Taking Boomer and Frank to Fort Funston Beach

If you’re a dog owner, then you’re probably familiar with the the give-and-take of dog sitting. What I mean by this is that any when you have a dog there are going to be times when you need someone to watch your little, 4-legged bundle of joy and there will also be times when you’ll have to return the favor by watching theirs. It happens this way because the only people who will ever even think about watching your dog will have to be both a dog owner and dog lover as well.

Bottom line: if you ever want to be able to go somewhere without your dog coming along then you’re going to have to watch some other people’s dogs as payback. They’ll mostly be dogs that you know and it can actually be a lot of fun, but nonetheless you’re going to have to do some doggy sitting sooner or later.

I wanted to throw out this little insight about doggy sitting because as I type this my homeboy (and co-worker) John Ramey is back in Indiana on vacation and Stephanie and I have been watching his dog — a cute 4 1/2 year-old Chow Corgi named Boomer. We’ll be watching her for another few days until John gets back into town and I’ve got to say that it’s going to be hard to give her up. The funny thing about this is that Boomer has been our office dog for nearly a year, but I don’t think that we’ve ever really bonded until just this past week while Stephanie and I have been watching her.

So, needless to say, Stephanie, Frank, Boomer and myself have been hanging out a lot. One of the more fun things that we’ve done is head over to Fort Funston Beach (a dog-friendly beach that we’ve been to before)  so that we all could go run and play next to the ocean. As always, it was a lot of fun and both Boomer and Frank ended up running themselves until they could barely even run anymore.

I snapped some pics and created a video story about our day at the beach (that reminds Stephanie of The Night Before Christmas) — check ’em out below.

Frank The Amazing Pug: Rolling Over

I thought that it was about time to show off some of Frank’s amazing skills, so here is a video of him rolling over. I’ve been working on this with him for a few weeks now and he’s pretty much got it down. Pugs will do anything for food, so it actually wasn’t that hard to teach him. :)

There are Franks in your backpacks!

While I was at the office today Frank kept trying to climb into my backpack, so I decided to give him what he wanted. The funny thing is, once I zipped him up, he didn’t really want to get out. I have a feeling that this won’t be the last time you’ll see us hanging out like this.

Checking out the best surfers in the world at the 2010 Mavericks Surf Contest in Half Moon Bay

There are some really amazing things that can only be found out here in Northern California and one of them has to be the Mavericks Surf Contest. It’s one of the world’s most respected big wave competitions and is held every year that weather permits about 20 miles south of San Fransisco in Half Moon Bay. More specifically, the contest is held in an area that’s known as Mavericks that’s practically built to create massive size waves due to it’s unique ocean floor. Jeff Clark, a local born and raised in Half Moon Bay, was the first surfer to ever take on the once thought to-be-too-dangerous-to-surf waves that can sometimes top out at over 50 feet high.

Jeff Clark, having grown up near Half Moon Bay, learned about Maverick’s at an early age. At that time the location was deemed too dangerous to surf. He spent time watching the break, and conceived the possibility of riding Hawaii-sized waves in Northern California. One day in 1975, with the waves topping out at 10 to 12 feet (3.7 m), Clark paddled out alone to face Maverick’s. He was successful, catching a number of left-breaking waves, thereby becoming the first person to tackle Maverick’s head-on.

Well, today was the day that Mavericks came back to Half Moon Bay (due to lack of optimal weather conditions it was canceled last year) and Stephanie, our roomie Nic, Frank and myself (along with some other friends) all went to see what it was really all about. Although we weren’t able to get super-close views of the actual surfing the day was unbelievably beautiful and just being there to experience it was more than enough to guarantee that we’ll all be back there again the next time it comes around.

Here are a few pics and a video that I snapped at the event. They should give you a good idea of the popularity of Mavericks and just how beautiful Half Moon Bay is during this time of year.

A video and a pic of people who got caught in the aftermath of the 30+ foot waves that were swelling up at Mavericks this morning. Some of the people were actually swept out into the water and had to be rescued by medical staff. Some suffered broken bones and minor cuts, but most only had to suffer through being soaked for the rest of the day. We were literally just about to head into this area when the waves hit.

Can’t say that the people weren’t warned. These signs were posted everywhere on the beach.

What was left on the beach after the waves hit and cleared out a stage and several tents.

A view from a top the cliffs at the Mavericks in Half Moon Bay.

