Wedding Wednesday: The rehearsal dinner, hotel stuff and some honeymoon chit-chat

Cheers to another awesome Wedding Wednesday!

We had yet another awesome Wedding Wednesday here in Palo Alto tonight and this week’s topics were as follows:

So, those are some of the highlights of tonight’s Wedding Wednesday, any suggestions, comments and advice on any of this would be much appreciated. I mean, we’re pretty new at this…

Our first Wedding Wednesday — deciding the bridal party

With our official wedding date of August 29th coming up sooner than we would ever think (191 days according to Stephanie) and with plenty still to do, I thought that it would be a good idea to dedicate at least one night during the week to getting some of the nuptial-esque details knocked out. Well, since tonight was a Wednesday and it was going to be our first official weekly meeting I decided to call it Wedding Wednesday because let’s face it…everything’s better with a name. Anyways, I kind of miss the good ol’ Wild Wednesdays that we used to rock each week with IndyMojo, so I guess the name’s only appropriate in some sort of weird, convoluted way.

So tonight after we finished up dinner we headed over to Coupa Cafe, one of our favorite spots in Palo Alto (and home to the world’s best Chai), and shifted our brains into wedding mode. Although we had no real agenda for this first Wedding Wednesday, our goal quickly became to get a final list for our bridal party, which I’ve personally been putting off for quite a while now for some reason. I guess that it’s never much fun to have to choose between which friends make the cut when it comes to who’s going to be in the wedding and who’s not. Oh and not only that, but we also needed to figure out who is going to actually stand up with us for the wedding and who gets assigned to be an usher or on guest book assignment — which, of course, are still very, very jobs to have (I’ve been an usher like 20 times). :)

Getting our bridal list together wasn’t easy, but we had to do it…

If you haven’t guessed by now Stephanie and I have a ton of awesome friends and family in Indiana, so the choices weren’t real easy. But, after listing some people, marking a few out and adding in a few that we had somehow left out (whoops), we eventually made our final decisions and ended up with the final, official bridal party list. Once we contact each of the ‘chosen few’, we’ll post up some more details of who we’ve chosen, why we chose them and maybe even who else we were thinking about adding to the list, but didn’t (and why). We have chosen an all-star lineup to play a part in our big day together and we’re looking forward to celebrating with them as well as the rest of our friends and family on August 29th (put it on your calendars, people!).

Oh, and I guess that I should mention that these Wedding Wednesdays are a great way to work on #4 in our 50 Goals For 2009 list. Boo yah!