Wedding Ideas

Obviously, since we are within the midst of planning our wedding, we have a few decisions to make. As of now we have quite a bit of the preparations set in place. Here is a list just to get you up to date on what has been decided:

The church – Irvington Presbyterian Church
The reception site – The Rathskeller
The dress- umm definitely not posting any info on this one.. you’ll see it on Aug. 29th
The bridal party – It took awhile but we decided who was “in”
The transportation – The Chicken Limo if you know us, then you know why we have it.
The decor – I have a super sweet and amazing step-mom that is really helping me out with all of the decorations. She rules…

So that’s just a list to get things going, and next on the list is the cake. I’ve been talking back and forth with my wonderful pastry chef. My grandma set me up with her, and I’m amazed by her beautiful work. I’m thinking of having a 4-5 tier cake that is simple fondant icing with a thick green ribbon at the bottom of the tier and accented with pink flowers. I found this cake on the (my home away from home on the internet these days).


Pay no attention to the colors, just the style. Ours will be all white or ivory fondant, then our colors of kiwi green and magenta will be accenting the cake. What do you think? I’m open to any and all suggestions… post some photos of your own if you’d like to help out!