Holy crap, that’s Jeff Bezos.

I just wanted to give all of you a quick reason why I was so excited to move out to Silicon Valley – check out the image below of the line-up for Startup School 2008, which was held over at Stanford last Saturday. There were some SUPER heavy hitters that presented there like Jeff Bezos (uber billionaire who created Amazon.com) and Marc Andreesson (created Netscape among other many million-dollar making startups). Including myself, there were like over 650+ geeks in attendance and the air was full of Silicon Valley hopes and dreams. Check out the presenter lineup of the day below and you’ll see what I’m talking about and if you want more info on the event check out this post over on TechCrunch.com.

Playing with PhotoCrank on Facebook.

First off, I should probably let all of you know that until I get a blog set up over at PhotoCrank I will be using this blog as a sort of testing ground for some ideas and thoughts that I come up with. For example, below is first a screen shot of a comment that I saw one of my Facebook friends Nicky left on her other friend’s pic. It basically said that they wanted to be Photoshop’d into a pic that was posted and a light went off in my head. After seeing this I quickly realized that this could be a quick and easy way to use PhotoCrank, so below I did just what she asked – in a PhotoCrank sort of way. Let me know what you think.