The history of rap with Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake

Now this is awesome. I was actually really surprised with how much Jimmy Fallon killed this. He might have a future as a rapper?

Having Fun With Craigslist

One of my favorite things to do is write Craigslist postings. This is probably because whenever I post something I feel like I need to make it just a little more ridiculous/entertaining than the other ones I read on there.

For example, here is something that I just posted for a black, leather couch that Stephanie and I are trying to get rid of before we move (yes, we’re moving in to a new place). Click the image below so see a larger version.

Pandora does its job, finds me a new band I’ve never heard of

I have been listening to Pandora for a few years now and I listen to it a lot.

I would even go out on a limb and say that I might listen to it a little too much sometimes, especially ever since they started making mobile apps (which meant that I no longer had to drag my laptop into the shower with me). I listen to it at work, I listen to it in the car and yes, I actually do listen to it while I’m in the shower. Pandora gives me a pace to my life and it does it in a fantastically useful and easy-to-use way.

Anyways, one of the other reasons why I love Pandora is that it helps me discover other bands that I would have never listened to before. I’m a guy who listens to the radio a little bit, hasn’t ever bought an MP3 and who doesn’t even own an iPod, which means that about 95% of my music is coming from Pandora (and a little bit from GrooveShark here lately), so it’s basically up to them to help me get out of my music comfort zone.

Tonight Pandora did just that and I’m happy to say that I have a new band that I’ve listed to my favorites because of it. They’re called The Temper Trap and they’re a UK band that I’m really starting to like. Here is the song that I heard on Pandora (while I was listening to the Vampire Weekend station) that initially got me interested in The Temper Trap. It’s called Sweet Disposition and it’s really growing on me.

Taking Boomer and Frank to Fort Funston Beach

If you’re a dog owner, then you’re probably familiar with the the give-and-take of dog sitting. What I mean by this is that any when you have a dog there are going to be times when you need someone to watch your little, 4-legged bundle of joy and there will also be times when you’ll have to return the favor by watching theirs. It happens this way because the only people who will ever even think about watching your dog will have to be both a dog owner and dog lover as well.

Bottom line: if you ever want to be able to go somewhere without your dog coming along then you’re going to have to watch some other people’s dogs as payback. They’ll mostly be dogs that you know and it can actually be a lot of fun, but nonetheless you’re going to have to do some doggy sitting sooner or later.

I wanted to throw out this little insight about doggy sitting because as I type this my homeboy (and co-worker) John Ramey is back in Indiana on vacation and Stephanie and I have been watching his dog — a cute 4 1/2 year-old Chow Corgi named Boomer. We’ll be watching her for another few days until John gets back into town and I’ve got to say that it’s going to be hard to give her up. The funny thing about this is that Boomer has been our office dog for nearly a year, but I don’t think that we’ve ever really bonded until just this past week while Stephanie and I have been watching her.

So, needless to say, Stephanie, Frank, Boomer and myself have been hanging out a lot. One of the more fun things that we’ve done is head over to Fort Funston Beach (a dog-friendly beach that we’ve been to before)  so that we all could go run and play next to the ocean. As always, it was a lot of fun and both Boomer and Frank ended up running themselves until they could barely even run anymore.

I snapped some pics and created a video story about our day at the beach (that reminds Stephanie of The Night Before Christmas) — check ’em out below.