OK, so maybe Indianapolis *is* pretty cool?

If you didn’t already know, Stephanie and I moved out here to California after living in Indiana for all of both our lives (that’s a long time). Even though we love Indiana, it just seems to be a little more exciting out here on the West Coast and especially here in San Francisco. But, after seeing this video of a couple Red Bull wake boarders tearing it up in downtown Indy’s central canal, it seems like Indiana has at least become a little bit cooler since we moved away from there. Great, now they decide to become awesome…

The Hupfers invade the 2009 Indiana State Fair (and we have the pics to prove it)

fair_split-overOne of the things that Stephanie misses most about not being in Indiana during their hot, humid Summer months is missing the ultimate in Hoosier hillbilly hi jinks, the Indiana State Fair. Out here in California I’m not even sure if they even have a state fair, but if they did I guarantee that it wouldn’t be nearly as awesome of an event as what the good ol’ State of Indiana can put together. It’s definitely something that Stephanie wishes that she could go to and honestly, I guess that I wouldn’t mind seeing a nice tractor pull or two if I had the chance.

One cool thing that you should know about the Indiana State Fair is that my brother Kyle is it’s official chairman and although I have no idea what that actually means, I do know that it includes him making an important opening speech during the first day that the fair is open to the public. Well, this is the first year that Kyle has had a beautiful new baby to show off, so he decided to take advantage of the opportunity to show little Adah to the rest of the world by holding her while he opened up this year’s state fair installment to the masses.

There  are a couple of cool things that happened as he held baby Adah during his speech:

  1. He was able to show the world (well, at least Indiana) the new tomato-themed outfit that my mom hand made for Adah to wear for the occasion (they gave my mom a shout-out in the caption, see below). You can see the outfit over here in this photo that was taken after the speech. I also have posted it below for you to check out. The outfit is themed Red Gold because they’re a very important Indiana-based company that is also a HUGE supporter of  the State Fair each year. If you ask me, it’s about the best product plug that I’ve ever seen.
  2. Adah was able to have her picture taken with this year’s Miss America, Katie Stam (who is from Indiana and who went to my alma mater, The University of Indianapolis — Woot!). You can check out that photo over here on Indy Star, too.
  3. Kyle’s wife Jill, their son Ashton and my sister’s daughter Madison also got some face time in the photos as well. You can see their photo as well over here on Indy Star.

Of course, others took notice of the fact that Kyle made the opening ceremonies a family affair. The Indy Star State Fair blog aptly named “Deep Fried Blog” had this to say about my big bro:

Red Gold is the big corporate sponsor of the fair this year, prompting state fair commission chairman Kyle Hupfer to take note of the many “tomato colored shirts” at the fair. Nothing is red, all is tomato – even the Red Gold bonnet on top of his baby, Adah, who he cradled during his remarks.

I think that it’s pretty cool that my brother did this and that my mom turned into Martha Stewart and made Adah her cute, little outfit that caught everyone’s attention. So, I guess that even though Stephanie and I couldn’t make it to the fair this year, it’s good to know that the rest of the Hupfer’s were still able to make such an impact. Can I get a YEEEE HAW to that?

Here are some of the photos that I linked to above, as well as a bonus shot of this year’s official Indiana State Fair fat-filled delicacy, chocolate covered bacon.

Wow, we have a lot to catch up on…

There is SO much that Stephanie and I need to catch all of you up on – this has been quite the eventful vacation and we’ve barely had a minute to rest with all of the running around that we’ve done. Well, most of the holiday madness is over, which means that I can actually get on this laptop and get a little bit of much needed work done. It’s hard work coming back to Indiana to visit, but it has been so refreshing to get to see everyone after being gone for over 9 months. Like I said, a lot to catch up on.

One funny thing that I wanted to let you all know about is that as I sat here preparing myself for several hours on the laptop I opened up Pandora so that I could listen to some Coldplay and what song comes up first? Britney Spears – Toxic.

Either Pandora has a secret crush on Britney Spears that I’m not aware of or it somehow knows how much I’ve been dancing around to Britney’s new song Womanizer. Hmmm….

Will be catching you all up with plenty of pics, videos and stories that may or may not include:

A San Francisco reunion with Rev Peyton and his Big Damn Band

It’s kind of funny how as life goes on and as you get exposed to more and more exciting things your tolerance for this excitement seems to go up just the same way that your tolerance for cheep beer goes up in college. If you have been following this blog for it’s seemingly short-lived life, Steph and I have done some things that have just blown us both away. Things that afterwards we say to ourselves, “Damn, this might be hard to top…”. Well, somehow, someway we always seem to top whatever it was and end up with some amazing footage/pics/stories to prove it.

