A great night for a walk in San Francisco

We’re not really sure why, but the weather here in San Francisco was BE-A-UTIFUL tonight. So nice, in fact, that Stephanie and I decided that it would be a waste if we didn’t take advantage of it by taking a nice, long walk. Pulling ourselves away from the TV/laptop for the night gave us a great chance to catch up with each other after being gone from each other the past couple of weeks (I was in Austin, TX for South by Southwest Interactive and Stephanie was in Hawaii visiting her friends).

We took off not knowing where we were going to go and ended up walking nearly 3 miles and talking about all kinds of different stuff along the way. After getting back we both agreed that we should definitely do something like this much more often.

Check out where we walked in the map below.

Taking Frank to Fort Funston in San Francisco

One of the most obvious benefits of living in the Bay Area is the beautiful beaches. Duh, that’s pretty much a no-brainer and although Stephanie and I probably don’t take advantage of this fact as much as we should, we have definitely spent our fair share of time in the sand.

But, this past weekend was the first time that we’ve ever been to Fort Funston, which is one of San Francisco’s only dog beaches. I call it a ‘dog beach’ because unlike most beaches where you can walk around your 4-legged friend only if they’re on a leash, this beach allows them to run around as free as the day they were born. This, paired with the fact that beach is ridiculously beautiful, results in a beach that is literally covered up with dogs and the humans that happen to bring them there.

We had a lot of fun taking Frank there and even though he got stuck in the sand after the tide caught him (and myself) off guard (which really freaked out Stephanie), I’m sure he’d be more than happy to make another trip back there anytime we’re willing to take him.

Check out the video of our day at Fort Funston below or over here on YouTube and also be sure to take a look at the shots of Frank that I snapped at the beach. Just when you thought that the little sausage link couldn’t get any cuter….geez.

Check out Four Paws Photography (because pets need great pics, too!)

You know, with all of the technology that us humans have access to these days we tend to take it for granted that we can take some ‘Facebook profile worthy” photos of ourselves at practically any moment. We all have cell phone cams, digital cams and video cams that can fit into our pockets, so getting a great pic or video of ourselves only takes a few seconds. Then, a couple of moments later they can all be uploaded, emailed, tweeted and sent to any family member, friend, co-worker or whoever else we want (and potentially don’t want) to see them.

But, what about our pets? When do they get some photo love? I mean, don’t you think that your dog, cat, iguana, rat, pig or whatever else you have hanging around in your life deserves to get some fantastic shots taken of them, too? Of course, we can snap a few pics of them here and there, but what if they want something that’s a little bit nicer than your average snapshot? What can you do then?

As far as getting the most amazing photos of your dog goes (and I’m sure other pets, too if you asked nicely), I know the perfect person who can help you out. Especially if you happen to be in the bay area. Amanda Bradshaw, owner of Four Paws Photography, is the best dog-loving, great-picture-taking pet photographer that I have ever met and if you need some proof, just check out her blog The Daily Puglet. Yep, Amanda’s a fellow Pug owner and as you’ll see on her blog (and below), she takes some incredible shots of both Puglet and her Dalmatian, named Dutch.

Here are a few of my favs that Amanda has posted on The Daily Puglet:

A Pug named MoonWalk that was decked out for Christmas

Amanda’s non-Pug, Dutch

Amanda’s Pug, Puglet, shows off his incredible will power

Pug twins? Frank on the left and Puglet on the right

So, if you’re wanting to get some sweet shots of your non-human best friend, give Amanda a shout and she’ll take care of you. Be sure to tell her Hup and Steph sent you. :)

Coincidence? I think not…

The past few days have been a little crazy around here due to the fact that Stephanie’s family is in town as well as her best friend and boyfriend. We always love having people visit so that we can go do some of the more touristy stuff that we never seem to get around to doing when we’re just hanging out together (as well as stuff we’ve done before, but still love doing again).

I’ll get more into all of this later in posts that are soon-to-come, but I will say that the highlight has definitely been finally getting to go check out Napa Valley yesterday. Napa is an amazing place and the fact that it’s only about an hour or so away makes me wonder why we had never gone before, but thanks to our family and friends being in San Francisco we were able to finally cross it off our to-do list.

The one thing that I wanted to post up really quick (after that somewhat lengthy introduction), is a pic that I shot on my phone as we were cruising through China Town today (which is always a good time). As we were looking though some of the many cheap trinkets, souvenirs and other odd things we found a rack of small, California license plates that you can buy with your name on them. After a few seconds of looking through the racks for our names, we ended up finding them at the same time. See the pic below to see what they looked like.


Coincidence? I think not. :)

Checking out the amazing sign spinners from Aarrow Ads

jumpropecokeOne of the great things about working up here in San Francisco is that I get to walk into the office, which means that I pretty much get to see something that’s interesting, odd, weird, cool, crazy or just down right gross every single day. For some of you out there that might seem like a bad thing, but for me it’s one of the things that makes it awesome to live here in the Bay Area. Pretty much anything goes and just when you think that you’ve seen something that couldn’t possible be topped, it always does — and that’s pretty much the essence of living in SF. After a living here for a while it’s funny how pretty much nothing ever really makes you do a double-take anymore.