This was view from the opposite side of the beach where we were when the waves got the people wet. There were a ton of people watching the competition from over here. It was amazing to see how many people came out for the event considering that it was only announced a couple days before it happened. Also, most people weren’t at all scared of climbing all over the cliffs as long as it gave them a better view. I guess that they’re all used to hiking and aren’t too worried about falling hundreds of feet to their death, but for some reason it still worries me and Stephanie. Maybe we need to suck it up.

The sun was out in full force, which made for a beautiful day in Half Moon Bay. That weird looking tower with a ball on it in the upper right corner of this pic is part of the Pillar Point Air Force Base (which no one except press was allowed to enter today).

Frank loved hanging out at the beach, but we probably walked over 5 miles altogether, which is like running a marathon for a Pug. Here you can see him getting some much needed rest while we were checking out the surfers. He had no trouble getting up and down the cliffs and got to meet several other dogs that were also hanging out at Mavericks (including a few Pugs). People really love their dogs in the bay area, which makes is completely normal to bring them with you to outdoor events like this.

Here’s another view from the other side of the cliffs. The surfers were grabbing their waves right around the area to the right of cliff in this pic. Unless you had some binoculars or a serious camera lens (which several people had), you pretty much had to rely on people’s reactions to know whether or not someone had actually caught a wave.

This is a shot of the rest of the coastline, which I thought almost looked too beautiful to be real. If you look in the bottom right corner of this pic I snuck in a guy who was chilling on the side of the cliff. He was pretty high up there, but didn’t seem to be too worried about it. Like I said, it’s something that they’re used to.

After walking a couple of miles back to the car (part of which I carried Frank after he started panting like he was going to die) it didn’t take Frank too long to crash. He was so tired that he fell asleep on Stephanie’s 7-up bottle which was in our cup holder. I thought that this was way too funny (and cute) to pass up taking a picture of it. Frank’s just like us — he’ll go and go until he practically passes out, which he obviously did today.

Taking Frank to Fort Funston in San Francisco

One of the most obvious benefits of living in the Bay Area is the beautiful beaches. Duh, that’s pretty much a no-brainer and although Stephanie and I probably don’t take advantage of this fact as much as we should, we have definitely spent our fair share of time in the sand.

But, this past weekend was the first time that we’ve ever been to Fort Funston, which is one of San Francisco’s only dog beaches. I call it a ‘dog beach’ because unlike most beaches where you can walk around your 4-legged friend only if they’re on a leash, this beach allows them to run around as free as the day they were born. This, paired with the fact that beach is ridiculously beautiful, results in a beach that is literally covered up with dogs and the humans that happen to bring them there.

We had a lot of fun taking Frank there and even though he got stuck in the sand after the tide caught him (and myself) off guard (which really freaked out Stephanie), I’m sure he’d be more than happy to make another trip back there anytime we’re willing to take him.

Check out the video of our day at Fort Funston below or over here on YouTube and also be sure to take a look at the shots of Frank that I snapped at the beach. Just when you thought that the little sausage link couldn’t get any cuter….geez.

Have we ever told you how much we love our roommate?

Our roommate Nic (facebook) really outdid himself with this Christmas photo that he worked his magic on. It’s the final (and best) photo in a 3-part series that was aimed at adding a little more ‘flavor’ to the Santa Claus of old by suggesting new ways that he could become more awesome this year.

This photo in particular took him an entire night to set up. You can’t really tell, but the stuffed animals are hung from his ceiling with fishing line, he’s holding on tosome ribbon that he bought and he’s riding on his bed whose blankets are rolled up to look like bags of presents. Amazing.

Just when you thought that it couldn’t get any better, here’s the caption that he added to the photo:





Yep, this is why we love our roomie.

Check out Four Paws Photography (because pets need great pics, too!)

You know, with all of the technology that us humans have access to these days we tend to take it for granted that we can take some ‘Facebook profile worthy” photos of ourselves at practically any moment. We all have cell phone cams, digital cams and video cams that can fit into our pockets, so getting a great pic or video of ourselves only takes a few seconds. Then, a couple of moments later they can all be uploaded, emailed, tweeted and sent to any family member, friend, co-worker or whoever else we want (and potentially don’t want) to see them.

But, what about our pets? When do they get some photo love? I mean, don’t you think that your dog, cat, iguana, rat, pig or whatever else you have hanging around in your life deserves to get some fantastic shots taken of them, too? Of course, we can snap a few pics of them here and there, but what if they want something that’s a little bit nicer than your average snapshot? What can you do then?

