back to Vegas. Any questions, please feel free to post ‘em in the comments below and we’ll get you taken care of.

I feel like I should split up the trip into the first two days that we were out in Vegas, so if you’re not interested in anything but how the auditions went, please feel free to scroll on down past these next paragraphs. I promise it won’t hurt our feelings. I’ll post more about day 3 here soon.

Day 1: Getting to Las Vegas
To most people’s surprise, we had to pay for our way back out to Las Vegas for the second round of auditions. This means that we had to pay for our flights, rental car and everything else that comes along with taking off for a couple of days. Thankfully we have an awesome friend, Jess Berlin, who calls Vegas home and who was nice enough to let us stay in her and her hubby’s place.

We ended up getting into Vegas on Monday night around 8pm or so and headed to Jess’ place once we grabbed our rental car and some quick Taco Bell drive-thru (don’t hate on us making a break for the border). Once we made it to her house, Stephanie and I became well acquainted with her dog, Amber. As you can see below, some of us got to know her a little better than others.

The rest of the first night was mostly filled with watching a two-hour episode of the Bachelorette and just hanging out. It was cool to hang with Jess (unfortunately we didn’t get a whole lot of other time to chill with her) and I’m glad Stephanie got to meet her. Of course, I’m also glad that we both were able to meet Amber as well. She’s a super sweet dog.

Day 2: It’s Audition Time, Baby!
The next morning Stephanie and I both got up early so that we could be ready in plenty of time before our audition, which was scheduled for 1:30pm. We didn’t take too long to get ready and surprisingly enough we made it over to the Venetian close to when we were shooting for, which was around noon or so. Once we got to the Venetian we found the room where the auditions were taking place so that we were sure we knew where to go and after that we headed to grab something quick to eat inside of the casino. When we made it to the audition room, here’s the sign that was waiting on us. When we saw this sign I think that it really hit us that we were actually trying out for Wheel of Fortune and that we had a legit chance to make it onto the show. It sent butterflies to my belly, which was actually a great feeling of excitement to have.

After we split a sandwich we made sure that we had everything out of our teeth, gave ourselves a quick look-over in the mirrors that lined the hallways for the Venetian and headed back to the room so that we could get the audition started. When we made it back to the room there were about 40-50 couples waiting out in the hallway, which didn’t really surprise me, but made me a little more nervous nonetheless.

I began to scope out our competition and as we filed our way into the room one couple at a time (they checked for wedding certificates and the email invitations) I noticed a small, upright version of the big wheel, the puzzle board on a projector screen and a handful of people who were there to manage the auditions.

As the audition team handed Stephanie and I each short, yellow “I auditioned for Wheel of Fortune” pencils, we were told to fill out the form that was waiting for us on our seats and then to wait for further instructions. The forms asked us for some basic information (where we’re from, etc.) and for some things that we feel make us unique. We were given a handy Wheel of Fortune thing to write on, which was a nice touch (and made for some great photo ops.

After we filled out our forms, we handed them in to the audition crew and then the real fun began. We were given a quick idea of what to expect out of the day and then we jumped right into the audition, which first consisted of the audition crew calling out each couple one at a time and having them play a turn on a Wheel of Fortune puzzle. Basically how this would work is they would call out a couple’s name, they would both stand up and then they would try to guess the puzzle by guessing letters, spinning the wheel and buying vowels. If they called out a letter that was in the puzzle, then they would keep going and spinning like they would on the actual show. If the couple called out a letter that wasn’t in the puzzle or spun the wheel to Bankrupt or Lose A Turn, then they would sit down and the next couple would be called out and they would do the same thing.

This was actually a lot of fun and lasted about 35-40 minutes or so. We probably went through 15-20 puzzles during that time and we were all clapping non-stop. I’m not sure if you know this or not, but clapping is a big part of Wheel of Fortune and I would bet that Stephanie and I probably clapped more in that one day of auditioning than we have in the entire last year. Seriously.

A funny story about this part of the audition was when they called out a couple who were named “Stephanie and Brian” and that couple (who were sitting right in front of us), along with us, both stood up while clapping like crazy (we were a little more crazy than they were). When the audition crew saw that two couples had stood up they said “We love all of your enthusiasm, but we said Stephanie and BRIAN…”, which at that point we sat down after everyone had a good laugh. Of course, we were the next couple called to stand up, which made it even funnier.

When we were called to stand up we got one letter right, but other than that I didn’t really think that we did that great. In fact, I was really worried after they started calling out couples to stand up for a second time and our names didn’t get called. I freaked out a bit, but Stephanie kept her cool and told me to chill out. She’s cool like that.

After we finished that portion of the auditions we were then given a Wheel of Fortune test that included several puzzles that had random letters missing. They were categorized into specific sections and we were given five minutes to complete as many of the puzzles that we could in that amount of time. I thought that I didn’t do that great (I finished like 7 of the 15 or so puzzles) and man did that five minutes go by fast. Before I knew it the time was up and they were collecting our tests, which gave me a funny feeling in my stomach. After they were all handed in Stephanie and I chatted with the other couples around us to see how they thought they did, which reminded us of my high school days and to my surprise it sounded like I did just as good as most other people, which made me feel a little bit better.

When all of the tests were collected the audition crew told us that they would go grade the tests and talk about which couples they would like to hear more from, which meant that they were going to be telling most of the couples to go home. This took about 15 minutes and while they were out of the room we watched some really funny Wheel of Fortune outtakes and just hung out and waited for them to come back in.

