Experiencing a rare moment of thunder and lightning in San Francisco

Before living in San Francisco a thunderstorm was pretty much second nature for us. But, since moving out to the Bay Area nearly 3 years ago we have yet to see one until today and man are people freaking out about it. I decided to go check out Twitter to see what some of the other people here in SF had to say about the rare appearance of thunderstorm and here’s what I found:


To show you just how rare it really it to have a thunderstorm like this show up in San Francisco, check out the last tweet at the bottom of the image above:


Wow, according to this guy it’s only thunder stormed 3 times in the last 7 years.

One thing to also note is that even though this is in fact a real thunderstorm that’s happening right now in San Francisco, it’s still nothing compared to what you would see in the Midwest. To get a good since of what a real thunderstorm looks like in Indiana (including hail), check out this video that I put together way back in the day.

For some reason I thought that it was a good idea to go chase a storm and I luckily ended up getting the last spot under an awning at a gas station near my old condo in Indianapolis. It wouldn’t have been good to get stuck out in this — watch the video below and you’ll see what I mean.

Steph goes psycho on my hair

This is just a glimpse of what Stephanie did to me last Saturday. Once I can gather together more of my thoughts I’ll post some more of the details. Until then, enjoy the video of what happened.


Why I would vote for Kyle Hupfer if I still lived in Indiana (even if he wasn’t my brother)


As many of you probably know by now (especially those of you in Indiana), my brother Kyle Hupfer is running for a public office in Indiana. More specifically, he’s running for a spot in the Indiana House District 37, which covers the area you see below in Madison County. You can also check out what District 37 covers in Indiana over here on this Google Map.


Up until now I haven’t really been involved in my brother’s campaign due to a few reasons such as:

1. I don’t live in Indiana anymore (I’ve been living in California for nearly 3 years now).

2. I don’t have a political bone in my body. Really, I don’t.

3. I didn’t want to screw up his campaign like Chris Farley’s character almost did for his brother in that movie Black Sheep (vote for Al Donnelly + KILL WHITEY!).

4. I don’t really like to wear the color red (it makes me look even more pale than I already am).

But, even though I haven’t been that involved Stephanie and I did get the chance to help my brother out and represent team Hupfer in one of the gajillion small town parades that he walked in this past Summer. The pic below shows me, Stephanie, my sister Angie, my bro and other friends and family who came out to help the cause. Yeah, I know — we’re a good looking crew (and yes, I do look really pale in the red t-shirt).


With the election coming up soon I wanted to give some of my thoughts on Kyle and why, even though I’m not very politically minded, I would still give him my vote if I lived in the District 37 area. Here are a few reasons why I think that Kyle is the right guy for the job that mostly have nothing to do with the fact that he’s my brother. These reasons are more based on his character and what I’ve grown to respect about him outside of being part of my family and an awesome brother (most of the time).

He loves District 37 and the people who live there
I know that his competition has made a lot of noise about the fact that Kyle and his family moved a whopping 20 or so miles back to Pendleton so that he could run for the District 37 spot, but the fact of the matter is that the Hupfer’s are as Pendleton, Madison County and District 37 as any family could possibly be. My grandma still lives there, my mom grew up there (and still lives there with my dad) and I was raised there and listed it as my home address up until college.

Me and the rest of my family have deep, deep roots not only in Pendleton, but all over Madison County and if any other family wants to go head-to-head with how many miles we’ve driven in and around Madison Country while going to every gym and field you could rattle off I’d love to hear it. Bottom line: saying that my brother is out of touch with the area is ridiculous — just ask the regulars at Donnie’s, they’ll tell ya.

He has the state’s best interests at heart
I’m not sure if anyone’s noticed this or not, but my brother does not have to run for this seat in the house. In fact, he’s out knocking on doors, walking in parades, throwing fundraisers, speaking at various events and who knows what else all during his free time (which he doesn’t have a lot of to begin with). Oh, and he’s doing this all while raising a family with his wife and helping run a multi-million dollar business as a senior level executive.

I’m not exactly sure how much my brother’s time is worth, but it’s A LOT and to be spending so much of it doing all of the little things that it takes to win a local election like this not only shows the high level of his character, but also his dedication and willingness to doing things the right way.

