A new video series called VICARIOUSLY

One thing that I’ve always loved to do with video is have other people shoot the video by themselves in whatever situation they are in and then edit up the story of the video myself. It’s not that I don’t like shooting video all of the time (well, it does suck sometimes), but it’s the fact that I get WAY better video when I’m not there in people’s face shooting it.

The first time that I ever tried this idea was when I was doing a series of videos that I called From MySpace To YourSpace. Here’s one that I did with my buddy Sexy Steve (who mows yards during the day and drums for several bands) and here’s another one that I did with my buddy Matt (who manages cage fights).

There’s just something about letting someone shoot the video themselves that makes the story so much better. People end up being much more relaxed and in turn the video that they shoot is just that much more real and interesting. I basically let them get the great video from their own, comfortable perspective and then I create the story out of it. Also, the people who shoot the video get a kick out of seeing the final, produced video that ends up coming together from the random clips of video that they shot.

So, this time around I’m calling the series ‘VICARIOUSLY’, because this is an amazing way for me to live vicariously through the people who shoot the video. This first video that I put together is from my homie Bobby, who loves to snowboard Lake Tahoe and was willing to shoot a few videos for me while he was there. He ended up getting some great stuff and I was more than happy to put it together for him.

Check out the first VICARIOUSLY video below or over here on YouTube when you get a couple minutes and I’d love to hear what you think of it. Also, if you would like for me to put together a VICARIOUSLY video for you, tell me what you’d like to get video of below in the comments. Enjoy!