A Heart for Missions

Recently Ryan and I have had our heart strings pulled a bit by a burning desire for missions. A man at our church a few Sundays ago shared some information about a ministry with which he is involved in South Africa. When he was done speaking, Ryan and I looked at each other at the same time with the, “Could this be a more perfect opportunity for us?” look. The sports ministry that the man was involved with is called Church Sports International. The ministry was started in 1992 with a motto that states, “Reaching your community and the world for Christ through sports”

As soon as we got home from church Ryan e-mailed the guy to get some more information and to see if there were some potential needs that we could help meet for the ministry.  The basic principle of the ministry is to create an educational and sports based program for students while incorporating Christ and the gospel.  These kids would never have the opportunity be a part of a sports program were it not for the efforts of this ministry.   The man who spoke at church told us that his wife is actually a pre-shool teacher at the school that they support in South Africa and he coaches basketball, tennis, and several other sports.  Both Ryan and myself feel that God has blessed us with some incredible attributes that we could use for this ministry.  It’s an amazing opportunity to really use what we’ve been given to continue our pursuit of spreading the love of Christ.

It’s just the beginning of something that might potentially be a completely new avenue to explore in our lives.  We’re hoping and praying that there will be some way that we can work out something with the CSI ministry to help them in their efforts.  What are your thoughts on this grand adventure?  It’s a BIG step out there… but when you feel led to do something…. why not follow it? :)