But, getting back to what I was first saying, even though we keep on trumping one amazing experience after another, the bar of awesomeness that is required to get us both super excited about doing something keeps on rising even higher and higher. So, it has been our mission to keep on finding these things that seem to always give us those little butterflies that pop up in your stomach when you are about to do something that you are truly excited for.

Lucky for us, the butterflies are basically built into the adventure that we’re taking on tonight. I mean, we’re going to see the Rev in San Francisco, California and when I say the Rev, I mean The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band. The same Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band that is from our home of Indianapolis, IN. The same Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band that makes people go insane(and sometimes naked) at their shows. The same Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band that has been traveling all over the freakin’ place in a van spreading some Big Damn Love. The same Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band that features Breezy, a crazed, washboard-shredding, facial-expression-rocking woman(who also happens to be the Rev’s lovely wife). Oh and yes, the same Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band that is led by the one and only Rev Peyton, whose guitar playing and screaming is second only to his brother, Jayme, who keeps the Rev on beat with a barrage of some ridiculously fast-paced drumming.

Did I mention how excited that Steph and I are for this show?

Anyways, here are the details on the show, if you happen to read this blog before the show tonight shoot me an email at ryan.hupfer@gmail.com and we’ll get crazy at the show together.

Where: 12 Galaxies in south San Francisco
When: Doors open at 8pm with Ha-Ha Tonka opening up at 9pm and the Rev following, probably around 10pm
How Much: Tickets are $10 online, but we’ll probably buy ours the old fashioned way – at the door when we get there.

One more thing – here is a video that I wanted to dig out of the archives for everyone to see. It’s when the Rev and crew were selling all of their stuff so that they could hit the road for good. Man, I can’t wait to see these guys.

Back Home Again in Indiana!

Yep, we took a little vacay to spend some time at home with our friends and family. My awesome roommate from college, Holly, is getting married this coming Saturday and Ryan’s 10 year High School reunion just happened to fall a week before, so we figured we had a pretty good excuse to come back to good ol’ Indy for a bit. I can’t tell you how weird it felt to fly into the Indianapolis airport and think to myself, “I’m on vacation… in Indiana” haha. What a vacation it has been though; it’s only Tuesday and we’ve had enough fun to last us for the whole week already!

Shortly after arriving we headed up to P-Town for Ryan’s high school reunion. Wow.. really is all I can say. I didn’t know that Donnie’s( a little photo for your pleasure) could hold that many crazy Pendleton Arabians at one time! You know it’s a good reunion when you didn’t even go to the high school that the reunion was celebrating and you still had the time of your life. That’s all I have to say about that :)

Last night we attended our first Mojo Monday Night at the Spot since we left for CA two months ago. It was an awesome night, and we stayed out on the deck for most of it just soaking up the fabulous Indiana summer night. It’s comforting to come home and be with your old friends again. It really makes you step back and reminisce a little about the fun times of the past, and know that you always have an incredible support group of friends at home. It’s funny how I don’t really feel homesick at all when we’re actually in California, but coming home kind of brings some of those feelings to the surface a little when you re-live your previous way of life for a bit. It’s true that you have to move away to truly come to an appreciation of your home where you grew up. I know that I’ve viewed Indiana a little differently this time around. It’s our home and it will always be here, we’ll always love it, but there’s so much left to experience and explore.

Now it’s time to go and live up the rest of our week here! More to come on our crazy Hoosier adventures :)

Saying goodbye to my home-away-from-home

I have been saying goodbye to many, many people the past few days (when I’ve had the time) and I’m sure that more than a few people are still going to have no idea that I’ve left. With so much to do in such a little amount of time, it’s been hard to communicate the message to everyone so it’s basically inevitable that some people will fall through the cracks.

But, thanks to my habit of heading there at least once a day, one group of people who I have not left in the dark on me jetting out of Indiana are my Subway ladies. Considering that I see them more than my family, I thought that getting some video of the goodbye was only appropriate so that everyone can see the bonds that I’m made with my favorite sandwich artists. Check out the video below or watch it over here on YouTube.

I Hate to say Goodbye…But I LOVE to say Hello!!

Yep… the only part about this trip that I have been dreading is finally upon us. The goodbyes. I know that nobody really likes to say goodbye to someone but I’ll argue that I might dread it just a little more than most people. Now I obviously understand that leaving does not by any means mean that we will never see all of our friends and family again…geez, but there’s still of course that aching feeling in the pit of my stomach for all of these pecial people that I won’t be seeing on a daily basis like I have for such a long time.

The friends that we have are indescribable. We’ll be saying goodbye to the most amazing group of people that I have ever had the privilege of meeting in just 3 short days… :( I can only hope that flights are being booked as I write this to come and visit us ASAP out in our new and glorious home of Palo Alto, CA. I can’t wait to start playing tour guide when we have visitors… just give me a minute to find my way around first and then we can hit up all of sweet places!!