He’s going to stand up for his beliefs
I’ve met a lot of hard-headed people in my life, but none of them compare to what Kyle brings to the table (which is why he’s a ridiculously good lawyer) and even though he always thinks he’s right, he recognizes when he’s not and is willing to hear others out on their opinions. Whether what you have to say will actually change his mind is a crap shoot, but he’ll listen to you and tell you why he thinks what he thinks and will then make the best possible decision given the information he has been exposed to.

I mean, that’s what government officials are for, right? We all think we’re right all the time, but there’s got to be someone who can weigh all sides of an issue and be able to put their personal interests and emotions aside in order to make the best decision possible. If Kyle isn’t that guy, then I don’t know who is.

He understands business, education and many other important issues
You want someone who knows a lot about business and managing a budget? Check out what my brother did at the Department of Natural Resources for the two years that he was there and how much money he saved Indiana taxpayers in the process. Not to mention how he’s helping manage and make decisions for Proliance, which is part of Vectren, which just happens to be one of Indiana’s largest businesses and employers. Speaking of business, you need to look no further than our dad Clarence if you want to hear the voice of a business owner, entrepreneur and someone who knows how money should be managed. Yep, Kyle pretty much has the business thing covered.

Maybe you want to talk about education? Well, the Hupfer family is packed full of teachers and if you visit the Pendleton Elementary school you should definitely check out the library. It’s named after my grandma, Ruth Honnold who taught there for more years than I can count. So yeah, Kyle also knows all about education and with his kids now making their way into the Pendleton schools he’s going to make sure that it gets the attention it deserves.

There are many other reasons why I would vote for my brother if I still lived in Pendleton, but I guess that this gives you a good look into some of the reasoning behind my choice. If you want to find out more about what Kyle stands for I suggest that you go check out his website KyleHupfer.com and his Facebook page (which he surprisingly uses quite well and often). He also has a lot of commercials running on TV (which I think are a little cheesy, but are needed) and has a few other videos on the interwebs which you can watch below or over here on YouTube.

Kyle talks about why he thinks he’s the man for the job

Kyle takes some Q&A from the people of Pendleton (my hometown)

Kyle’s closing thoughts during his first debate

Kyle’s first commercial (I like this one because he does the voice over)

Kyle’s second commercial (can you say cheesy?)

With that I’ll step off of my virtual soapbox (which I don’t step up on very often) and will let you make your own judgments about who’s best for Indiana. You know who I’m rooting for.

Showing Las Vegas how to karaoke


A week or so ago I had the pleasure of hanging out with Jason Shen and John Ramey in Las Vegas. No, it wasn’t some crazy weekend trip — it was actually for work as we were all attending BlogWorld for isocket (it was my third straight year going). The conference is always awesome and as with the other years I got to meet some really cool people who are doing really interesting things on the internets.

Although the trip is always exhausting it never fails that I walk away with a handful of new relationships with people who are doing way cooler things than I could ever do. For real.

For the last couple of years as BlogWorld comes to an end there is always a wrap-up party that’s put on by the awesome people at TechKaraoke (which is just what it sounds like — tech people+karaoke) and this year bash was at a sweet, Las Vegas concert venue called the Pearl Theater at the Palms and there was a live band to back up all of the singers.

Once Jason and I figured out what the dealio was we got signed up and after about 2 hours of waiting and $20 of bribing we eventually made our way up on stage to sing Brown Eyed Girl (how typical, huh?). What happened after that is a little difficult to put into words, which is why I have included a video and some pics of the epic performance below. Enjoy the show and if you can’t see the video you can check it out over here on Vimeo.

The biggest crowd pleaser of our karaoke awesomeness was definitely not our singing — it was when Jason started doing handstand push-ups on stage while still singing. Let me tell ya, there are definitely perks to going on stage with the ex-captain of a national champion gymnastics team. Just sayin’.

Yeah, this pic is good enough to be posted twice.


A HUGE thanks goes out to Renee Blodgett from MagicSauceMedia for snapping and uploading all of these pics. I would be so sad if I didn’t have proof of what happened that night up on stage.



