A preview of our soon-to-be amazing wedding photos from Gauper Photo

If you haven’t noticed already, our wedding is coming up pretty soon. Like 2 months soon. This means that in about 60 days or so Stephanie will be looking more beautiful than she ever has in her life (I’ll look pretty slick, too) and will be meeting me at the altar so that we can profess our undying love for one another. Of course, I let Stephanie know about my undying love for her every single day, but I guess that this is the more official way to do it.

One of the funny things about the big day is that even though we’re ridiculously excited to get hitched, we’re really, really excited to get our wedding pictures taken by the super-dynamic-duo known as GauperPhoto (not ‘Gooper’ or ‘Gopper’ photo). Ryan and Holly Gauper are great friends of ours and Holly was Stephanie’s roommate back in the day at Cedarville University. Stephanie was in Holly’s wedding about a year ago (check out the video below) and believe it or not she caught Holly’s bouquet and I caught her garter belt, which was a sure sign that we were going to be married soon after.

Yep, this was definitely a sign of things to come…

Well, a couple of days ago Ryan and Holly made their way down to Indianapolis from their home of Kalamazoo, MI so that we could talk some wedding details and take some sweet pre-wedding shots so that we weren’t so shocked at their photography awesomess on August 29th. Ryan and Holly had also just bought some serious lighting equipment that they wanted to play around with a bit, so we got a little wacky with some flashy fun, too.

Check out some of the shots below that we took  and be sure to become a friend of them on Facebook (friend Ryan || friend Holly) so that you see out other photos come through sometime the next few days and after our wedding. Oh, and if you didn’t notice, they have some serious skills so if you are ever looking for a great photog be sure to give ‘em a shout.

A close-up of Stephanie’s hardware

We have looooong legs

Give me the orb of light!! What a sweet shot…

My fav — in a random Indianapolis parking garage with Steph’s mom’s ride

A great shot that I took of Holly and Ryan at dinner — RIBS!

It’s about time for an update, don’t ya think?

Hey everybody!  Our apologies for the lack of posts recently.  Things have been mighty hectic out here in San Francisco recently, so now that I have a few minutes while sitting in the airport, I thought I would write up a little update.

And now for the past two weeks… by bullet

I’m on my way back home for the week to do a litte bit (actually A LOT) of wedding planning.  I have a meeting set up for every single day, but I’m certainly hoping to fill in some extra slots with some much needed friends and family time.  Unfortunately, Frank coud not join Ryan and I for the trip but he’s soaking up the good life at my co-teacher’s house for the week.  I told him he was just going to puppy day camp and that he would have the time of his life.  So far it seems to be the case :)

That’s about it for the updates… I’ll keep you all posted on the wedding planning.  Oh, and one more thing, we obviously did not make the Today Show wedding….. oh well…. we’ll have more fun at our own wedding anyway right?!

A Jam-Packed Saturday… just the way we like it.

logo_bed_bath_and_beyondTypically Ryan and I end up feeling more tired after a weekend is over than when we go into it.  We don’t like to keep things normal by utilizing the extra weekend time to catch up on some much needed rest and relaxation.  Instead I think we  see the extra two days off from work as a challenge to see how many activities we can pack into 48 hours.  We usually do a pretty good job.  Today can easily serve as example of how we like to spend our weekends.

This morning we woke up and ran 15 miles.  That’s right, 15 miles.  I don’t like to brag or anything but this time I think I will.  That’s a pretty long run and in fact, it’s the longest that Ryan and I have ever run in our entire life!  If you remember, I’m training for the San Francisco Marathon in July.  I’m following a special 18 week training program that, so far I highly recommend.  We’ll see after the race if I still recommend it, haha.  I just finished up week ten, so as you can see the weekend mileage continues to increase as the training goes on.  Ryan was supposed to run the marathon with me, but unfortunately due to his shoulder situation, he won’t be able to run :(  So far, he has been able to do most of the training with me, but that will all end on Wednesday after he has his surgery.  It’s going to be painfully hard to train on my own, so I might have to start looking for some new running partners in the city.  Out here I’m sure that wont be too hard considering the amount of runners that I’ve seen in San Francisco.  Below is a map of our run this morning, note that we basically ran all the way up to the Golden Gate Bridge. Talk about an amazing view!