Well, almost nothing.

On my way into work each morning I walk past the Moscone Center, which is the HUGE convention center here in San Francisco and every few days there is a new event coming into town that attracts literally tens of thousands of people. Last week the big event to hit Moscone was DreamForce, which is SalesForce.com‘s yearly, global conference. Well, if you’re not into the events and conference scene (which, I’m guessing most of you aren’t), basically what happens is a bunch of people pay a lot of money (or their company does) to go meet, mingle and ‘network’ with others who are also in their same line of business so that relationships can be built and some big deals can go down in an old-fashioned, face-to-face sort of way.

Along with the thousands of people who attend these conferences, several businesses also buy up really expensive booths (usually several thousand dollars a piece) as a way to promote their businesses in hopes of working some serious deals as well. It’s a very interesting sort of business eco-system that has gone on for years and years.

Anyways, these businesses that invest their money into getting some booth space are always trying to find new ways to get more and more foot traffic. Some rent semis that pull billboards with their booth number prominently displayed, some hire booth babes to promote their goods and some have even gone as far as attaching tiny banner ads to real, live flies and letting them fly around the convention center (for real).

As with anything else in San Francisco, just when I thought that I had heard or seen all of the crazy ways for these businesses to promote their booths, I ran in to a couple of out-of-this-world sign spinners who were hired from Aarrow Ads, a company that specializes in taking ‘holding a sign’ to a whole new level. After seeing them do their thing for a few minutes, I couldn’t help but stop and get some videos of the guys who were literally causing a scene on the sidewalks outside of Moscone Center. Check out these videos and you’ll see what I mean.

p.s. if you couldn’t tell, the company that was promoting themselves was Jigsaw (who were apparently in booth #1112). I thought that I should at least give them a mention since they paid for the entertainment. :)

Showing our Indiana heritage on Halloween with some hillbilly love (kissin’ cousinz)

img_0886Considering that we didn’t end up doing anything last year on Halloween (yeah, we were super lame, but still OK with it), Stephanie and I were both looking to kick it up a notch this year in the costume department. After thinking about different options that we could potentially pull off together as a couple, we came up with an idea that we felt would not only pay homage to our Indiana roots, but would also be able to stand out here in San Francisco (which, as you can probably imagine, isn’t very easy). The costume that we decided to go with was a good, old-fashioned hillbilly theme, which we modified to be ‘kissin’ cousinz’, since Stephanie and I are now officially husband and wife (doesn’t that sound awesome?).

When becoming a believable hillbilly there are a few things that you need to make sure are part of your outfit as they are practically critical to your overall redneck transformation. These things include:

  1. Billy Bob teeth
  2. Bad hair (mullet for the guys, overly dyed blonde for the ladies)
  3. Lots of cut-offs (jeans, shirts, etc.)
  4. Real-world props (6-pack of Budweiser tallboys, Marlboro Reds, paper bags for you beers, bad makeup)
  5. A redneck swagger and accent (this is hard to perfect if you have never been or been  around a hillbilly)
  6. Wife-beaters, camouflage anything and bandannas (anything with the American flag on it is a plus)


So, after we got all of these various things together and got into the mindset of being a true redneck, we were ready to go show San Francisco a little bit of our hillbilly side. Check out the video below or over here on YouTube to see us in action and yes, of course we stayed in character for the entire night. You’re not really a true hillbilly if you only look like one! Yeee haw!

Social media makes it more than just a fight between two women on a Muni bus in San Francisco (my thoughts on this whole crazy situation)

beavis-and-butt-head-fightingToday one of my co-workers IM’d me a video of two women that got into a fight on a Muni bus here in San Francisco yesterday morning. It’s funny because when I saw this video just a couple of hours ago I started wondering how long it would take before it took off virally through the interwebs. It has all of the elements of viral video gold: violence, undercover cams, no one helping out and to top it off some nice racial tension as one of the women in the video is Asian and one is African American. Put all of these together along with today’s connective technology and you get more than just another fight on a bus (yeah, it happens all the time), you get a newsworthy topic that will be seen by way more people than who were riding on that bus yesterday morning.

Check out the video below or over here on YouTube and then read some of my comments below to see what I think about this whole user-generated content fueled, crazy mess.

First, here is the original video that was shot:

Yeah, it was a pretty wild scene, but probably nothing that most of the people who were riding that day haven’t seen before. Even if you watch the video you see that the reason that the guy shooting the video didn’t want to break it up was because he was assaulted on the same bus just a couple weeks before.

