Meet my friend Ben Long, a graffiti (and wall mural) extraordinaire


Say what you want about the Midwest and more specifically Indiana, but when I lived there I was fortunate enough to meet some super creative and inspiring people. One of these awesome people is Ben Long, a fairly quiet guy who has some stupid skills when it comes to all things design and graffiti art.

I know that I tend to say the word ‘awesome’ a lot, but with Ben I feel like it’s more appropriate than ever. I guess I would even say that Ben is the awesomest. (yeah, I said awesomest)

The reason that I’m bringing up Ben today is because every now and then he sends out emails to keep us all updated on what he’s been up to lately and I just happened to see one show up in my inbox last week. I have to admit that every time I see one of his emails I get a little giddy as I know it’s going to be filled with details and links to his latest super cool graffiti project.

The email he sent this time around included a link to his latest mural, which he described this way:

hello all – i haven’t spoke to some of you for quite awhile.. i hope all is well. I wanted to share with you this mural I finished over the weekend for my friend’s son’s room. He’s 5 and he loves outer space.

Here are a few shots of the sweet outer space mural that he painted for who I’m guessing is now the happiest 5 year-old in the world. You can also see more of it over here on Ben’s Flickr account.





So, that’s Ben. If you want to check out some more of his stuff or if you’d like to hire him to paint a mural for you, head on over to his website at

Also, just for fun, here is a video that we made when Ben and our other graffiti-tastic friend Dan Thompson came out to visit us in California. Good times. :)