This whole experience is SO bittersweet. There’s no question that I’ll think of and miss our sweet friends every single day while we start our new life out in Cali, an entire NATION away from everyone… but hope of meeting new people and finding awesome opportunities will definitely keep us preoccupied :) Indiana has been a crazy ride for some time now… I think we’ve lived up the past year as much as is possible in this great state. Now it’s time to head off into the sunset for our next grand adventure!!!!!!

Goodbye Indiana……….. HELLO Palo Alto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Radio Radio, WITT and smacking your friends in the face with culture

In just a few short weeks you can all probably begin to see that Stephanie and I are all about getting plugged into different types of things all over this great city of ours. As many of our friends continue to do the Tour de’ Broad Ripple every time they go out in search of cheap drink specials and Top 40 playing DJs, Stephanie and I have totally gone the other direction and have tried to experience things that aren’t so, ummm how do you say it, mainstream?

Since I can remember I have always done my best to bounce from one of these worlds to the other, which has not only given me a great & unique perspective of what all Indianapolis has to offer, but it has also allowed me to meet some amazing individuals along the way. Now I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with doing the same ‘ol same ‘ol sometimes, but I am just simply stating that it can be fun, exciting and enjoyably uncomfortable to sometime step out of the norm and to go check out something that’s fresh and exciting.

All of this thought has stemmed from Stephanie and I volunteering to emcee the fund raiser kick-off party for a soon-to-be-awesome public radio station here in Indy, WITT 91.9FM. As we were chatting with the organizers, bands and those who came out to support the cause that night we began to wonder why more of our other friends don’t get into events like the one we were having so much damn fun at. It blew our minds, really, but I must say that it doesn’t surprise me much. I mean, the cover was $7(all went to WITT), the drinks were more than $1.50 and the bar(Radio Radio in Fountain Square) isn’t on Meridian Street downtown or on the strip in Broad Ripple. I can’t be too disappointed though, it’s just how some people are I guess. But, from here on out I’m going to make even more of an effort to smack my friends in the face with some other great events like this one. There’s aways next time, right?

Also, here are a few pics from the WITT event on IndyMojo to check out when you have a few.

Polar Plunge 2008: A full day of freezin’ and fun

Stephanie and I finally decided to stay in for a night for once in our lives so that we could attempt to get a little bit of cleaning and work done. Well, Amazingly we actually accomplished both – I finished up two awesome videos that we’ve both been anxious to get put together and Stephanie graciously cleaned some dishes that were basically piled to the ceiling and making my condo smell like….ummm, well like something that you wouldn’t want a condo to smell like. This was an exceptionally kind gesture by Stephanie due to the fact that none of the dishes were actually mine(I eat Subway every day and never cook) – they were all my roommate’s doing. What an amazing woman, eh? I guess that he owes her one.

I must admit, after emceeing an event together all Friday night for the new upcoming public radio station 91.9 WITT(video coming soon) Stephanie and I were completely content with just hanging in the condo for a night. Oh, and yes, we even got some videos done for all of you to check out. Here is one that covers the entire day of the Polar Plunge that we participated for with our Team Brrrr from IndyMojo.com.

Check out the video over here on YouTube if you can’t see it below.

Also, you can check out our full interview that we rocked out before the Polar Plunge on WISH-TV Channel 8 over here in this previous post.

Rubbing elbows with Oscar

With all of the media hype that is always generated around this time of year, I am sure that you are all aware that it is one of the biggest times of the year for the entertainment industry. Well, believe it or not, I have been doing some research and all of this hype can be traced back to one name…one single name that can bring tears to people’s eyes, a huge smile upon their face and an official stamp of legitimacy for all who are graced with with it’s presence. This simple name is Oscar. No, not this Oscar, but this one.

Ok, enough about the Oscars – you’re probably starting to wonder what this has to do with Steph and I, right? Well, I’m not sure if you were aware of this, but the Academy(yes, THAT Academy) grants one official Academy Awards event per state each year that can occur during the actual Academy Awards on TV. IMAX and the United Way have hosted this event the past couple of years as a way to give the people of Indianapolis a cool way to watch the awards, all while raising some money for the United Way. The event is called Lights, Caring, Action and they wanted Steph and I to be the dinner emcees as well as the red carpet interviewers before the show started. Sounded fun so of course we told them that we were in.

As usual we had a blast and we met some new friends along the way – Miss Indiana USA, Brittany Mason and the always crazy Dave Smiley from The Smiley Morning Show on Z99.5. When I get a little bit of time I’m going to put together a video from the night, but until then you can check out some more pics from the event over here on IndyMojo.com.

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