The 2008 Hupfer Family Christmas

With all of the running around that Stephanie and I have done over the past week and a half (it seems like a couple months), I’ve only had a few chances to snag a couple solid hours on my laptop. With the time that I was able to squeeze in today I decided to edit up some video that I took during my family Christmas fun about a week or so ago. The video below (or here on YouTube) will give all of you a little glimpse into the madness that is now the Hupfer Family Christmas.

Some of the highlights include some dancing and a Hup and Steph theme song rendition by Madison, introductions of my nieces and nephews, a visit by Santa and a glimpse of my dad’s annual Christmas tradition of collecting all of the trash with his huge, yellow trash bags. It’s funny that after all these years those gigantic pieces of yellow plastic remind me of Christmas more than about anything and when they appear it still gives me and the rest of my family a great laugh together. You have to love the random family traditions – in my mind they’re what make the holidays something special.

Enjoy the pics and check back for some more Hup and Steph holiday fun as I we get a chance to catch up on everything. We take off back to Palo Alto tomorrow at 6pm, so we’ll be getting back to the ‘real world’ in no time. :)

Stephanie and Riley with a perfect pose

My dad and his famous yellow trash bag

Riley, Reese and the jolly fat man

I take one knee and Stephanie takes the other

This was Santa’s idea

The fam – I still can’t believe we were able to take this

Time to brave the cold in Indiana

I’m sitting here at the San Jose Airport staring out the window at the last warm weather that I’m going to be seeing in quite a while. Today when I talked to Stephanie she said that it was ridiculously cold (30 degrees with frozen rain as I write this) and that the roads are terrible and that I was going to be in for quite a shock when I touch ground in the good ‘ol Hoosier state. I’m just hoping that there are no delays or anything that would make my all day flight even longer. As it is I’m leaving California at 2:30pm, getting to Denver around 5:30pm and will take off from there after an hour layover to Indianapolis, where I should arrive right around midnight.

I guess you see why I’d like to make all of these flights on time, eh?

I’m so excited to get back home to see everyone and of course to see Stephanie (it’s been over a day now!) when she picks me up at the airport. It’s going to be a bit hectic once I get back to Indiana, so if you don’t hear from me have a great holiday and be sure to get drunk with your family members at least once. I know that’s something that I look forward to at every family get together. :)

Homeward Bound!

The moment that I have been eagerly awaiting for almost 4 months now since Ryan and I booked our flights to come home for Christmas has finally arrived. Right now I’m patiently waiting in the San Jose airport, getting ready to board my flight to Denver first before I head on home to Indiana. I’m praying that the weather holds out for me as I trek into the unknown abyss of snowstorms and freezing weather. Ryan is hanging around California for another day and then will fly back home on Tuesday. We’re so excited to see all of our family and friends and spend a lot of quality time catching up and just simply enjoying the holidays.

Since I’m sitting in the airport ( a little bored since I freak out about making my flight in time and end up waiting for hours once I get here) I’ll talk a little bit about how much I LOVE traveling. It’s not just the whole going to a new place part of traveling that I enjoy, I actually really love the traveling part. I’m so intrigued by airports and the fantastic people watching that can occur. I could sit for hours and watch people pass by and try to make up a story in my mind about each person and what their story is and where they’re going and why. It’s really entertaining for me and I feel that I could make a job of it if I could. Maybe one day Ryan and I will find a way to make traveling our job… some day…

I guess for now I’ll just sit and be fulfilled with the extra super great crowd of people traveling during the Christmas season and look forward to freezing temperatures, snow, and ice back in good ol’ Indiana.

Good times at Disney On Ice

A couple of weeks ago me, Stephanie, my mom, my niece Madison and both of my sisters Angie and Megan headed to Oracle Arena to take in the best entertainment that the West Coast has to offer – Disney On Ice. We all had an amazing time and I would probably say that Stephanie and I had more fun singing than my 6 year-old niece did. But, don’t take my word for it – check out the video below or over here on YouTube when you get a chance. M-I-C…K-E-Y..M-O-U-S-E.

Coming back home to visit is serious business

Stephanie and I have been home now for almost a week and I think that we’ve packed about as much as we possibly could have into this crazy Midwestern rendezvous. We have been to my 10-year reunion in Pendleton, we have seen all of our friends in Indianapolis, we have partied WAY too much(and WAY too late), Stephanie has hung out with her parents and grandparents, we have seen my nieces and nephew in Kentucky and as I write this we are in Michigan because Stephanie is a bridesmaid for her college roommate’s wedding. She’s actually at a lingerie party for the bride while I am siting here in our hotel room getting my Internet fix. It all works out, right?

