Who’s Steph?

The “about me” section of anything is always so difficult isn’t it?  Unless you’re a total ego tripping sort of person, it’s usually quite difficult to talk about yourself for a given amount of time….

Here’s our solution. I give you,  The Top 10 Most Important Things that you must know about me.  These top ten facts are the essence of who I am…enjoy :)

1.  First and foremost, I’m a child of the King, saved by grace and trying every single day to live unashamedly for Him. It’s a tough thing to do, but the most rewarding beyond any comparison.

2.  The love of my life and best friend is obviously the infamous Ryan Hupfer.  We’re counting down the days to our wedding on August 29, 2009… We’re doing our best to keep you all updated on the excitement.

3.   I have an amazing family and incredible friends… they mean the world to me.  Duh…

My B.F. Megan and I in Denver, CO

Some of my closest friends from high school back in the day at I.U.

My girls from Cedarville... I miss them terribly

My girls from Cedarville... I miss them terribly

–Now that the top three obvious facts are taken care of let’s get onto the fun, shall we?

4.  I’m a bubbly and smiley sort of girl… nothing really ever makes me mad.  What’s the point of arguing and such?  There’s better ways to work out the hard stuff.  Although I don’t get mad, I always try to defend a point I believe to be fact.  Unfortunately, I’m really good at defending a point that is more than often completely wrong.  It’s alright though I always give the other party a good laugh once I figure out that I’m totally wrong.

5.  Fitness and nutrition are both very important to me.  I love, love, love running and I love any and all sports.  I can get pretty competitive and I love the thrill of it all.  I will always be willing to hit a volleyball around, go for a run outside,or hit some balls at the batting cages..that part of me will never fade.

6.  I allow myself to have one and only one blonde moment a day.  Sometimes I do a good job of this and save it towards the end of the day, other times I prove to not be so lucky.

7.  I have to wake up on a 7 or 3 every day.  So for example, I set my alarm for 6:03, 6:17, 6:23 ect… you get the point… yea that I’m weird right!

8.  I don’t think that I’m ever going to grow up.  I love immaturity and I love to learn all along the way.  Who needs to be mature to accomplish things? I have a degree in K-12 Special-Education and now after just being out of college for two years I’m ready to go back for nursing… will I ever decide on one thing? Probably not, and I’m ok with that.

9.  My dream job would be to somehow get paid to travel and share our experiences along the way with people.  Ryan and I talk about this all the time, and for some reason I feel like some day we may make this work out.  I would also LOVE to do some type of mission work in the world.  Whether that’s in the Congo or in San Francisco, I’m ready and willing to go whenever it’s time.

Already to ten? I’m beginning to get that ego trip thing and I’m thinking of a lot more.. haha

10.   Alright, I saved the best for last.  As of April 28th I will be a mommy.  Something that I have dreamed about for the past 7+ years is to have my very own pug and name him Frank.  The time has finally come and our sweet little boy will be calling our place home, and I will have the opportunity to spoil the little thing to death.   The anticipation is killing as I wait for his arrival… in the mean time I’ll begin stocking up on his and Ryan’s coordinating outfits. :)