The history of rap with Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake

Now this is awesome. I was actually really surprised with how much Jimmy Fallon killed this. He might have a future as a rapper?

Pandora does its job, finds me a new band I’ve never heard of

I have been listening to Pandora for a few years now and I listen to it a lot.

I would even go out on a limb and say that I might listen to it a little too much sometimes, especially ever since they started making mobile apps (which meant that I no longer had to drag my laptop into the shower with me). I listen to it at work, I listen to it in the car and yes, I actually do listen to it while I’m in the shower. Pandora gives me a pace to my life and it does it in a fantastically useful and easy-to-use way.

Anyways, one of the other reasons why I love Pandora is that it helps me discover other bands that I would have never listened to before. I’m a guy who listens to the radio a little bit, hasn’t ever bought an MP3 and who doesn’t even own an iPod, which means that about 95% of my music is coming from Pandora (and a little bit from GrooveShark here lately), so it’s basically up to them to help me get out of my music comfort zone.

Tonight Pandora did just that and I’m happy to say that I have a new band that I’ve listed to my favorites because of it. They’re called The Temper Trap and they’re a UK band that I’m really starting to like. Here is the song that I heard on Pandora (while I was listening to the Vampire Weekend station) that initially got me interested in The Temper Trap. It’s called Sweet Disposition and it’s really growing on me.

Taking Boomer and Frank to Fort Funston Beach

If you’re a dog owner, then you’re probably familiar with the the give-and-take of dog sitting. What I mean by this is that any when you have a dog there are going to be times when you need someone to watch your little, 4-legged bundle of joy and there will also be times when you’ll have to return the favor by watching theirs. It happens this way because the only people who will ever even think about watching your dog will have to be both a dog owner and dog lover as well.

Bottom line: if you ever want to be able to go somewhere without your dog coming along then you’re going to have to watch some other people’s dogs as payback. They’ll mostly be dogs that you know and it can actually be a lot of fun, but nonetheless you’re going to have to do some doggy sitting sooner or later.

I wanted to throw out this little insight about doggy sitting because as I type this my homeboy (and co-worker) John Ramey is back in Indiana on vacation and Stephanie and I have been watching his dog — a cute 4 1/2 year-old Chow Corgi named Boomer. We’ll be watching her for another few days until John gets back into town and I’ve got to say that it’s going to be hard to give her up. The funny thing about this is that Boomer has been our office dog for nearly a year, but I don’t think that we’ve ever really bonded until just this past week while Stephanie and I have been watching her.

So, needless to say, Stephanie, Frank, Boomer and myself have been hanging out a lot. One of the more fun things that we’ve done is head over to Fort Funston Beach (a dog-friendly beach that we’ve been to before)  so that we all could go run and play next to the ocean. As always, it was a lot of fun and both Boomer and Frank ended up running themselves until they could barely even run anymore.

I snapped some pics and created a video story about our day at the beach (that reminds Stephanie of The Night Before Christmas) — check ’em out below.

Celebrating our 1 year anniversary in Monterey, CA

Check out this video of our bike riding adventure in Monterey, CA this past weekend. We headed down there to celebrate our 1 year anniversary and it was so awesome that I’m now too tired at work on Monday to even tell you all about it. That will have to happen some other time.

Frank The Amazing Pug: Rolling Over

I thought that it was about time to show off some of Frank’s amazing skills, so here is a video of him rolling over. I’ve been working on this with him for a few weeks now and he’s pretty much got it down. Pugs will do anything for food, so it actually wasn’t that hard to teach him. :)

The best dancer in Las Vegas?

As Stephanie and I were celebrating at Carnaval Court in Vegas after our Wheel of Fortune audition we were lucky enough to get there in time to see this guy dancing. I’m not really sure why we both loved watching him so much, but I remember that Stephanie kept saying ‘This makes me so happy…” over and over again. He does have some sweet moves and when we were chatting with one of the singers of the band he told us that this guy was dancing like this all day long.

I know that if I’m ever having a bad day and need something to give me a laugh, I’ll always be able to watch this video for a guaranteed pick-me-up. Check out the guy getting his groove on below or over here on YouTube.

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