Since I have been unable to sit front of my laptop for any extended period of time the past couple days, I have some PhotoCrank work to get done, but after that I promise to post all of the details of our Midwestern adventure. It’s well worth the wait to see some of this stuff, believe me.

But, until then, I’ll leave you all with this pic of Stephanie and I rocking it out on the dance floor last night at Arnie’s at Newport on the Levee. I’m not sure what we were doing, but feel free to Crank it by clicking on the purple button with the plus sign (+) in the bottom left of the photo.

It just keeps getting better

Just when I think things can’t get any better… another fun night rolls around and a new experience completely knocks me off my feet with excitement. Tonight Shannon took us to a fabulous restaurant in San Jose. Straits is a restaurant/nightclub that offers tappas style eating, a bar, and fabulous dancing.

We were completely blown away with this place. The atmosphere was unlike any other. I felt like i was walking down the street to the restaurant with my mouth wide open…. it’s just breathtaking. Straits is right on Santanta Row which is an incredible shopping, eating, and living experience. High-end shops and restaurants line the street and a mass of people flock to the area every night of the week.

The dj was incredible and we ended our meal with some sweet dancing to work off all of the incredible food that we ate. I can’t wait to take our friends to this place to hang out when they come and visit…. You know you wanna go don’t you!!


For the past week, I have been enjoying some good ol’ Texas fun with my family down in Houston. It’s pretty exciting down here in the hot humidity of the Lonestar state :) I’ve experienced a great deal of what Texas has to offer including some great shopping, the Houston Museum of Natural Science, and the beach at Surfside!

My dad and Shannon have definitely kept me busy with all of the site-seeing and fun activities that they’ve planned. I love it down here, and there is so much to do and see, I feel like I haven’t even scraped the surface of seeing what Texas has to offer. It is a pretty big state I guess. Speaking of big… EVERYTHING is big down here; it’s just the texan style really. If it’s not big then it’s not worth anything, or so it seems. :)

I’ve had a fabulous time here in Texas with my dad and Shannon and it’s good to finally have a picture of what their life is like down here since I’ve been hearing about it since they moved back in January. I can’t wait to make more trips down here, but I think i might wait to let the hot HOT summer pass before I head back for another vacay.

I head back home to beautiful Palo Alto tomorrow, which I miss A LOT!! Texas is beautiful and lots of fun, but I’ve gotta say that Palo Alto still holds my heart. And I’m beginning to miss that one tall guy a little bit too 😉

Cali Road Trip: Hitting the road

I am writing this from Columbia, Missouri at Stephanie’s grandmas(I love stealing wi-fi) and we are getting ready to head towards Denver tonight. We have about 11-12 hours to go today so I need to get off of this laptop so that we can get driving. Every mile is a minute, here we go!

On the road again…

They say imitation is the best form of flattery…


The couple to the left… is my father and step-mom. What’s special about them?? A lot actually, but what is most impressive recently about their relationship is the fact that they were inspired by our blog! That’s right, just recently we stumbled upon

Since they are such jokesters they also decided to make their website painfully similar to ours. In fact, the very first post is almost word for word exactly like ours, with a few adjustments just to spice things up a bit. I warned them that once you get a blog togther that means things are serious :) Their tag line reads… “Telling our story ( hmm sound familiar?) but we don’t think anyone is listening” Bart and Shannon, we are now listening… write on!!!

Fixed laptop = more videos!

My laptop and I have been butting heads for many, many weeks and probably months due to the fact that it has been running really, really slow and has gotten to the point where I can barely get my day to day stuff done without throwing it out my car window. Luckily, I took the high road with the many frustrations that me and my constant companion have been dealing with by taking to the time to archive all of the files, etc. from the laptop’s hard drive so that I could proceed to wipe out everything that has been saved, installed, hacked and created on it.

Well, the good news is that I’m back in business with a decent laptop(it’s runnin’ great…for now), it’s not taking 25 minutes to pull up the Internet and probably the greatest result of getting it fixed is that Stephanie and I can start doing videos again. The videos that we put together are a great creative release from me and something that I really enjoy doing by myself as well as with Stephanie. Since I worked so hard at getting the laptop fired up today, I vowed to get at least one video up and ready by the morning, so here goes nothing.

This video is of a glimpse into the first birthday party of my two baby nieces, Reese and Riley – you can also check it out over here on YouTube if you can’t see it below.

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