As far as getting the most amazing photos of your dog goes (and I’m sure other pets, too if you asked nicely), I know the perfect person who can help you out. Especially if you happen to be in the bay area. Amanda Bradshaw, owner of Four Paws Photography, is the best dog-loving, great-picture-taking pet photographer that I have ever met and if you need some proof, just check out her blog The Daily Puglet. Yep, Amanda’s a fellow Pug owner and as you’ll see on her blog (and below), she takes some incredible shots of both Puglet and her Dalmatian, named Dutch.

Here are a few of my favs that Amanda has posted on The Daily Puglet:

A Pug named MoonWalk that was decked out for Christmas

Amanda’s non-Pug, Dutch

Amanda’s Pug, Puglet, shows off his incredible will power

Pug twins? Frank on the left and Puglet on the right

So, if you’re wanting to get some sweet shots of your non-human best friend, give Amanda a shout and she’ll take care of you. Be sure to tell her Hup and Steph sent you. :)

Hup and Steph are back in Indiana (with Frank!)

It’s that time of year, kids — it’s time for the holidays! As I’m typing this, I’m sitting at my sister’s place in Noblesville, IN with Frank sleeping in my lap (weird, huh?). For the quick ones out there, these first couple of sentences could have potentially clued you in on a couple of things. Things such as:

We’ve now been home here in Indiana for a week and here are a few of the highlights of our trip so far:

Everything has been great so far and Frank is loving Indiana. More coming soon (going to see a movie with my sister)!

Checking out the amazing sign spinners from Aarrow Ads

jumpropecokeOne of the great things about working up here in San Francisco is that I get to walk into the office, which means that I pretty much get to see something that’s interesting, odd, weird, cool, crazy or just down right gross every single day. For some of you out there that might seem like a bad thing, but for me it’s one of the things that makes it awesome to live here in the Bay Area. Pretty much anything goes and just when you think that you’ve seen something that couldn’t possible be topped, it always does — and that’s pretty much the essence of living in SF. After a living here for a while it’s funny how pretty much nothing ever really makes you do a double-take anymore.

Well, almost nothing.

On my way into work each morning I walk past the Moscone Center, which is the HUGE convention center here in San Francisco and every few days there is a new event coming into town that attracts literally tens of thousands of people. Last week the big event to hit Moscone was DreamForce, which is SalesForce.com‘s yearly, global conference. Well, if you’re not into the events and conference scene (which, I’m guessing most of you aren’t), basically what happens is a bunch of people pay a lot of money (or their company does) to go meet, mingle and ‘network’ with others who are also in their same line of business so that relationships can be built and some big deals can go down in an old-fashioned, face-to-face sort of way.

Along with the thousands of people who attend these conferences, several businesses also buy up really expensive booths (usually several thousand dollars a piece) as a way to promote their businesses in hopes of working some serious deals as well. It’s a very interesting sort of business eco-system that has gone on for years and years.

Anyways, these businesses that invest their money into getting some booth space are always trying to find new ways to get more and more foot traffic. Some rent semis that pull billboards with their booth number prominently displayed, some hire booth babes to promote their goods and some have even gone as far as attaching tiny banner ads to real, live flies and letting them fly around the convention center (for real).

As with anything else in San Francisco, just when I thought that I had heard or seen all of the crazy ways for these businesses to promote their booths, I ran in to a couple of out-of-this-world sign spinners who were hired from Aarrow Ads, a company that specializes in taking ‘holding a sign’ to a whole new level. After seeing them do their thing for a few minutes, I couldn’t help but stop and get some videos of the guys who were literally causing a scene on the sidewalks outside of Moscone Center. Check out these videos and you’ll see what I mean.

p.s. if you couldn’t tell, the company that was promoting themselves was Jigsaw (who were apparently in booth #1112). I thought that I should at least give them a mention since they paid for the entertainment. :)

Some interstingly funny (and somewhat creepy) drawings of Frank at the HubPages office

The past few months Frank has become a fixture at my HubPages office here in San Francisco and although I think that’s a good thing, it appears that some of my other co-workers might not agree. Or, maybe they just have a sick sense of humor? Yeah, that’s probably it. See the drawings of Frank that they have recently added to our office whiteboards over here in the HubPages blog. Sickos.

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