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Ok, I’ll admit it. I’m an internet stalker. I’m not ashamed if it and to be quite honest I’ve met a lot of amazing people and have been able to do some amazing things because of it. I mean, I usually don’t stalk for no reason (I stalk with focus!) and I feel like the stalkee to my stalker should probably take it as a compliment that I care enough to hunt them down.

I promise I’m practically harmless and most likey the worst thing that will ever come out of me stalking you is you having to meet up with me for a beer, which is just what happened last week when I hung out with Casi who runs the sweet blog Although she initially seemed a little hesitant to meet me in the real world we ended up having an awesome time chatting and getting to know each other beyond our Twitter account and About pages. It was kinda the bomb.

So when I meet someone who’s doing super-cool stuff I like to share it with as many other people as possible, so I thought that I would ask her a few questions so we all could get to know Casi just a little bit better. If you read these and feel like I should have asked her something else, feel free to send over a tweet to her at @SFNoobs and I’m sure she’ll be more than happy to answer it. She’s cool like that.

Here goes…

HUP: Hey Casi — thanks for answering some questions for me and for not freaking out when I randomly emailed you a couple weeks ago. I really like what you’re doing with your blog, can you explain where it came from and what you’re currently using it for? Also, for all of those who don’t know — what’s a ‘noob’?

CASI: No problem-o Ryan. I’ve been known to have stalker-ish tendencies myself at times. Hence the noob part of my blog name a.k.a. someone who doesn’t know what the heck they are doing and is making every mistake and wrong turn possible. Including being a bit over zealous when it comes to making friends.

Which brings me to one of the several reasons why I started, to make some friends in my new city. Surprisingly it has worked out great, even though I have scared a few people away. I may or may not have showed up somewhere I knew another fellow blogger was hanging out so I could “accidentally” run into them and become BFF’s. Can you say s-t-a-l-k-e-r! Anyway, another reason I started this blog was to force myself to go out and explore my new City, San Francisco, and squeeze every last drop of knowledge and fun I could out of it. I share my experiences so others can learn from my mistakes, help me through my adventures, and make fun of me (which I highly encourage). This city has so many different nooks and crannies to learn about I feel like I will always be a noob here, even if I’m here until the day I die.

HUP: Just like Steph and I did a couple of years back, you decided to head out to San Francisco as a couple with your boyfriend. Why did you both think that it was a good idea to make the trip?

CASI: My boyfriend (Greg) and I are high school sweethearts, together since we were 16. We have experienced a lot with each other. Learning to drive. Graduating high school. Graduating college. Good jobs. BAD jobs (I don’t want to talk about my stint at a tanning salon). Family celebrations. Family mourning’s. Living with each other. And a million other fun (and not so fun) times. We realized if we could make it through all this always by each other’s side through the good and the bad, why not make a major life changing decision we both wanted so bad. We had visited San Francisco a few times and loved every second of it. The day we graduated college the decision was made.

HUP: I know that it took Stephanie and I a while to adjust to life in San Francisco after moving out here from the Midwest. What has been the biggest adjustment for you since making the move and do you feel like you belong in the city?

CASI: I think Greg and I have suffered the most with missing our friends and family. Everyone we have ever known is someone we grew up with. Having to start completely from scratch was really tough on us. We tried going out as often as possible to meetups, bars, festivals, and other events; but we found it to be tough to work up the courage to put ourselves out there. It was just so much easier to stay home with each other and make plans to visit LA or invite old friends to come visit us. Once I got a job I was finding myself out a lot on my own at events and parties which surprisingly made it easier for me to make friends. I have made a few friends recently that have made this experience a whole lot easier. I think this missing link is what finally made me really fit in to this city.

The first day I realized I belonged here was the first time I gave directions to someone on the street. I told all of my new friends about it and they all called me a noob for being so excited over something like that. Bring it on! Noob fo life! Ooooo tattoo idea!

HUP: Anyone who lives in San Francisco has seen their fair share of crazy things. Can you name a couple of things that have stuck out to you more than others since you’ve called San Francisco your home?

CASI: Every day I see something crazy or different or out of the ordinary in this city. At first I met these experiences with wide eyes, but now they have become the norm. Then there was that one day a few weeks ago I decided to attend the Folsom Street Fair (NSFW). This street fair DEFINITELY stuck out to me. NOT in a good way. There are images engrained in my brain I can never unsee. *shutter*

HUP: You have written a lot of posts over on SanFranciscoNoobs. This might be asking too much, but can you link me to your favorite 3 posts that you can think of off the top of your head? Give it your best shot, I won’t judge.

