It’s officially our wedding month (and yes, we’ve been blog lazy)

I’m not sure if you’ve ever started  blog or not, but I have to admit — it’s a lot harder than you think it would be. I mean, it’s not physically or mentally hard to actually sit here and knock out a few words here and there, but for some reason just keeping up the habit of making sure that either Stephanie or I post something here isn’t real easy. Also, coming up with things to write about isn’t the problem, either as we probably do as much stuff as anyone that I know and for some reason we end up with more weird stories than anyone I’ve ever met. Oh, and don’t even get me started with Frank, I mean he gives us both enough things to talk about to keep this blog filled with new posts every single day.

I guess with these facts in mind and considering that both Stephanie and I are fully capable of posting something here at least a few times a week, the only thing that I can say for us is that we’ve just been a little blog lazy. Now, this is a pretty sad thing considering that 1. we’re not lazy people (I mean Stephanie DID run a marathon) and 2. we know that our friends and family love to read what we’ve been up to over here on the West Coast, so we know that we have an audience (at least a few people, at least). So, with all of this in mind and considering that we both hate to be considered lazy (and the fact that we’re getting so close to our wedding) we have decided to dedicate ourselves to posting at least one thing a day from here on out. Both of us won’t be posting something new every day, but one of us will get something up (even if it’s just a cute picture of Frank standing on paper towels). If you can, please hold us to this as we do honestly love updating this blog and for some reason our lives feel much better when we know that we’re sharing them with all of you.

That’s all I’ve got for you right now, but be ready for some serious wedding updates and what-not coming soon. Although we openly admit that we’ve been blog lazy here lately we want to let you know that we’re going to do all that we can to make it up to all of you (if you even cared in the first place). Oh, and as always, it could be much worse — I mean, we could be as lazy as the guy in the picture below.


Someone needs a haircut…what should Hup do with all of his shag?

I wanted to post a quick shot of what my hair is looking like. The last time that I cut it was around 5 months ago in February right before we got our awesome engagement photos taken by our friend Henry Sun. I’m not sure when I’m going to cut it, but before I do I’d like to have a little fun with it. I was thinking that I could potentially chop it into a mullet or a mohawk or maybe both?

So, what should I do with all of this shag?

If you have a suggestion for what I should do with it, feel free to leave it in the comments and who knows, maybe I’ll rock your suggested style for a while. I mean, I could literally wear monkey on my head that plays the harmonica and no one in San Francisco would even blink an eye. Maybe that’s why I love living here so much? :)

Hup and Steph might get married on the Today Show: What should we do for the 1-minute video?

One of my homies that I’ve met over the interwebs is a guy named Chris (twitter: @CarMaxChris) who runs all of the social media initiatives for CarMax. We met and started chatting over a year ago when he commented on one of our posts that talked about me trying to sell Stephanie’s car to CarMax once we realized we were headed out West to live the California life. Well, I didn’t end up selling her car to CarMax, but Chris and I never stopped chatting and keeping up with each other as time has gone on.

I tell you all of this because just yesterday Chris sent me over a Tweet that asked me if Stephanie and I were going to enter the contest to get married on the Today Show, which started accepting applictions on April 15th. After he sent it over I went over and took a look at the application process and after researching it a bit I might just have to say that Stephanie and I would be PERFECT for this contest and if we actually got on there we would take the top prize for sure!

Stephanie has talked about this contest before, but now that I’ve actually taken a look at it we’ve decided to give it our best shot and see what the Today Show thinks about your favorite soon-to-be-married couple (that’s us). The application is a little long, but it should be easy to fill out. However, there is one thing that we’ve been going back and forth on and that’s the 1-minute video that we could need to send in with our application. Here’s what they say we need to send in:

Read the application for full requirements and to find out if you’re eligible to be married on TODAY. Then fill out your application, print it, attach a couple photo, along with a one minute  (1:00) video of why you should be chosen and mail it to us. If you think you’re cut out to handle the competition, submit your application no later than May 15, 2009.

Not a whole lot of time to say something that will catch their attention, but we’re hoping to put together some ideas that will be a little, ummm different that will help us stand out from the rest of the couples. If you have any ideas of what we should include in the short 60 seconds that we’re alotted, please leave them in the comments below. We’ll keep you updated on our progress and get ready to vote for us soon — I know that we can win this thing!

The second set of A-MA-ZING engagement photos: Alamo Square, Patricia’s Green and Churchill the Pug

It’s time for round two guys. After leaving the Haight-Ashbury area, Henry, Ryan and I headed over to Alamo park just a few blocks away. Now, this park might look familiar to you all. Ever heard of that hit t.v. show Full House? Yea, this is the park right in front of the Full House, house. :) As we mentioned before the day couldn’t have been more perfect weather wise. The sky was a beautiful blue with a few clouds, which made the park pictures turn out amazing.

After our pictures in the park we walked down to the street to take some photos at a bus stop. I love the way these turned out. We tried to continue on our theme of missed connections as we portrayed me waiting at a bus stop and Ryan walking by and noticing me. My favorite of these was definitely the one with Ryan and I kissing in the bus stop with the extra random guy on the side eating his snack. It just looked creative and artsy to me and I love it.

