Pandora makes me and my BlackBerry both happy

On any given day I probably listen to about 5-6 hours of Pandora on my laptop. I know that sounds like a lot, but I literally turn it on when I wake up, when I am getting ready, when I’m at work, when I get home and before I go to bed. Heck, I even fall asleep to it sometimes and would all of the time if Stephanie didn’t mind.

Anyways, just when I thought that I couldn’t possibly become more of a Pandora Fanboy, they go and do the unthinkable — they create a freakin’ BlackBerry application. Yep, those 5-6 hours now went up to about 7-9 now that I can rock Pandora on the train and wherever else I want to listen to some tunes. Stephanie loves it too and has been using it a ton in the car on the way to work. Like I said, it’s pretty much amazing and if you have a BlackBerry you need to. Get. It. Now.

Oh, and I wanted to give a quick thanks to the Dockers San Francisco for sponsoring the launch (even though I’ll probably never buy any pants from them).

I “Digg” Nerds!

One of my favorite parts about moving is experiencing all of the fun and exciting events and happenings of a new city. Lucky for us we are only a short 20 minute drive away from one of the coolest cities I have ever been to, San Francisco. It’s truly an incredible city and the options are endless for fun things to do.

Tonight we had the opportunity to go to one of the top-rated night clubs in the United States, Mighty in San Francisco. Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht of hosted their live tech/web culture show at the club and wow was it an experience.

As you can imagine the show brought quite the crowd of nerds out to see the two digg guys talk all about techie stuff that I personally don’t understand a word of. :) Of course, Ryan and Abdo had a blast and felt right at home!

After the show was over we had a chance to meet both Kevin and Alex ( see above photo where they obviously wanted to leave Ryan out of the picture ) and then later show off some of our sweet dance moves!! I can’t wait to go to more of these awesome events and meet more and more incredible people in this great city. Have I mentioned recently how much I love California?? Well… I do… A LOT!! It keeps getting better and better!

They say imitation is the best form of flattery…


The couple to the left… is my father and step-mom. What’s special about them?? A lot actually, but what is most impressive recently about their relationship is the fact that they were inspired by our blog! That’s right, just recently we stumbled upon

Since they are such jokesters they also decided to make their website painfully similar to ours. In fact, the very first post is almost word for word exactly like ours, with a few adjustments just to spice things up a bit. I warned them that once you get a blog togther that means things are serious :) Their tag line reads… “Telling our story ( hmm sound familiar?) but we don’t think anyone is listening” Bart and Shannon, we are now listening… write on!!!

Twitter me this, Twitter me that

So I’ve been playing with our new Twitter account and I must say that it’s one of the more interesting social networks that I’ve seen pop up lately. Twitter basically answers the question ‘What are you doing?’ by allowing you to submit a thought, link, idea or anything else that comes to mind that’s 140 characters or less. A cool thing about Twitter is that you can update from the Twitter website, your cell phone, IM account, and many other ways that others have developed for the Twitter nation. I’ve already met some new and interesting people through this micro-blogging phenomenon and hopefully I’ll stick with it for a little while to see if it grows on me even more than it already has. Also, I want to test the community and see how much value it can bring to our digital reputation as Stephanie and I journey through our self-branding adventure that we’ve started up.

If you want more info on Twitter, check out their Wikipedia page or go ahead and create an account for yourself and see what type of damage you can do. Also, I’ll be adding a Twitter update in the sidebar of this blog soon that you can always feel like you know exactly what me and Stephanie are doing at all times…well, at least most of the time.

Teaching a (wo)man to (blog)fish

If you all weren’t aware, I’m a computer nerd and web geek and whatever else you’d like to throw out there that has to do with technology, batteries, screens, computers, things that light up, etc. I have worked in the tech field in some capacity the past 8 years or so dating back to my college years(wow, that was 9 years ago???), I’ve spoke to many groups about online social networks and have even written a book for Dummies on the subject – so I’m definitely no newbie when it comes to this stuff.

But, although this isn’t my first rodeo, the same can’t be said about Stephanie. She has never kept up a blog, much less ever created one and I’m sure that it’s not because she thought it was dumb or pointless – she simply has never had someone like me show her where to begin. It’s hard to know what you’re missing when you’ve never even known why you’d like it in the first place, right? So what does she think now that she’s up and running with the assistance of yours truly? She LOVES it and has already gotten some great feedback from a few of her friends and family about her first couple of posts.

So why did I even bring this up today? Well, after playing around with our Twitter account yesterday I started to realize something – most of the people who use these types of new web technologies, or those who ‘get it’, mainly use these web technologies to talk to others who ‘get it’ as well. Oh and what do they mainly talk about? They talk about new web technologies, of course! I thought that this was really, really funny for some reason and when I read Intellagirl’s UberNoggin blog today it was right on the money and it inspired me to state this example of extending the social media conversation beyond those who are already converted – like Stephanie. I believe that it’s all about taking the time to connect a technology with something that the non-converted view as valuable or simply cool and it’s the exact same thing when talking to a business, only it will be tied to something that they view as valuable in their world(sales leads, ticket saes, etc.).

It’s true – I have begun to teach Stephanie to fish and before you know it she’ll be pulling ’em in all by herself. Have you taught someone to fish lately? If we don’t, who will?

Calling all Facebook junkies

Just wanted to let everyone know that we have now officially created a Facebook group, so each and every one of you should click here and join up now…or else.

Why join our sweet and tasty Facebook group? Well, with Facebook you can get all of our blog updates as well as some sweet pics, videos and other interaction with other Hup and Steph groupies, which I’m sure will be up into the millions of people by the end of this month. Hey, it’s the Internet – it could happen.

More ways to connect up with us coming soon, so come on back now, ya’ hear?