When the audition crew came back into the room they started to announce the 12-15 couples who would stick around for a second, more intense round of auditions. When they were getting ready to announce the names I felt pretty nervous that we wouldn’t get called, but that didn’t last too long as Stephanie and I were the first couple announced, which nearly made my head explode. At that point we got really excited and started to chat quickly about our strategy for the upcoming puzzle rounds that we were going to play.

In this new round of auditions they called up four couples at the same time and had them play a much more real game of Wheel of Fortune, which even included pretending to spin the big wheel. Also, after each set of four couples played 3-4 puzzles they were also asked to tell a little bit about themselves, which added to the pressure a bit. When Stephanie and I played our puzzles we did pretty well, but I think that we really nailed the part where we told them more about us as a couple. We just had fun and told them some of the fun things that we do together (including blogging) and we even made them laugh a couple of times, which was a nice touch. So, although we didn’t solve any of the puzzles, we did show them that we would be a really fun couple to have on the show.

After the second round of auditions was over we were told that unfortunately not all of us can get onto the show, but if they would like us to be part of one of the shootings we would hear from them sometime in the beginning of July. We were hoping that we would of known more before we left the audition, but I guess that it’s never that easy when it comes to choosing who is going to actually make it. Personally, I feel like we did a solid job and that we have a pretty good chance for making it, although I really have no idea. I guess that we’ll just have to wait and find out like everybody else. Just in case we don’t make it, we wanted to make sure that we had a good photo of us and the Wheel of Fortune crew so that we can at least tell everyone about how awesome of an experience it was. They were actually a little hesitant to let me snap a photo with all of them, but as you can see below, I eventually talked ‘em into it.

After the audition was over we felt like we needed to go celebrate, which we did at one of my favorite bars in Vegas — Carnaval Court at Harrah’s. One way that Stephanie celebrated was to dance with some complete strangers to Lil’ Wayne.

We also saw some amazing people who were dancing at this place, which I’ll post some video of later. After this we grabbed some dinner, hung out for a while and continued to tell ourselves that we actually have a good chance in making it onto Wheel of Fortune. We stayed for one more day in Vegas, which I’ll have to tell you more about later due to the fact that I’ve already written way too much. Thanks for reading and we’ll catch up soon!

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  1. stormie coffman on June 15th, 2010 8:43 pm

    Let me start by saying you two are awesome and I hope you get on the show. You would be perfect and fun to watch. About now you are probably wondering who in the heck is this. Well I also tried out for Wheel of Fortune in Vegas the same weekend you guys were there. I did get up on stage and I thought I did pretty well. But I have not heard a word from them. So I have been googling everything I can think of to find out if they have picked everyone for the final audition and thats how I found you two. I was wondering if you happened to over hear anything on the final auditions for the individuals while you were there?It’s been three weeks now and nothing. I am losing hope at this point.
    But anyway you two are one of the cuties couples ever and I hope you get on.
    Good luck and thank you for sharing your Wheel of Fortune experience on the web.
    Storm from Phoenix AZ.

  2. allie on July 19th, 2010 2:46 pm

    so, i totally stalked you guys. just kidding, i just remembered you telling the wheel team about your blog and im a blog addict, so i googled it. hope you guys had so much fun! it was great meeting you!

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  4. Liz on January 3rd, 2011 9:29 pm

    Hi Hup & Steph!! I loved your blog. I am getting ready to go to the final audition in New Orleans this week….so excited!!!! I stumbled upon your blog while I was researching info. about the final audition.

    So, for real, how hard was the written test? I LOVE puzzles and have always loved Wheel and any kind of word puzzles. I’ve been trying some practice ones on here hoping my brain won’t fail me this week :)

    Did you guys make it on the show during the Vegas weeks? I remember the sweetheart week, but I don’t remember contestants names.

    Sounds like ya’ll had a blast!

    P.S. I’m also a special ed. teacher! :) Say a prayer for me! God bless & Happy New Year!!

  5. ProCW on February 7th, 2011 5:16 pm

    Hey there, Hup! (and Steph!)

    Congrats on being on Wheel of Fortune! Just tuned in, and saw you guys on it! :)

    … “I feel lucky Pat” … $10,000! … “R”



    “Bankrupt” ouch!

    Well, I’m gonna keep watching!

    Good luck! :)

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  7. Eric on June 28th, 2011 11:30 am

    Was it ok for me to shout with excitement and joy at the auditions that were in green bay. This was the final auditions. I solved 2 puzzles and I shouted with enthusiasm and jumped up and down. How long did it take for you to get a letter from wheel of fortune?

  8. Eric on June 29th, 2011 6:27 pm

    Yeah I showed off enthusiasm like I was on the price is right. I shouted while I solved the puzzle and shouting for joy. Idk if it was ok to do that. Besides I only got 2-4 answers right on the written test.

  9. Eric on July 23rd, 2011 11:01 pm

    Still no letter for me in the mail. I guess I shouldn’t have been too loud when solving puzzles

  10. Wm. J.Lind on December 23rd, 2011 3:33 pm

    My wife has watched the Wheel, for many
    years and says she turns the clapping off
    and just watches with captions. I stopped
    watching because of the “clap clap clap”
    WIN OR LOSE.Pat of couse never has to clap
    Vanna I am told has developed a skin problem
    so claps very little of late.Why should people
    clap when they just lost a large sum of money
    Bill Lind

  11. Kathy Bryant on March 14th, 2012 1:19 pm

    Hello, I tried out with the “wheelmobile” a few weeks ago and my name was called, I was on stage, I even got the puzzle very quickly, AND I was super excited as they promted us to be, (even though I was really excited anyway!) The producers said I did really good and I should hear from them, but it’s been so long, it that the normal procedure?
    Thanks and congratulations!

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