Following our crazy long run and a major chow down fest at one of our favorite, nearby restaurants The Brickhouse, Ryan and I headed over to Bed Bath and Beyond to register for all of the super awesome wedding gifts that we hope to receive.   We had an amazing consultant lead us around the store and give us the low-down on every single item that he thought we would need after we’re married.  From pots and pans to toaster ovens and bedspreads we had a fabulous time zappin every item that we just had to have!  If you’d like to go ahead and buy us a gift ( come on, you know you’re just dying to) you can click right here and type in Stephanie Marnitz or Ryan Hupfer and our registery will pop up.  We selected a few items so take your pick… we’ll be happy with any of it!  Yay… bring on the presents, haha.

Our entry form has officially made it to the Today Show, but are we going to get on?

I know that Stephanie and I have been a little quiet on this blog lately, but we promise to kick it back into gear here real soon. I know that there’s no excuse four us being a little MIA, but if I could make an excuse it would have something to do with a few things, such as:

  1. This crazy Hub Challenge that I’ve started over on HubPages that is requiring me to write 100 Hubs in 30 days (I have 6 in 6 days, so I need to really step it up a bit this week)
  2. Bay To Breakers was in town this past weekend, so Stephanie and I had all kinds of friends in town and we’ve been rocking out San Francisco since last Thursday (more on this in a blog soon)
  3. Stephanie and I have really been kickin’ our marathon training up a notch, which means that we’re getting up super early and running A LOT. We ran over 25 miles last week, which, in my book, is a loooong way. We ran 12 miles a couple of Saturdays ago and almost made it to the Golden Gate Bridge from our place, so yeah, it’s pretty far.
  4. Last, but definitely not least we have been getting our stuff together for the Get Married On The Today Show contest, which we mentioned on here a few weeks ago. We got our video shot, our entry form completed and we mailed it in on the last possible day that we could get it postmarked, May 15th. But, like I said, we got it in just in time and as you’ll see below it’s made it out to the Today Show crew in New York City this morning, so all that we can do now is wait and home that someone gets in touch with us about snatching a spot in their contest. I honestly think that we can do it and our video turned out pretty good — you can watch it below or over here on YouTube when you get a couple minutes to spare. Be sure to let us know what you think.

Our entry officially arrived in New York City this morning!

Ok, so that’s our update for now — be sure to check back in as we post up all of the stuff that we did during our awesome Bay To Breakers weekend and as we keep you all updated on our Today Show status. Wish us luck and get ready to get your vote on if we get the chance to get on there!

p.s. Our friends on Facebok REALLY liked it. :)


Wedding Update: We have a Jr. Bridesmaid dress!

My mom is awesome….for realz.

This past week when she was shopping with my sister, Megan (aka BIG NASTY), she found an amazing dress for both of Stephanie’s Jr. Bridesmaids. Check out the dress below and let us know what you think. I let her explain it more a little later, but I wanted to get something posted real quick before I forgot about it.

Also, there are two other things that I want to mention before I post this thing up for all of ya’ll to see:

  1. We have had some amazing help with our wedding plans so far. I could write a whole blog post (and should) about all of our friends and family who have been helping us get our Indiana wedding ready from over here in California. If you’ve helped and you’re reading this right now — THANK YOU!!!
  2. I am officially writing on some new and improved blog software, which I’ve been meaning to do for a long, long time now. Stephanie and I are really wanting to step up our game a bit when it comes to this blog and the old, outdated stuff that we’ve been using just wasn’t cutting it. I practically spent all day today upgrading the software, changing hosting providers and moving over the domain, but I’m happy to report that it’s all gone very, very smoothly (which I am honestly amazed at). So, as long as this entry posts the way that it’s supposed to, we’re good to go.

Thanks and keep it real ‘n stuff, yo. Chat soon.

Wedding Wednesday: The rehearsal dinner, hotel stuff and some honeymoon chit-chat

Cheers to another awesome Wedding Wednesday!

We had yet another awesome Wedding Wednesday here in Palo Alto tonight and this week’s topics were as follows:

So, those are some of the highlights of tonight’s Wedding Wednesday, any suggestions, comments and advice on any of this would be much appreciated. I mean, we’re pretty new at this…