Vote like you’ve never voted before, people — Frank needs YOU!

After posting this poll yesterday about which pic of Frank all of you thought was the cutest, I quickly noticed that the ‘Full Body Neutered’ pic was the crowd favorite. So, as promised, I have now officially entered Frank into the Cutest Dog Competition and now all we need to do is vote like crazy and get Mr. Squishy to the top of the charts. If you’re looking for ways to help us out, here are a few things that you could do to help the Frankster pull this thing off:

  1. Vote every, single day on as many computers/cell phones that you can find. Get after it. You’ll have to register the first time with your email, but then you’re good to go.
  2. If you have a blog, please post something short and sweet about Frank’s aspirations for being named the cutest dog, ever. A few sentences, along with the code below (will display a voting option for Frank on your blog, as shown below).
  3. If you have a Twitter account and you would like to spread the word about Frank’s awesomeness that way, click this link to Tweet it out.
  4. If you would like to tell your Facebook friends about Frank Daddy and his plans for cute dog domination, click here to send something out.

Thanks head of time for all of your help and as usual, we are already behind, so the sooner that we can push this out, the better! Go Frank, go!!
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Entering Frank into the Cutest Dog Competition, but first we need your help (which pic is cutest? vote now!)

Considering that this is the last official week of the Cutest Dog Competition and that there are only like 5 days left for all of you crazies to vote (yes, you’re crazy and you are going to vote for Frank — a lot), I figured that it was about time to get Frank officially signed up so that we can all get him closer to winning the first place prize, which is $1 million bucks (whoa). But, first things first and before I go soliciting every single person that I can to vote for Frank, I need to make sure that we have picked the right photo that represents his incredible, yet sometimes nearly sickening amount of cuteness.

So, I have posted a few pics below and whichever one we collectively decide is the cutest is the one that I’m going to post over on the Cutest Dog Contest’s website. This is an important step because if we don’t get the right pic posted on there, the general public might not realize just how cute Frank really is. Which, of course, would also mean that the $1 million smackers would eventually be awarded to some other dog out there who isn’t nearly as deserving as the Frankster.

When you get a chance, check out the pics below and vote to let us know which photo you think is the cutest of them all:

Option #1: Frank On The Couch

Option #2: Censored Frank

Option #3: Frank’s Neutered Face

Option #4: Frank Neutered Full Body

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The people have spoken and Stephanie is pretty excited about it

Last week me and Stephanie went to go check out the selection of glasses after I found out that my vision isn’t exactly what it used to be. We had so much fun trying on practically every pair of glasses in the store, we decided to snap some pics of me wearing them and let all of you vote on which pair you thought that I should end up buying.

One of the funny things that happened after the votes started rolling in is that even though neither one of us let anyone know what our favorite overall glasses were, all of you who voted actually gave the most votes to the two pairs that we had our eyes on. Also, I was pretty surprised that the voting mob didn’t get any more crazy than they did considering that most people actually voted for their honest favorite, as opposed to voting for the most ridiculous pair that I posted(which is still up for debate).

The top-voted pair of glasses that was chosen by you fine Internet-loving, eyeglass-fashion gurus with 26 votes(46%) was #10 Classy And Educated, which also happens to be Stephanie’s favorite(figures). Coming in a distant second place with 10 votes(15%) was #5 Boxy, Square and Trendy, which was my favorite pair(even though I really dig #8 Black and Sophisticated, too which are very similar). Now that we’ve got that big decision taken care of, all we have to do now is stop back by the store and get these bad boys ordered. I have to admit though, I’m still a little torn between the top two pairs, which result in me buying them both. An early Christmas present perhaps? :)

Here are the pics of the two winners in case you need a little refresher:

#10 Classy And Educated (the overall top vote-getter and Stephanie’s fav)

#8 Black and Sophisticated (the runner-up and my fav)

Do you think that these are the glasses for me? Which pair would you pick between the two pairs? I’m still leaning towards the black ones…

Help Hup choose his new glasses by voting now

Last week I headed over to the eye doctor, or the Optometrist as most people call them, so that I could get my eyes checked out. As many of you can imagine, I spend a majority of my time staring at computer screens and I hear that this practice isn’t exactly healthy for your eyesight. I figured that the damage wasn’t too bad since I don’t have any trouble reading and using a computer, but my ability to read anything from a distance(especially at night) has really gotten pretty bad here lately. During my appointment the optometrist told me that I definitely needed some glasses, although I don’t have that strong of a prescription(R -0.75 RS L -1.00-.050 e180 if anyone’s interested).

Today me and Stephanie decided to go and get our glasses shopping on so we headed to place here in Palo Alto called Peninsula Optical Co. A really cool guy named Greg helped us out and we had a lot of fun trying on a bunch of the frames that we thought might work. Probably a little too much fun if that’s possible.

Two of the pairs were definitely our favorites, but we thought that it would be fun to see what each of you think about them, too. So, we posted pics of the some of the glasses that I tried on so that you can tell us which pair you think looks the best, too. To let us know which one you think I should buy take a look at the 15 pics below and then cast your vote at the bottom of this post. Who knows, maybe your votes will make us change our minds about the ones that we’re set on. I’ll let you know the two pairs that we like in a later post after we get some votes in. Thanks for playing along and thanks for your vote! :)

#1 Small, Black and Feminine

#2 Child Molesters

#3 Red Hot, Hip and Euro

#4 Harry Caray Retro Specials

#5 Boxy, Square and Trendy

#6 Professor Specs

#7 Euro Flashy

#8 Black and Sophisticated

#9 Euro To The Max

#10 Classy And Educated

#11 Bifocals On Crack

#12 Grandma’s Special

#13 Circles Of Ridiculousness

#14 Animal Print Gone Bad

#15 Skinnny, Yet Trendy