CASI: Lucky me, I have already done this for ya! On our one year anniversary in San Francisco I wrote a post summing up everything I have done in San Francisco. My favorite things are listed in order from 1-10 and the rest is somewhat a free for all. So, instead I’ll just give you the top 3 things I have done since the one year anniversary post.

1. House of Air
2. Outside Lands
3. Bikram Yoga

Take note that the Folsom Street Fair is not in my top 3…

HUP: I know that one of the things that Stephanie and I love most about San Francisco are the amazing events that always seem to be going on. I’m sure that like us, you’ve gone to your fair share of events, too. Which ones have been your favorites?

CASI: As you may have noticed on my blog I talk a lot about beer. When we moved to San Francisco I found a new love for this tasty beverage and its wide variety and culture. So one of my favorite events in San Francisco of course surrounds the greatness of beer, specifically one brand of beer that has a good variety of brews: The Tour de Fat sponsored by Fat Tire. The festival celebrates two great things in this city, beer and bicycle riding.

I would send you a link to a post I have written, but as you may have noticed from my lack of posts the last few weeks wifi has been scarce since I’m in between houses at the moment. I will update you with a big roundup up post I have been writing during this lull, including pics/vids from this awesome festival.

HUP: Well, that’s all I have for you, Casi -thanks for taking the time to chat with me and please feel free to leave us with some randomness to close out this interview. I know you’re good at that.

CASI: The following question was asked of me recently by two close friends, “How many times do you think you use the word balls in a day?” This was brought on because I have a tendency to throw the words “balls” and “sauce” (that’s what she said) to the end of most words. In case you would like to learn a few of these gems I leave you with this: Thanks Ryan for this awesome-sauce of an interview. Your questions were amaze-balls! And, I didn’t know how to fit this one in, but … sweet-balls.

Getting our hair did at Style Salon in Broad Ripple, IN

When Stephanie and I got back to Indiana one of the first things that we did was make an appointment to get our hair did with our friend Jamie at Style Salon in Broad Ripple. I was WAY overdue (I hadn’t got mine cut since before our wedding) and Stephanie was looking for a little bit of a change (as you’ll see in the video below). I also needed to get mine chopped off due to the fact that I was going to be in my man Tony’s wedding down in Seymour, IN and I didn’t want to look like Shaggy from Scooby Doo while I was standing up there in my tux.

As with most things that Stephanie and I do, we had a lot of fun getting our hair cut and it was really great to hang out and catch up with Jamie while she did her thing. Also, we caught some of the highlights on video, which you can see below or over here on YouTube (it feels good to do some video again!).

Check out Four Paws Photography (because pets need great pics, too!)

You know, with all of the technology that us humans have access to these days we tend to take it for granted that we can take some ‘Facebook profile worthy” photos of ourselves at practically any moment. We all have cell phone cams, digital cams and video cams that can fit into our pockets, so getting a great pic or video of ourselves only takes a few seconds. Then, a couple of moments later they can all be uploaded, emailed, tweeted and sent to any family member, friend, co-worker or whoever else we want (and potentially don’t want) to see them.

But, what about our pets? When do they get some photo love? I mean, don’t you think that your dog, cat, iguana, rat, pig or whatever else you have hanging around in your life deserves to get some fantastic shots taken of them, too? Of course, we can snap a few pics of them here and there, but what if they want something that’s a little bit nicer than your average snapshot? What can you do then?

As far as getting the most amazing photos of your dog goes (and I’m sure other pets, too if you asked nicely), I know the perfect person who can help you out. Especially if you happen to be in the bay area. Amanda Bradshaw, owner of Four Paws Photography, is the best dog-loving, great-picture-taking pet photographer that I have ever met and if you need some proof, just check out her blog The Daily Puglet. Yep, Amanda’s a fellow Pug owner and as you’ll see on her blog (and below), she takes some incredible shots of both Puglet and her Dalmatian, named Dutch.

Here are a few of my favs that Amanda has posted on The Daily Puglet:

A Pug named MoonWalk that was decked out for Christmas

Amanda’s non-Pug, Dutch

Amanda’s Pug, Puglet, shows off his incredible will power

Pug twins? Frank on the left and Puglet on the right

So, if you’re wanting to get some sweet shots of your non-human best friend, give Amanda a shout and she’ll take care of you. Be sure to tell her Hup and Steph sent you. :)