I swear we didn’t ask this guy to stand there — what a great shot

Following the bus stop we crossed the street to take some pics in front of a beautiful yellow house, on some steps, and running down the sidewalk. Since the sidewalk was about two stories above the road we decided that Ryan should hang over the ledge and I should step on his fingers. For better or for worse, right? :)

He asked for it, I promise…don’t I look mean?

Following the park pictures we headed down to Hayes Valley to Patricia’s Green. There’s a really cool, huge peace sign that we thought would make a good prop so we took some pics with it.

This little park was a great place to stop for some shots — PEACE!

We headed back to the alley that our car was parked in, and then low and behold, a precious little pug Churchill, walked by with his mommy. I about melted when I saw the little guy and just had to take some pictures with him. He was a great sport and I think he actually enjoyed getting his photo taken. He definitely knew how to work the camera, and my heart for that matter.

Ohhhhh Churchill…I absolutely loved this little guy

So this is round two of the pics and you can see them on the {H} creatives Facebook Page. Be sure to become a fan of the page so that you have a chance to win a free 4-hour photo session with Henry after we finish posting up the rest of the photos (Bay Area residents only unless you want to pay for his flight). As you can tell from our pics, Henry is one amazingly talented guy, so become a fan and get a chance for him to shoot some pics of you, too!

Up next we have some great photos that we took after a quick wardrobe change, but I don’t want to “reveal” too much of what’s too come 😉

The first set of A-MA-ZING engagement pics and win a free 4-hour photo session with my main man Henry!

I told all of you about how Stephanie and I met Henry Sun and how he has quickly become a blessing in our lives for so many reasons. Well, Henry runs {H} creatives, which is his photography business that he’s just started to really ramp up here lately. A couple of weeks ago Stephanie and I were lucky enough to snag Henry for a day of engagement photo awesomeness up in San Francisco. To our excitement, he had us over for dinner (again) last night so that he could give us copies of all the shots that we liked the best after we went through each of the 2,000+ that he shot that day.

Henry hooked us up with framed versions of his two favorites

We were so pumped when Henry handed over the CDs that were packed full of our engagement photo fun and we were SUPER pumped when he gave us his two favorite images in ridiculously beautiful frames. Talk about going above and beyond what we ever expected — Stephanie liked one of them so much that she actually started crying when she first looked at it. The two photos that he chose to frame are so incredible that they’re almost surreal. Henry is the man, for sure.

We kicked off the photo-shooting fun in the Haight-Ashbury district

So, now that we have all of our engagement photos in hand, we’re going to post them over the next few days in the same order that we shot them during the day-long photo shoot of aweosmeness that we had with Henry. The first spot that we hit up first was the colorful and eclectic Haight-Ashbury district up in San Francisco. This was a nice warm-up for the rest of what ended up being over 7 hours of shooting and it was a great way to kick off the day. To see the shots from our first stop in the Haight, check ’em out over on Henry’s Facebook Fan Page.

Some of the highlights from this location are:

Also, I’ve somehow talked Henry into giving away a free 4-hour photo shoot (in SF Bay Area only) with him to one of his Facebook fans after we get done posting each of our engagement photo sets. So, be sure to join his {H} creatives Fan Club so that you can get some sweet photos just like we did!

New photos from the next location coming soon —

Our first Wedding Wednesday — deciding the bridal party

With our official wedding date of August 29th coming up sooner than we would ever think (191 days according to Stephanie) and with plenty still to do, I thought that it would be a good idea to dedicate at least one night during the week to getting some of the nuptial-esque details knocked out. Well, since tonight was a Wednesday and it was going to be our first official weekly meeting I decided to call it Wedding Wednesday because let’s face it…everything’s better with a name. Anyways, I kind of miss the good ol’ Wild Wednesdays that we used to rock each week with IndyMojo, so I guess the name’s only appropriate in some sort of weird, convoluted way.

So tonight after we finished up dinner we headed over to Coupa Cafe, one of our favorite spots in Palo Alto (and home to the world’s best Chai), and shifted our brains into wedding mode. Although we had no real agenda for this first Wedding Wednesday, our goal quickly became to get a final list for our bridal party, which I’ve personally been putting off for quite a while now for some reason. I guess that it’s never much fun to have to choose between which friends make the cut when it comes to who’s going to be in the wedding and who’s not. Oh and not only that, but we also needed to figure out who is going to actually stand up with us for the wedding and who gets assigned to be an usher or on guest book assignment — which, of course, are still very, very jobs to have (I’ve been an usher like 20 times). :)

Getting our bridal list together wasn’t easy, but we had to do it…

If you haven’t guessed by now Stephanie and I have a ton of awesome friends and family in Indiana, so the choices weren’t real easy. But, after listing some people, marking a few out and adding in a few that we had somehow left out (whoops), we eventually made our final decisions and ended up with the final, official bridal party list. Once we contact each of the ‘chosen few’, we’ll post up some more details of who we’ve chosen, why we chose them and maybe even who else we were thinking about adding to the list, but didn’t (and why). We have chosen an all-star lineup to play a part in our big day together and we’re looking forward to celebrating with them as well as the rest of our friends and family on August 29th (put it on your calendars, people!).

Oh, and I guess that I should mention that these Wedding Wednesdays are a great way to work on #4 in our 50 Goals For 2009 list. Boo yah!

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