Here are a few things that I have noticed thought about and picked up on since I first saw this video today:

  1. The video was only watched just over 1,000 times when I saw it around 4:30pm today and now at 7:30pm it’s been viewed over 111,000 times. Yeah, crazy news travels fast.
  2. It’s amazing that all of the people that were standing around these two women didn’t break this thing up way before it got to the point where they started throwing fists. Coming from Indiana, this is what blows me away about a big city. No one is willing to step out of their comfort zone to say hello, to help someone out or in this case to break up a fight.
  3. Just a couple of days ago I was talking to someone about Muni and they told me that Asian women are very particular about how they should be given an open seat if there’s one available and how any younger Asian people always get up and give up their seat when older Asians need somewhere to sit down. I guess they were right.
  4. This video was uploaded by a new iPhone 3Gs that had video, which shows you just how much more video is going to be uploaded now that they’re video capable (and how most people won’t even know that they’re being recorded). Big brother is definitely watching now.
  5. The video is already being teased for the 11 o’clock news here in San Francisco and it’s also already on their websites. Yeah, that was quick.
  6. The video has already been re-uploaded and translated so that we can all know what the Asian woman is saying the entire time. That particular video has already been viewed over 20,000 times. If you want to know what really was being said, check it out below or over here on YouTube.

All of this in just a matter of hours and from a guy with an iPhone. Pretty wild, huh?

A sweet shout-out from the Anti-Bride for our colorful wedding awesomeness

Check out the super sweet shout-out that our fellow SF superstar Carolyn Gerin posted about me and Stephanie’s wedding awesomeness over here on the Anti-Bride blog.

Can you feel the love? We sure can.

Now THIS is how you get picked up from the airport! (some fun with our roomie, Nic Engel)

nicWe haven’t talked a lot about the phenomenon that is our roommate, Nic Engel, but I’m starting to think that we should add a new section on this blog just for all of the amazingly wacky things that he does on a day-to-day basis. He’s by far one of the most randomly creative people that I have ever met and he never fails to surprise me with the awesome ideas that he comes up with.

For instance, Nic was coming to pick Stephanie and I up at the San Francisco Airport (SFO) a couple days ago and after we had grabbed our luggage and texted him that we were ready to roll out, he said that he’s be there in 3 minutes to grab us. It had been a long couple of weeks of traveling, a wedding, a honeymoon and lots of flight time, so needless to sat Stephanie and I were both ready to get back to the SOMA Shack (our condo) for some much needed rest. All we were expecting from Nic was a normal, everyday airport pick-up, but of course he had to go and take something that’s so simple and ‘normal’ and kick it up a notch to a level that he was a little more, ummm…comfortable with.

You see, to us we were just getting picked up from the airport after being gone for 2 weeks. But, to Nic we were getting picked up after being gone FOR 2 WEEKS and we were also COMING BACK TO AMERICA AFTER BEING OUT OF THE COUNTRY FOR MANY, MANY DAYS!!! I use capitals because that’s really the only way that I can do this airport pick-up justice.

When Nic pulled up in Gloria (that’s what we call our black Pontiac G6) with the windows rolled down while blasting a CD of an African children’s choir that Stephanie and I had got from church, it didn’t really surprise me…but, it did surprise me when he started screaming “WELCOME TO AMERICA!!” while jumping out of the car and looking like a crazy Mexican Mayan Indian warrior  that was wearing a lei and holding two juggling pins. Oh, he was also wearing a red, white and blue “Happy 4th of July!” crown that Stephanie made in her preschool class, which I thought was a nice touch. :)

As the other people who were innocently standing on the curb waiting to get picked up watched in shock/horror, Nic threw the lei around Stephanie’s neck and slapped the 4th of July crown on my head. Then while screaming “WELCOME TO AMERICA — THE LAND OF OPPORTUNITY!!” he grabbed our luggage and threw it into the back seat. The tribal markings that he had drawn all over his face and body with green, black and brown markers were also looking fabulous and they definitely added a lot to the overall entertainment value of the airport pick-up and it was good to see that Nic didn’t slack on any of the details (he never does).

I’m a little sad that I didn’t get video of this whole thing, but I did get a good picture of what he looked like, which is probably good enough to give you an idea of what I’m talking about. Check it out below and enjoy all that is Nic Engel. Oh, and don’t worry, there’s a lot more where this came from.


Stay Frank, staaaay….now come here! (Frank learns to listen)

Now that we’ve had Frank (aka the amazing little ball of awesome dog joy and happiness) for a couple of months now I guess that it’s about time to show off some of the sweet tricks that I’ve been teaching him. Well, since I didn’t really have any of those, I figured that the next best thing was just to show something that could potentially be viewed as a trick. If nothing else this at least shows a little bit of obedience on his end, even though I have had to give him like 170 treats to get him to come to me on command. You can even tell that he was expecting a treat after he ran up to me, but hey — it’s the end result that counts and I think it’s pretty cool.

Take a look at the video below and let me know what you think. Smart little guy, isn’t he?

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